Five Instances Where DNA Tests Completely Changed Families’ Lives

There are several reasons why paternity or DNA testing may be requested.

However, the five stories that follow show how it can destroy relationships and dissolve marriages.

The ability to perform DNA tests has changed the way people manage pregnancy. In the following stories, five Reddit users discuss how much impact DNA testing has had on their lives.

Both parents find out

Their offspring are not

Their Biologically

Taking to Reddit, the 29-year-old lady revealed that she fell deeply in love with her 31-year-old husband while they were still in college. The couple’s relationship was going well before her husband decided to undergo a DNA test. They had a daughter, five years old.

The woman’s husband started showing signs of changes after the test came back negative. The original poster (OP), who never cheated on him, was taken aback by the result. When they tried to conceive, she insisted that since she and her husband were already married, no one else could be the father of their daughter.

“I have never cheated, I would never cheat.

OP only had affairs with two other men before she started dating her husband. The results of the survey caused the OP’s husband to become increasingly resentful of his wife and spend more time at work. He informed her that he took the test because although they both had blue eyes, he was always wary of the little girl’s brown eyes.

He wanted the OP to leave their house at once, but after he cooled down, he agreed to talk about it further. To find out, they decided to do some tests. If the tests did not prove his wife’s innocence, the husband swore he would go mad.

A blood paternity test they took surprisingly revealed that neither of the pair was the child’s biological parent! The family’s life was completely turned around and a police officer visited to collect a statement from them on behalf of the authorities.

When OP and her husband sued the hospital where she gave birth, they did it as a team. She dreaded the thought of her newborn daughter and wondered where she might be.

But what scared her the most was the idea of ​​what would happen when the young girl was found.

She didn’t want her five-year-old to know they weren’t her parents because she thought it would ruin her upbringing, even though she was curious about her newborn daughter. She was also worried that the child would tell her classmates and teachers, causing her to be talked about.

A few weeks later, the OP resurfaced on Reddit to announce that they had found their biological daughter who was in foster care. The child was picked up by her pretend parents straight from the hospital, but when the police discovered she wasn’t their real child, they put her in foster care.

OP and her husband filed to adopt her foster parent as a biological child. Their lawsuit against the hospital for negligence brought them a payout of around $2 million.

The couple informed their long-time daughter that her sister was to visit them.

Despite everything that was going on, the OP and her husband assured the young child that they still loved her. Now she and her husband were going to move to another city to start over with their children.

Fortunately, the story ended happily, but what happened to this father who took the test because his child had darker skin?

The man takes the secret

Paternity test to please his family

A 30-year-old Reddit member who was Brazilian and American contacted the “Relationship Advice” section in 2022 asking for help with her situation.

She revealed that she and her 29-year-old Serbian husband had a three-year-old child who did not look like them.

While her family was more mixed race and light-skinned, her husband’s family was light brown. In order to ensure a diverse cultural upbringing for the child, the Redditor and her husband were close to their extended relatives and visited them often.

The couple’s daughter was born with fair skin and straight hair, but as she grew, it became a darker brown. The rest of the family became interested in the child’s developing features as her hair also grew more curly.

The Redditor’s husband’s family has been constantly prying into their lives and asking questions about their daughter. A year before she wrote her post, she started joking about “the milkman” with her husband’s family.

and that she was getting too much sunlight during her pregnancy.

The child’s mother ignored the jokes until they stopped, but they persisted and became passive-aggressive. She was looking through her husband’s phone album for a specific photo while they were working on a fence problem, days before she posted her post on Reddit.

She clicked on a screenshot of the document, thinking she had found what she was looking for, only to discover that it was the result of a paternity test! The test verified her husband’s paternity of their daughter. He admitted that he had taken it a year earlier as a result of his family’s persistent inquiries about the child’s darker skin when they asked him about it.

He revealed that his relatives, seemingly hinting at his wife’s infidelity, insisted that he undergo the test. He always brought up the subject of his child’s paternity when he visited his family, and she now remembered how particularly tense and uncomfortable he was when he returned.

He would usually claim business or family matters as justification for his actions. A Reddit member angrily questioned why he was even bothering with it, pointing out how offensive it was to her and their daughter. The man said he never thought about the situation and only took the test to please his family.

In an attempt to dispel his family’s suspicions, he attempted to defend himself by displaying her previous messages expressing his support for her. But even though he kept the test a secret, his wife was still furious, despite his efforts to appear innocent.

She realized that their misperception of her and her child had destroyed all the pleasant memories they shared with his family. Her husband claimed he kept it a secret so as not to upset her.

Although the guilty husband of the Redditor expressed sincere regret, she no longer felt comfortable in the presence of his family. She was angry, but at the same time, it was hard for her to put the matter behind her.

The child’s mother was upset by the incident and wondered if her husband believed her. Because of the breach of trust, the relationship was no longer as close, honest, and alive as it had been.

overshadowed everything. It was their first big fight and she wasn’t sure what to do after the incident.

Her story had a less-than-satisfying ending, but this one does not disappoint.

A DNA test has revealed that one woman’s twins belong to her husband.


A 40-year-old Reddit woman also used the platform to tell her own DNA story. She revealed that she fell in love with her future husband at the age of 15. She decided to have a future with him after becoming pregnant two years into their relationship.

After moving into her parents’ house, the couple tied the knot when she was eighteen. Shortly after their wedding, the couple moved next door to her grandparents’ unoccupied house, which she had inherited. They later had other children together.

When she went on a girl’s trip with her friends in her forties, she was seven months along with their last child.

In order to sleep peacefully in her bed after the trip, the woman decided to return a day early. However, she was in for a surprise.

When she walked into her bedroom, she discovered her mother with her husband! Her mother yelled at her and told her to get out of “their bedroom”, which shocked her.

A Reddit user confronted her husband after the parent left, wrapped in a sheet.

He was ready to admit the truth and recounted how his mother-in-law had tempted him when he was 18 and still living with her parents. The man added that after that they had intimate intercourse every month and made sure they were never found out. His pregnant wife was crushed by the reality.

She realized that her twins and youngest sibling might be her husband’s offspring, which would make things even worse! After she contacted her father and told him everything, he was so upset that he went straight to her mother.

The Redditor threw a party to expose her mother and husband’s adultery because she wanted their family to know the truth. She was shocked to learn that some family members—including her husband’s entire family—thought she was wrong for being honest.

Unfortunately, the church leader and her mother’s friend also found out about the truth and called to inquire further. The Redditor’s mother was far from the children’s pastor. But instead of accepting responsibility, her mother put the blame on her, saying on the poster:

“She claims I basically ruined her reputation and her life.

After the wife moved out, the woman’s father moved in with her 38-year-old daughter. In addition, the distraught husband demanded that the three youngest boys undergo DNA tests. Unexpected test results revealed that the Redditor’s husband was the biological father of the twin boys!

In response to the message, she gave him the shoe and filed for divorce. Her father was talking to her about selling the house that had bad memories of her grandparents, and the poster leaned against it. He intended to give her the proceeds of the sale to buy a new house for herself.

The transaction would not benefit the Reddit user’s mother or husband. The seven children were now in the care of her ex-husband. Since she helped start it and served as the office manager when she took time off from work, she took on half of his company.

She was devastated that she had lost contact with some family members. Her 14-year-old daughter decided to cut off communication with her father, although her younger children do not know the reason for her divorce. The man’s ex-husband eventually admitted that he began the affair with his mother-in-law after he became enraged over the billboard.

They formed a close bond after he called his mother-in-law for comfort. Although the Redditor’s ex acknowledged that he would divorce her, he felt it would be better for him to stay in their relationship.

Paternity test

The woman is vindicated

Rejected by husband


A 24-year-old Reddit user shared family history with other users. The OP revealed that while her three sons were strikingly similar to their father, their daughter was not.

She arrived with platinum blonde hair and pale skin; her green eyes stood out from the others. OP developed a close bond with an older male co-worker during her pregnancy. A colleague treated her and another co-worker particularly well.

In addition to bringing her and the other woman coffee in the morning, her co-worker occasionally placed flowers at their workstations. She didn’t think much of his actions because he was a happily married man who never approached and praised his family.

The OP’s husband was unhappy with their relationship despite its true nature and wanted her to break it off, but she refused.

This caused arguments between the pair, but eventually, it seemed to go away.

However, the husband’s anger returned when their daughter was born.

From birth, the young child shared the skin tone and eye color of her mother’s older male co-worker. The

After the mother gave birth, her husband was unable to bear the newborn daughter.

His wife refused to comply with his demand for a paternity test, finding it unnecessary and embarrassing.

She convinced him that their child looked like her great-grandparents, but he didn’t care and was more interested in finding out if she had cheated on him. Not only did she have to deal with him, but his family’s involvement only made things worse.

Her husband refused to help care for their daughter and her in-laws even abandoned her. He wasn’t the same person he was when they welcomed their sons and that hurt the OP. Everyone ignored her during her son’s birthday party, so she decided to get tested.

Her mother-in-law kept the young child out of sight of her grandchildren while this was happening. But when the DNA test results revealed that her husband was the father of their daughter, the OP had the last laugh. The whole family expressed regret for the way they had treated her and felt terrible about it.

When the OP’s husband finally held his daughter for the first time, he sobbed. In addition, he often apologized to his wife and broke down in tears every time he touched their young daughter. Thinking that he was sincerely sorry, she decided to forgive him.

But she finally offered her husband an ultimatum regarding his family, because she wanted nothing to do with them.

move back to their home nation or divorce. He realized how serious the OP was when she informed him that she was talking to divorce lawyers and agreed to do whatever it took to win her forgiveness.

Unfortunately, she no longer wanted to be in contact with her husband’s family because she didn’t want her children to experience what she had. She also attended solo and couples therapy with her husband.

OP said how great she and her husband are getting along and expressed her desire to keep it that way. Another social media user also recounted her experience when her husband wanted a paternity test due to concerns about his physical resemblance to a Reddit member.

The woman threatens.

Divorce at the request of the mother-in-law to have the grandson take a DNA test

In late 2023, a woman shared on Reddit that she and her husband had been together for five years, three of which were spent as husband and wife. They were tense because of her husband’s mother, who was quite in control.

She tried never to show it, but she often offered uninvited ideas and behaved inappropriately, harassing his wife.

The OP thought it was unfair to be upset with him for circumstances beyond his control.

The words she used and the horrible actions his mother did were the behaviors she was referring to. She argued that he did not confront his mother when his wife felt uneasy or upset by her intervention.

OP’s mother-in-law at one point began to question the paternity of her child. When the boy was a toddler, his mother remarked how different he was from her son. The offended party believed that the woman was accusing her of extramarital affairs.

Emotionally disturbed by the scenario, the Reddit member passionately denied the allegations, but her husband did nothing. Their relationship suffered as a result of his failure to defend her against her mother’s claims.

As her sense of disrespect and resentment deepened, OP emotionally withdrew from her husband. The straw that broke the camel’s back came when he casually revealed one day that he was going to have their son’s DNA tested in an attempt to appease their mother.

His wife decided to stop tolerating the toxicity when she felt his remarks were an insult to her dignity and a slap in the face. To escape the chaos, the OP hired legal counsel and began looking for a new position.

She wasn’t going to back down from her decisions and planned to file for divorce once the DNA test came through. Although OP realized that her husband’s divorce was not about her, her main motivation was to protect her. son. The poster understood how difficult life could be for her son, as she herself experienced a childhood marked by conflict between her parents.

She didn’t want him to have to go through what she went through. Fortunately, the OP also had a stable profession that allowed her to live independently and comfortably. There she found solace in the midst of her turbulent life. She was grateful to keep her career even though she was given the choice to leave after marriage because it allowed her to remain independent.

The Redditor revealed in an update that she called her father-in-law on the day the test was supposed to call to take matters into her own hands. That evening she invited him and her mother-in-law to their home. Her husband was at home when he received the test results proving he was the boy’s father.

Moreover, he promised to stand up to his mother when he admitted that she interfered in their union.

He then undertook to reach out to his mother to make things right and sent her the results. But during the call, she told him about visiting a lawyer and starting divorce proceedings. He defended his behavior when the call turned into a furious fight.

He admitted that he did not foresee her behavior, but she clarified how his indifference to her emotions damaged their relationship. Even though the OP refused to sign the divorce papers, she provided them to him and left that evening.

Her husband was still torn between supporting his failing marriage and remaining loyal to his parents even after she left. The mother rejected his request for an apology and accused her son’s wife of separating their family.

After the OP and her husband were able to talk, he asked about couples counseling in an effort to keep their marriage together. In addition, he asked if they could continue as co-parents. A Reddit member shared how despite their divorce, her husband was adamant about keeping his son.

Moreover, he promised to stand up to his mother when he admitted that she interfered in their union. For now, OP stayed where she was, hoping that therapy would help her husband learn to put their marriage first.

Not only has she been found interfering in marriages they have no part in, but she is also the mother-in-law of a Reddit member. To learn how one mother-in-law subtly had them do a DNA test because she was worried her son’s daughter wouldn’t look like him, click this link. 

Stories shared by Reddit users underscore the profound impact that DNA and paternity tests can have on relationships and marriages. These stories reveal that the implications of such tests often go beyond simply verifying biological links, instead revealing deep-rooted issues of trust, infidelity, and family dynamics.

In the first story, a couple’s life changes when a DNA test reveals that neither parent is biologically related to their daughter, leading to a legal battle and an emotional journey of rediscovery. This case highlights the devastating consequences of medical errors and the challenges of unexpectedly revealing a family’s identity.

The second story highlights how external pressures and family expectations can erode trust in a marriage. Succumbing to his family’s doubts, the man takes a secret paternity test, permanently damaging his relationship with his wife, who feels deeply betrayed despite his apologies.

In the third story, the complexities of family relationships come to the fore when a woman’s husband is discovered to be the biological father of her twins. The shocking revelation of a decades-long affair leads to divorce and the breakdown of long-standing family ties, illustrating the devastating impact of hidden infidelities.

The fourth message sheds light on how superficial judgments based on physical appearance can disrupt family relationships. Despite being confirmed by a DNA test, the woman faces permanent emotional scars and decides to distance herself from her husband’s family, who doubted her fidelity and abused her and her daughter.

Finally, the fifth story reveals the destructive potential of domineering in-laws and lack of spousal support. A woman decides to divorce after her husband, influenced by his mother, demands a paternity test for their son. This story highlights the importance of trust and respect in marriage and the harmful effects of outside interference.

Together, these reports highlight the complex interplay of trust, identity, and family relationships when it comes to DNA testing. They serve as cautionary tales about the potential emotional and relational impact that can result from questioning the very foundation of family ties.

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