Hotel Workers Reveal Shocking and Disgusting Discoveries

When working in the hospitality industry, hotel employees encounter countless unpredictable situations on a daily basis. From cleaning rooms to handling guest requests, they often find themselves in bizarre and sometimes disturbing scenarios that most people wouldn’t even imagine. Shared by hotel staff on Reddit, these stories offer a glimpse into the surreal and often downright shocking experiences that go on behind the scenes at hotels.

In one case, a hotel employee came across a truly disturbing discovery while cleaning a guest’s room. What started as a routine task turned into a terrifying ordeal when they discovered several piles of excrement hidden under towels left behind by departing guests. The scene was not only repulsive but also confusing and left the staff wondering about the circumstances that led to such a disturbing find.

For hotel employees, opening the door to an unexpected and downright special environment is just another day at the office. They discovered some of the most terrifying and repulsive things at work.

Let’s take a look at these incredible stories posted on Reddit by hotel staff.

1. An empty toilet
A white toilet | Source: Pexels

A hotel employee was cleaning a guest room when she discovered a really unpleasant surprise. Towels were rolled up and left on the floor after visitors checked out. It wasn’t unusual, but something didn’t seem right.

When the employee started to remove them, a pile of excrement was found under the towels. The smell was unbearable. They were horrified to see, hidden behind the shower curtain, at least 10 more piles of urine and excrement in the bathroom. What a disorderly state of things!

2. Pizza puzzle
A woman holding a slice of pizza | Source: Pexels

In another strange incident, a hotel employee discovered an entire pizza in a guest room. But it wasn’t just any pizza. The way the guest used the pizza seemed really strange. It looked like they were trying to watch the cheesiest show ever, with slices of pizza all over the TV. However, the mystery was not over yet. The staff member was amazed to find more pieces of pizza in various places, including the bathroom sink, bedside table, dresser, and laundry. The last piece of the puzzle was discovered blurred on the screen. What a strange desire!

A frustrated woman | Source: Pexels

3. Rodent Hotel staff occasionally welcome unwanted furry visitors. In this captivating story, a woman and her husband lived in a boarding house. She informed the owners of strange noises and nibbling on their property. They were shocked when the woman demanded a full refund for the entire week by dropping a live mouse at the front desk. Suspecting foul play, the owners checked the couple’s room but found no signs of a mouse infestation.

A mouse | Source: Pexels

A police car | Source: Unsplash

They refused to budge and threatened to call the police if the pair did not leave immediately. Fortunately, the couple never followed through on their threats with a lawsuit.

4. Excess baggage Although it is common for guests to carry bags, hotel staff may find that this is not always the case.

Suitcases on a bed | Source: Pexels

A couple checked into one hotel with an abnormally large amount of suitcases. The couple had other plans, unknown to the hotel staff. In fact, they planned to steal everything in the room, including the windows! It goes without saying that when the hotel staff learned about the theft, they were shocked.

Unfortunately, this unfortunate situation has resulted in individuals losing their jobs.

5. What about the toilet?
A bellman in a hotel | Source: Pexels

One of the guests in the luxury hotel really needed to go to the bathroom. But instead of figuring out where to use the toilet themselves, they went to the doorbell and asked for advice. The hotel staff had no idea how this straightforward request would turn into a sticky situation. The visitor followed a trail of excrement behind them as they descended the stairs, revealing more every few steps. It was discovered that the individual had an underlying health problem that he was unaware of. They left the bathroom in an unsanitary condition, plus they left a mess on the floor. The hotel management blacklisted the visitor, despite threatening to publish a negative review.

6. A person who goes to sleep
Reception desk | Source: Pexels

Working in a small boutique hotel can lead to interesting interactions. One morning a woman came to the reception in distress.

A man sleeping | Source: Pexels

She was worried that her husband had sleepwalked into another visitor’s room because she couldn’t find him. Despite the fact that the situation was funny, the hotel staff wanted to avoid unpleasant confrontations. They tracked the husband’s whereabouts by reviewing CCTV footage. They were relieved to find him dozing in another room. After the couple checked out and the wife woke him up, they left behind a wonderful anecdote for the hotel staff.

7. Farewell to bachelorhood in peace

Although hotel staff often see party animals, one bachelorette party took an unexpected turn. A large group of men arrived at the hotel room to celebrate before the wedding. It’s strange that they spent the whole night in silence. A few hours later, the bridegroom’s fiancee appeared, looking for her future husband. He left his phone there and she had it. When the hotel staff finally got into the room, they saw the groom and his friends in the bathtub, fully clothed and engaged in a strange “sea battle” with toys. The wedding was called off as a result of this unexpected sight. What an unexpected way to end the bachelor party!

A man lying on the floor | Source: Pexels

A bathroom | Source: Pexels

These incredible stories from hotel staff on Reddit offer us a glimpse into the hidden realm that exists behind the scenes in the hospitality sector. From strange discoveries to unforeseen circumstances, the hotel staff takes care of everything to ensure visitors have a pleasant stay.

Anecdotes shared by hotel employees on Reddit offer a fascinating insight into the often bizarre and unexpected experiences they encounter while working in the hospitality industry. From finding mysterious messes in guest rooms to encountering unusual guest behavior, hotel staff navigate a wide variety of situations to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of their guests. Despite the challenges and surprises they face, the hotel staff remains committed to their role, providing exemplary service and ensuring guests have a pleasant stay. These stories serve as a reminder of the behind-the-scenes efforts to keep hotels running smoothly and the often unseen adventures that take place within their walls.

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