3 Startling Incidents Where Grandmothers Overstepped Boundaries with Their Grandkids

These anecdotes on Reddit offer insight into the complexities and challenges that can arise in relationships between mothers-in-law and their grandchildren. Each story represents a unique set of circumstances where the actions of the older women led to disagreements and conflicts within the family dynamic. From boundary violations to hurtful remarks, these stories highlight the need for clear communication, respect for personal boundaries, and empathy within family relationships.

In the first story, a new mother struggles with postpartum depression exacerbated by her mother-in-law’s intrusive behavior. Despite attempts to resolve the issue, the situation escalates, culminating in a disturbing incident involving the grandchild’s safety. This interpretation underscores the importance of setting and enforcing boundaries to maintain the well-being of both parents and children.

On Reddit, three people recounted their experiences of arguing with their in-laws. Elderly women have faced criticism for a number of transgressions, including dividing their grandchildren and ignoring personal space. It is snowing and some father-in-laws may insult their daughters-in-law. While some of them try to impose their own views on their children’s families, others ignore the guidelines and guidelines.

Read about all their inappropriate actions. MIL stops talking about her daughter-in-law after she drops the baby In the “AITA” subreddit, a member reached out to other users of the platform for advice. The woman provided some background information and revealed that she had issues with her mother-in-law (MIL) before her first child arrived in August 2021.

MIL’s situation worsened after the original poster (OP) had her baby. After giving birth, OP was released from the hospital and went to live with her parents, which she later described as “a big mistake in general.” Believing it was unfair that her in-laws should spend all her time with the child while she could not, her mother-in-law insisted that she stay with them.

The poster mentioned how her mother-in-law had issues with boundaries before the baby was born, but they got worse after that. The Redditor also reported that the older woman ignored all instructions, gave the four-month-old lots of kisses, and refused to offer the OP alone time — not even to breastfeed or express milk.

“It got so bad that my PPD got so bad that I wasn’t eating and I was crying all the time.

Despite her husband’s constant efforts to convince her mother to change her ways, they were forced to send her home after they kicked her out. So the grandmother and brother-in-law (BIL) of the person had to go. MIL was unhappy with OP’s revelation that her father usually watched the child during the week because she felt it was unfair.

Her objection was nonsensical because she lived 1.5 hours from the OP’s place of residence. Before OP and her husband finally gave MIL permission to see her granddaughter every Wednesday at their apartment, MIL hounded them for months.

In the middle of her work shift the day before the Redditor posted her article, she got a call from her BIL. He informed her that his mother had called him in a panic, saying that she had dropped her granddaughter and that the young man would suffer serious injuries.

OP’s MIL’s decision to call her BIL, who lives an hour and a half away, infuriated her. After hanging up, the single mother tried her MIL seven times without getting a response! Then when she called her mother, who lives closer to her home, the mother came right away.

A Reddit user called her husband in a panic as she tried to retrieve her coat. He was furious when she told him what happened, but left an hour early and went straight home because his shift ended before the OP.

Although the OP’s mother was disoriented and falling apart, her husband was able to get her on the phone.

Upon their simultaneous arrival, he and OP’s mother saw MIL sobbing on the sofa. Fortunately, the six-month-old baby was unharmed, apart from a cut and a bruise under his eye. A young man in a bouncer giggled at his grandmother’s sobs.

MIL was sent home once things were sorted out and doctors were consulted. MIL tried to explain this on the phone at one point, but OP cut her off and informed her that he would no longer be babysitting his grandchild. The single mother and her husband have already discussed the choice.

The older woman was upset when the OP informed her mother-in-law that she was unable to care for the child on her own or in an emergency.

MIL was now adamant that she would never be able to see her grandchild again and told anyone who would listen. The OP pointed out that her MIL has a direct number to the local fire department as well as a phone number for the pediatrician.

She specified that the numbers were right on the fridge in case the older woman couldn’t find them. The younger woman clarified that her MIL could still see her granddaughter; it just couldn’t happen unattended.

The OP stated that a very major incident would have to happen for her and her husband to completely remove MIL from her granddaughter’s life. Fortunately, Reddit members felt that the original poster was not at fault in this case.

A woman demands DNA tests, suggesting her son’s girlfriend is lying

Similarly, one Reddit member, 21, revealed that she gave birth to her son Ben when he was just 16. She clarified that although she and Ben’s father separated soon after the baby was born, they continued to communicate and the boy’s father saw him often.

She started seeing her current partner Tom when she was 19 and revealed she was expecting his first child soon after they started dating. During a single private visit, Tom’s mother gave her £5,000 ($6,280) to leave with the baby and not tell her son.

In addition to refusing the offer, the OP kept his mother’s words from her husband. Rather, Tom learned the reality. They both discussed it with his mother when she was 36 weeks pregnant.

The older woman claimed that because the OP was with Ben all the time, she knew the baby wasn’t his and informed her son.

After that, Tom’s mother promised to get the baby’s DNA and do a paternity test. OP believed the threat was made in a moment of panic, but a week after she gave birth at 38 weeks, her boyfriend’s mother secretly tested their baby’s DNA.

The result confirmed Tom’s paternity.

When the OP posted on Reddit, she revealed that she is 30 weeks along with Tom’s second child and they have already decided to name him Elliot. Her lover’s mother used the same old explanation, claiming that her son was not Elliot’s father.

Tom and OP decided not to let the older woman see any of the kids this time. However, the rest of Tom’s family now say that by forgoing a DNA test, they are vindicating the woman. The OP asked if she was overreacting, and Reddit users backed her up as well.

Sibling rivalry is caused by MIL because one is adopted

The Reddit member shared in the article below that she and her husband are parents to two children: an eight-year-old son named Malcolm and a five-year-old daughter named Julia. After the difficult birth of her son, OP decided she wasn’t ready to go through all that again.

Five years ago, she and her husband decided to adopt their little girl because they still wanted children. The OP revealed that although her MIL takes care of her family, it’s clear that she prefers Malcolm. When MIL learned that the couple would not have another biological child, she became furious and disapproved.

The elderly mother became enraged and yelled at the parents for not knowing the child’s biological parentage as soon as she learned they were going to adopt.

MIL was worried that they might raise a child that would bring shame to her family, but her son quickly reassured her. OP added:

“Thankfully, when she saw little Julia, it all seemed to be behind us.

Her son was away on a trip the day before the OP’s post, so her mother-in-law visited her and helped around the house. The mother of two wanted to sleep because she was tired and MIL granted her request. A few hours later, MIL woke OP up and announced her upcoming departure.

Everything was going smoothly while OP was cooking, but when Julia started wailing, there was a huge bang. She ran into the hallway to find Malcolm yelling at his sister and standing over her:

“You’re not the one! Everything here belongs to me!”

The OP was deeply confused by what they saw. After she managed to calm the children down, the mother asked her son what he meant. When the young child told her that their grandmother had told him he was their “real son”, his mother became upset.

She claimed to have discussed it individually and collectively with her children.

Malcolm stated that the older woman revealed that Julia was not his sister when she asked the child to retell other stories his grandmother had told him. The boy claimed his grandmother told him he was “extraordinary” and would always be her favorite grandchild and that he needed special attention.

Furious for no reason, the OP texted her mother-in-law that her behavior was unacceptable and that she wouldn’t see her grandkids until they were much older. She then blocked the elderly woman from all social networks. The mother of two told her mother-in-law that the children would only meet her if her remarks did not affect them.

However, she later realized that she had overreacted to the older woman.

She made a decision and her husband did not agree with it and when he came back they argued. The woman shared that her husband respected his mother very much and informed her that it was cruel to prevent the grandmother from visiting her grandchildren.

He defended her, claiming that she was out of touch with modern society and did not realize the force of her remarks. Later, the couple decided to have a polite conversation about the issue. Update: OP said her kids knew Julia was adopted.

She claimed to have discussed it individually and collectively with her children. OP figured she might need to talk to them again to make sure Julia understood that being adopted didn’t diminish her status in the family. Reddit users supported her this time.

These accounts shared on Reddit shed light on the complexities and challenges that can arise in relationships between mothers-in-law and their grandchildren. From boundary issues to hurtful remarks, these stories illustrate the potential for misunderstanding and conflict in families.

In the first story, a new mother’s struggles with postpartum depression exacerbated by her mother-in-law’s intrusive behavior emphasize the importance of respecting boundaries and communicating within the family unit. Despite efforts to resolve the situation, tensions escalate, ultimately leading to a distressing incident involving the grandchild’s safety. This narrative underscores the need for open and honest dialogue to navigate complex family dynamics.

Similarly, the second story reveals the damaging impact of the mother-in-law’s unwarranted suspicions and accusations, causing strain in the relationship between the couple and their extended family. The emotional toll of such baseless claims not only affects the parents but also affects the children involved. It emphasizes the importance of trust and support in maintaining healthy family relationships.

The third story delves into the consequences of favoritism and disruptive behavior on the part of the grandmother, leading to sibling rivalry and hurt feelings between the grandchildren. The harmful effects of such actions highlight the importance of fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment for all family members regardless of biological ties.

In conclusion, these narratives serve as a poignant reminder of the complexity of family relationships, especially those involving grandparents and grandchildren. They emphasize the importance of empathy, communication, and mutual respect in managing the challenges and joys of family life. Ultimately, fostering understanding and compassion can help strengthen bonds and create a supportive environment for all family members.

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