16 Mystifying Items That Would Stump Even Sherlock Holmes

I’m sure we asked adults a lot of questions in our childhood. To our surprise, they consistently had a solution. Even though we’re less likely to discover interesting things that we don’t understand as adults, it’s getting harder and harder to figure out why.

Fortunately, r/Whatls This Thing exists, so the ingenuity of internet sleuths can come to the rescue.

We’re excited to share with you some interesting things we’ve discovered at Now I’ve Seen Everything.

“Found in an elderly woman’s bathroom – 6 pieces stacked and a hole in the bottom…”

Answer: “Used to water indoor plants.”

“Staying in a rented apartment – why does the ventilation inside have a green light?”

“Probably a UV-C sterilization lamp,” is the reply.

As viruses and bacteria pass by, it destroys them. Plus, it can help prevent dirt and mold from building up on the coil.”

“They were sent to me without my request from Rome, Italy. They come in two sizes and there are eight of them.”

Answer: “Those are motorcycle front axle covers.”

“Found in a family member’s workshop; appears to be a steel or iron casting, scale hand.”

Answer: “It’s an old mailbag hook.”

Integrated inside the kitchen of a luxury residence.

What is the purpose of this item?”

Answer: “It’s an electric hot water bath/double boiler.”

“Any ideas anyone left at my house party?”

Answer: “That looks like rat/rodent poison.”

“My mom asked me to ask.

Answer: “It’s a slap blade holder or something.”

Does anyone know this? He’s from Japan.”

In response, “It’s a bowl of sugar.”

What are the flaps of the raincoat used for?

A: “Lapels protect the lower jacket and wick away water, making it less likely that rain will seep through the fabric of the jacket and/or seep through zippers and seams.”

This was discovered at my grandfather’s home. You’re not sure where to start.”

Answer: “This is an attachment kit for a late 19th-century treadle sewing machine.”

“What’s that metal thing with what looks like a handle on top?”

Answer: “It looks like a firewood carrier.”

“What is that wooden tool that looks like a juicer?”

In response, “That’s rice mold.”

“What is the purpose of this strange-looking piece of furniture, it resembles a footstool in size.

“It’s an ergonomic kneeler,” is the answer. The knees should land on the right mat.

“1950s object, solid wooden handle, circular metal rings attached”

“It’s a bad knife sharpener,” is the reply.

“The thing my friend got with his new phone case”

Answer: “It’s to pack the headphones or the charger.”

“You didn’t find an unusual electronic-looking chip hidden inside the wallet that was sold. Is it just a harmless logo, or could it be a tracking device?”

Answer: “It’s a nose pad made of glasses.”

Have you ever discovered something that has a mysterious function? Share your insights with us in the comments section below! 

Exploring the fascinating world of mysterious objects reminded us that even the most mundane objects can have fascinating stories or surprising functions. The discoveries shared by the community on r/Whatls This Thing are a testament to the power of curiosity and collective knowledge. From the practical use of a lapel cape to the historical significance of treadle sewing machine attachments, each item reveals a unique piece of our everyday life or a past innovation.

These revelations not only feed our curiosity but also highlight how much more there is to learn about the things we encounter every day. The insights of internet sleuths have certainly broadened our understanding and added layers of wonder to ordinary subjects.

If you’ve come across something puzzling or have insights about objects that have puzzled you, we’d love to hear about them. Share your discoveries and let’s continue to unravel the mysteries that surround us, one curious object at a time.

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