A viral “Up” photoshoot features a 5-year-old boy and his 90-year-old great-grandparents.

When Rachel Perman’s son heard that his fifth birthday might be marked by a photo shoot, he instinctively went to his favorite movie “Up.” For Elijah (5), who adores Pixar classics, it was a dream come true to dress up as the characters.

Elijah thought it would be fun to include his 90-year-old great-grandparents, Carl and Ellie, while he was costumed as Russell. The cartoon couple was inspired by the real-life couple Richard and Caroline Bain.

The pictures were taken by a part-time photographer, Perman, who shared them on Facebook after they went viral. Emilee, Elijah’s twin, also had her birthday photo taken. She decided to take a photo with a horse on a unicorn theme.

Perman said on Facebook that although the pictures went viral on social media, she doesn’t usually share personal photos on her business page. She revealed to CBS News what motivated her to take the photo.

“Five years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer right after my twins were born, and I was worried I would even make it past their fifth birthday,” Perman told CBS News at the time. “My oldest was 5 at the time and I hated not knowing if I would get the same time with them as I did with her.

She is currently in remission after being ill for over a year. She wasn’t sure if she would make it to her twins’ fifth birthday. She wished for a fantastic celebration. She said, “It’s a celebration for me and for them!”

In honor of her son Elijah’s fifth birthday, Rachel Perman organized a special photo shoot inspired by the popular Pixar movie “Up.” Elijah, a devoted fan of the film, had fun dressing up as one of the characters, Russell and even got his 90-year-old great-grandparents Carl and Ellie involved in the whimsical session. The photos captured by Perman quickly went viral after being shared on Facebook, showing the joy and creativity of Elijah’s celebration. Despite typically refraining from sharing personal photos on her business page, Perman felt compelled to share this particular story, which revealed a deeply personal motivation behind the photo shoot. Perman, who battled cancer shortly after giving birth to her twins, reflected on her fears of not being able to witness her children’s fifth birthdays. Now in remission, she took the opportunity to celebrate this milestone with her family, cherishing each moment as a precious gift. Through celebrating Elijah’s birthday, Perman found solace and gratitude, turning a simple photo shoot into a poignant reminder of life’s blessings and the resilience of the human spirit.

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