12 Individuals Whose Haunting Childhood Memories Still Evoke Chills Today

Just like adults, children also experience unusual situations. Unfortunately, when their stories are shared, they are often ignored. However, others are lucky enough to have parents who have been present for the strange happenings with them, providing support and validation. These children eventually grow up and choose to share their stories with the world, leaving us all fascinated by their troubling early experiences. My brother, his friend and I once witnessed lights in the sky that moved like a UFO.

When we went to pick up Mom, she was pretty casual about it. “Yes, they are UFOs,” she said before leaving the house. Her silence told us that she was making fun of us and that they weren’t UFOs after all. When I asked her about it years later, she told me that she was afraid and had to force herself to act calmly. At the age of six or seven, my mother and I went out.

I heard someone say “hello” when I went to my room after we got home. And so I said “Hello” at six. When I got to my parent’s room I found it empty even though I thought it was my dad’s. The problem is I wasn’t hallucinating because my mother also heard someone say “hello”. I’m still not sure what happened that day and it never happened again.

My family and I rented a cabin while visiting the Georgia mountains. My brother and I occupied one of the two bedrooms while our father and his girlfriend used the other.

When I woke up in the middle of the night, there were three people in the room; they were all standing in different places and none of them could be seen from the door. My brother and I screamed for my dad when I woke him up, but he just told us to hide under the covers and not look at the figures. His failure to look at where they stood after they begged him was telling, even if it wasn’t quite shown. My sibling and I are still afraid of it. Now that I am a parent of young children, I have a horror story from the previous year. We were traveling with my three-year-old son when we stopped at a red light near a cemetery. My child suddenly declared, “There are people lying there and they can’t get up,” and turned to face the cemetery. “Everyone lying in the park is stuck,” my boyfriend replied, pointing to the cemetery when my wife asked him what he was talking about. My husband and I exchanged blank looks, absolutely terrified. At this point in our son’s childhood, there was no death in the family and we never talked to him about dying. Even now, when I think about it, I feel uneasy.

I seem to remember a few strange experiences I had with animals as a child. Being a fairly perceptive young child, I could usually figure out what the animal was doing before we entered the house. They also tended to reach out to me earlier than their parents. The one that stands out to my parents, at least when they say so, is when we took our car to a new garage for repairs. The owner has a large, black labrador lying in the middle of the foyer when we arrive. The man tells us that the dog is friendly and that we can pet it. “But he’s sad,” I reply, shaking my head. Dad looks at me and asks why I believe that. “He lost the ball, now he’s sad,” is my reply. After staring at me for a while, the owner allegedly turned pale and said, “He’s had a favorite ball for ten years that just went down the drain yesterday and I couldn’t get it back,” he turned to his father.

My mom worked in a small grocery store when I was a kid, and on the days she worked the afternoon shift, she would go there before breakfast to buy fresh baked goods. Afterwards, my mom asked me how I slept when I woke up for school and I told her if I had any dreams that night. One morning I informed her that I had a dream in which two guys broke into a business and dropped a red screwdriver on the floor.

The fact that her mother couldn’t buy hair for breakfast in the morning surprised her because there had actually been a burglary that evening.

After that, my mom worked the afternoon shift while I went to school. When she got home that evening, she informed me that the police had indeed discovered a screwdriver that belonged to the robber or robbers. The next day my mother made me fill out a lottery ticket, but I never won and I never had such dreams again.

One terrible night when I was a small child, I thought someone was in my room. The grunting was eventually determined to be my mother’s snoring, but one thing stuck in my mind: it seemed like my neighbor was speaking, even though he was still abroad.

In addition, I used to witness nocturnal apparitions of men walking around. My mother said to me when I was a little older, “Oh, that must have been your great-great-uncle.” He still makes the rounds to see how the family is doing. But the interesting thing is that I wasn’t afraid.

Although my mother told me about it, I don’t remember it. My grandmother died when I was two, but we were close. She would say, “Shh, listen!” and we would close our eyes, become silent, and simply listen to the world around us. This was the game we were playing. When my grandmother died, I hadn’t attended a funeral since I was two, and then my mother took me to the cemetery to see her tombstone and give me an explanation.

As soon as we arrive and my mother parks, I blurt out, “Shh! Listen!” and cover my eyes My mother doesn’t think much of it, but after she helps me out of the car, I head to the cemetery and manage to find some family gravestones – mine isn’t Grandma’s, but she lives nearby. I couldn’t even read the names on the tombstones and I had never been here before.

My mother says it disturbed her.

My mother claimed that when I was younger, less than ten years old, I used to have “premonitions”. My great-aunt and great-uncle, who traveled from Mexico to the US for summer visits, were like grandparents to me.

They would be gone and I would miss them so much.

When they left one year, I sobbed uncontrollably. Mom said, “Don’t worry! He’ll be back next year. I remember crying and acting like a little kid. I seem to have said to Mom, “No, you don’t understand! Great Uncle Tío will never come back! She tried so hard to tell me that she would come back next year. I said it over and over again, “He’s never coming back!” As expected, he died and never came back. My mother described it as terrifying.

My mom and I traveled about 40 miles out of town for a routine orthodontist appointment when I was maybe 11 years old. The average journey to work took thirty-five minutes, plus or minus traffic delays. But this time I passed out a little while driving and when we got there we both said, “Wow, that was fast.” Even though we always leave at the same time for our appointments, we arrive earlier than usual for my appointment. My mom’s watch confirmed what I saw when I looked at the clock on our car – magically it only took us ten minutes to pass the usual thirty-five minutes. We don’t remember anything about those ten minutes and it didn’t happen again, but it gave us a very strange feeling. Even now we are not sure what we have been through.

My mother informed me about it, but I don’t really remember. I was one year old when my grandfather died. Before he died, he loved to play with me and make me laugh with this particular style. My mother heard me scream the night he died. He goes in thinking I’m crying, but I’m not. I giggle uncontrollably and stare at the ceiling, just like my grandfather used to. He still believes he came to say goodbye to me.

Okay, I’m not even kidding when I tell you this story.

My mom screamed out loud in the middle of the day as my parents drove down the highway when I was about five years old. When I looked out the window, I saw one large wing and a foot that resembled claws. It was giant and reptilian.

My parents also observed this, so it’s possible that my 5-year-old brain is inflating the memories. The only one who saw the entire event was my mom, who if memory serves me still claims to have seen a pterodactyl.

In our youth, we encounter mysterious events that stay with us into adulthood and cause us to be fascinated by the unknown. These memories, which range from terrifying encounters to mysterious feelings, persist, creating online forums where people can freely share their experiences without fear of backlash. 

The stories shared here offer a glimpse into the inexplicable and often terrifying experiences that some individuals encounter during their formative years. From encounters with mysterious entities to inexplicable premonitions and inexplicable stretches of time, these childhood memories linger in the minds of those who experienced them, fueling curiosity and intrigue about the mysteries of the world.

Despite the skepticism that often surrounds such stories, these individuals find comfort and validation in sharing their experiences with others who may have experienced similar phenomena. Through online forums and communities, they discover that they are not alone when encountering the unexplainable, fostering a sense of connection and understanding.

As these stories continue to be shared and discussed, they serve as a reminder of the vastness of human experience and the enduring appeal of the unknown. Whether seen as mere curiosities or glimpses into a realm beyond our understanding, these childhood memories remain etched in the minds of those who experienced them, leaving a lasting impression that defies explanation.

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