Fans’ Concerns Over Kate Middleton’s Appearance in Her First Video Post-Surgery: “It Looks Like She’s Had Work Done on Her Face”

In the first pictures of Kate Middleton after surgery, people noticed something disturbing: “She had something done to her face.”

Kate Middleton has been the subject of many statements since her birth two months ago. Almost every aspect of her life seemed to be discussed.

You’re in luck today if you find it fascinating to read lots of stories and ideas about what happened because there are more notes regarding Kate’s appearance in a video that was allegedly taken over the weekend.

You’ve probably seen the clip mentioned above. Kate Middleton is seen walking alongside Prince William. The Princess of Wales is said to have taken them to a farm shop near Adelaide Cottage.

Like virtually everything Kate-related these days, there has been a lot of discussion surrounding the video. Some netizens are in disbelief that this is only Kate’s first video since her surgery in January. He believes the Royal Family is still telling the biggest hoax of all time and that the woman in the video isn’t even Kate.

Of course, part of the rise in skeptics can be attributed to the royal family. After Kate’s “planned tummy tuck” earlier this year, no fresh information has been released, leaving a gap that allows speculation and conjecture to flourish.

Silva had no idea he “knew” her until the woman turned to look at him. Eventually, the couple saw him conversing with staff as he stood behind them in the meat department.

“I couldn’t understand what they were saying but the staff seemed happy to be busy. “The girl at the counter was so shocked she almost couldn’t breathe when I went to pay for my food,” he told The Sun.

“Everyone there was very happy. It was a very pleasant environment.

Silva then set out to make a quick film for his Portuguese family. He claimed he was unaware that “Kate was in the news so much.”

“I started recording as Kate and William walked towards the car park. “They looked really happy and content together,” he said. “It was clear that William was wary of Kate and I quickly stopped the recording because I didn’t want to disturb them.

His family were taken aback by what they saw when he showed them the footage via WhatsApp.

“Oh my god, she’s still alive!” She wasn’t here with us last year. “I don’t particularly care about celebrities or gossip. I enjoy working on my allotment and going fishing.”

Online, Silva’s video sparked a lot of discussion, with several viewers protesting the idea that it was the first real sighting of Kate in nearly three months.

Some, far more dubious, claimed that Kate was not the woman in the film, or that Kate could have been a princess, but that Kate had undergone plastic surgery.

Someone wrote: “She had something done to her face.”

“OMG she looks like she’s had a facelift,” commented another.

“She looks very thin…” “Very thin and skinny,” someone else commented.

Someone else commented, “She’s lost a lot of weight.”

Some people openly defended Kate in the comments section. They were particularly accurate in noting that the princess’ appearance would change somewhat after recovery and surgery.

In conclusion, the release of the Kate Middleton video has reignited debate and speculation among fans and the public. While some observers were quick to point out changes in her appearance and suggest possible plastic surgery, others defended her, stressing that recovery and the aftermath of surgery can naturally change her appearance. The incident highlights the intense scrutiny faced by public figures, particularly those in the royal family. As more details emerge and the dust settles, it’s important to remember the human aspect of headlines and the challenges of public life. Whether it’s cosmetic procedures or simply the effects of surgery, ideally the focus should be on the well-being and privacy of individuals like Kate Middleton, giving them the space to heal and move forward without undue judgment.

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