Ann Curry’s Journey After 25 Years at NBC News

Early Life and NBC Beginnings: Ann Curry, 67, began her career in journalism in 1978 as an intern at a KTV in Oregon. She quickly rose to become the station’s first female reporter. She won two Emmy Awards after successful stints at CBS in Los Angeles and Portland’s KGW.

NBC Career and departure: Curry began working for NBC News in 1990. He was eventually promoted to co-host of NBC’s Dateline and news anchor for Today. She left Dnes in June 2012, although it is unclear why, despite her success. Curry remained employed by NBC News until January 2015, but her departure from the company signaled a dramatic and widely reported shift in her public persona.

Life After NBC: Curry’s influence continued even after she left the network. She founded a multi-platform media company, produced the PBS show We’ll Meet Again, gave a TED Talk on restoring public trust in journalism, and hosted the TNT series Chasing the Cure. In 2022, she was honored with the Murrow Lifetime Achievement Award for her influential reporting, particularly in conflict areas and after natural disasters.

Current Activities and Thoughts: Curry recently participated in a PBS Arts Talk with “Pachinko” author Min Jin Lee. She rarely posted on social media, but after a year and a half, she reappeared with a snowy shot and the caption: “Good morning world.” The woods are beautiful, dark, and deep. Stay safe and warm.” Ann Curry’s career continues to be a testament to her unwavering commitment to journalism and storytelling.

Ann Curry’s illustrious career in journalism has been marked by remarkable achievements and contributions in the field. From her humble beginnings as an intern to becoming the first KTV news reporter in Oregon, Curry’s journey exemplifies determination and excellence. Her tenure at NBC News, where she served as co-anchor of Dateline NBC and anchor for Today, further cemented her reputation as a respected journalist.

Although her departure from Today in 2012 and subsequent departure from NBC News in 2015 were met with speculation, Curry’s impact far exceeded her time at the network. She went on to make significant strides in the media industry, founding a multi-platform media company and producing impactful shows like We’ll Meet Again and Chasing the Cure.

Curry’s dedication to journalism has been recognized with prestigious awards, including two Emmy Awards and the Murrow Lifetime Achievement Award in 2022. Her commitment to reporting on conflict zones and natural disasters has left a lasting impression on viewers around the world.

While Curry remains active in the media landscape, her recent appearances on PBS Arts Talk and social media posts reflect her ongoing passion for telling stories and connecting with audiences. Ann Curry’s legacy serves as an inspiration to aspiring journalists and underscores the importance of integrity and perseverance in the field of journalism.

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