18 People Who Went to a Restaurant and Received Unexpected Surprises

Whenever we go out to dinner, especially to a classy establishment, we want to dress up, put on perfume, and prepare for a pleasant evening. But in an instant, that beautiful moment could turn into a terrifying nightmare.

These are some of the unpleasant and even repulsive scenarios our readers have encountered while eating out.

I ordered a green salad at a restaurant.

I was shocked to see a bug on one of the leaves twitching with little antennae. It was the exoskeleton of a snail.

I almost passed out. I am completely afraid of all insects. In short, I assume they neglected to sanitize it.

When I worked in a hotel, I sometimes had to cover for the manager. One of my duties was to make sure everything was in order in the hotel dining room.

I found it strange when two customers reported one evening that they had discovered glass shards in a bowl of peaches in syrup. I emptied some and found glass shards as well. I rushed into the kitchen to try and find out what had happened and ordered the bowl to be removed.

It didn’t take me long to figure out what it was: the person in charge of replenishing the peaches wanted to finish the task as quickly as possible, so she opened the cans and poured the peaches into the serving dish without any care. However, he did so with such force that he hit the edge of the glass jar, causing glass shards to fall out with the peaches. Needless to say, I decided to replace the glass containers with metal ones and fired the employees.

I went to a restaurant and ordered ravioli. It was hard when I poked one with a fork. When I opened them, there was a cockroach inside.

Once I was having breakfast in a restaurant and saw that there were fingerprints on the glass of juice. The waitress replied “I’ll change it right away” when I told her. You could tell she was trying to clean it up because she brought the same glass. My husband also got a rusty knife. “That’s how everyone is,” the waitress replied to what he told her. Naturally, we left without paying anything and never went back to that chain restaurant.

The salad I ordered had a bit of gum in it. So that my husband and son would not know what I had discovered, I quietly informed the waiter of my discovery. He laughed at that and remarked, “At least they’ve already done some of the work for you.” I had to step in to stop my husband and son from giving him what he deserved once they heard him.

I once sent back a burger that wasn’t cooked even though I asked for it. They didn’t change it so when they brought it back it was the same but cooler. We never went back to that place.

Onions make my sister allergic. She once requested a dish without onions, but when it was delivered, it was overflowing with chopped onions. When she took the plate back to get a fresh one, they brought her the same dish without the onion.

I once had lunch at an Indian restaurant with my sister-in-law. I contacted the waiter to show him the hair I discovered in the soup and express my displeasure. He boldly grabbed the hair and threw it to the ground. Then he reported to us that he saw nothing. Nervous that he had to refuse everything in front of me, he stunned me.

In Mexico, food carts park right on the street in front of hospitals. One of them offered cold drinks. While making the juice, the man added sugar to it. He reached his arm into the container and began to stir the water as the spoon could not reach the bottom to dissolve it. That really is his hairy hand. After taking it out and giving it a quick wipe, he continued pouring glasses. I will never, ever buy juice from a street vendor.

When I went to an Italian restaurant one day, I had grilled salmon. I started with a side dish and finished the salmon last when my plate arrived. On the second bite, something hard hit my tongue. I discovered metal bristles on the brushes used to clean the grill. They would damage my mouth and send me to the hospital if I bit down too hard.

One day my neighbor and I went to buy popsicles. While chatting on the way back, my neighbor turned to face me and said, “My strawberry popsicle has raisins in it.”

And when I saw that the raisin had legs, I started giggling uncontrollably. It was a fly. That ice cream shop was the last place we visited.

A server at a restaurant I visited dropped a basket of bread on the floor. He took it with great tact and continued serving as if nothing had happened.

One day I went to get tacos. To make sure there are no errors in them, I prefer to always check what is placed in them. And what was inside my taco? There are a few pale worms running around. Eating on the street still disgusts me; I will never forget that day.

I went to a restaurant with my husband. When I ordered the beef broth, there were pieces of chicken on the plate. “Give me a plate to change,” the server replied after I called and showed him. However, I replied, “You can take this when you bring me new food.” I was aware that they could just take the chicken part away.

You might be shocked if you’ve ever eaten at a restaurant and received a perfectly plated but insignificantly large piece of food. In the end, the price was admittedly high and the portion size seems a bit… disproportionate. Fortunately, there are some fascinating explanations for this.

In conclusion, dining out can sometimes turn into a series of unfortunate events, from finding unexpected bugs and foreign objects in our food to encountering questionable hygiene practices. These stories illustrate the wide range of mishaps that can occur and make us question the safety and cleanliness of our dining experiences. Whether it’s a glass in a fruit salad or a cockroach in a ravioli, these incidents not only spoil our meals but can also shake our trust in the establishments we visit.

Additionally, these stories emphasize the importance of being vigilant and speaking up when something seems amiss. While many of us prefer to overlook minor inconveniences, the stories shared here remind us that our health and safety should always come first. It is crucial for restaurant staff to maintain high standards of hygiene and food safety to ensure that every dining experience is enjoyable and safe for all patrons.

As guests, we should continue to push for better practices and support establishments that prioritize cleanliness and customer well-being. Sharing our experiences, good or bad, can also help others make informed decisions and encourage restaurants to uphold standards that make dining out a joy rather than a potential nightmare. Hopefully, future dining adventures will be free of such horrors and allow us all to enjoy our food without fear of unexpected surprises.

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