Husband Seeks Divorce After Wife’s Fifth Pregnancy — A Story of the Day

After his wife became pregnant for the fifth time, the self-centered guy filed for divorce. He lived to regret not wanting to accept his fatherly responsibility.

Todd was an egotistical businessman. He didn’t really care how he treated other people including his own wife Linda because he thought the world revolved around him.

She had no idea how self-centered he could be until they started having children. Todd never made a secret of his desire to have boys as children, but Linda ignored him because she believed that all men wanted sons.

She was happy to get pregnant for the first time, but her husband was a little more reserved about his happiness.

She decided not to worry too much about it, she assumed it was probably just him getting uncomfortable with being a father.

Todd held back even more when they found out a few months later that they were going to be twins. Although Linda’s behavior disturbed her, she remained silent.

The doctor told Linda the gender of the twins several months before the planned birth. Despite the news, she was still happy, but Todd’s happiness was not restored. It made him very unhappy.

He exclaimed, “I wanted a boy!” after finding out the gender of their unborn children. “Two women, not just one?

Surely this cannot be my fate!”

Linda assured Todd, “A baby is a baby regardless of gender,” but Todd wasn’t satisfied.

Todd did not assist in the birth of the girls. He stayed home and pretended not to mind. No one knew it, but the truth was that he was too self-absorbed to take on the responsibilities of a father.

Todd avoided his wife and their children as if they were all afflicted when she finally returned home. He told Linda to put his children in their nursery and not let her hold them.

His wife was appalled by his behavior and after several failed attempts she gave up trying to get him to even look at the children.

Her only responsibility was taking care of the children, but she also had to fulfill her duties as a wife, so she had a hard time.

Linda kept thinking about what could have made Todd the way he was, but she couldn’t come up with any ideas. Even after several years, Todd continued to avoid being a father to his children.

He did nothing for their education except to give them money for clothes and food and to keep them at a distance. Linda waited a while before telling Todd that she was pregnant again.

He refused to attend while she.

He asked, “Are you pregnant?” “Again?”

“Why do you talk as if you don’t know what love leads to?” She fired back angrily.

“Well, I don’t mind,” he told her. “All you ever do is make female babies when I want a male.

“But the doctor says that only male genes decide whether the child will be male or female, why are you accusing me?” He was at a loss for words.

After their disagreement, Todd began treating Linda even more. He got even more crazy when she told him she was expecting twins once again.

He didn’t come home for days, and when he did, he avoided his children and harassed their mother. He couldn’t tell her that his fear of fatherhood outweighed his resentment of their s*xual relations.

He continued to cover up the fact that they were temples because he felt that becoming a parent required him to give up many things in life and he had no motivation to do so.

When Linda gave birth, he was filled with shame and horror. Every time she and the children entered his field of vision, he became enraged because he was unable to deal with her and even considered divorce. He ended up moving her stuff into the nursery and forbidding her from using their double bed.

Todd showed no concern when Linda pointed out that there was no bed for her to sleep on. He decided that Linda was the wrong person to have children.

Linda often cried because she was so unhappy with her husband’s actions. While Todd lived his life doing what he enjoyed, she took care of the four girls by herself.

He made sure she couldn’t see the children and sealed the walls of the children’s room so he couldn’t hear their cries. Because of this, Linda had to take care of all four children by herself.

Her children made it all worth it, even if it was hard for her. They were all beautiful and healthy. Linda was glad that her children would not have the same problem because as a single child, she always wanted a sibling.

Despite the toll it took on her body, Linda lived up to her duties as a wife and mother. Then one day she found out she was pregnant again.

She had good reason to be reluctant to tell Todd. When she finally did, his anger erupted. Never mind that she couldn’t conceive a child without his consent.

Yelling at her, he packed a small suitcase and decided to take a vacation, as he felt he deserved a rest after supporting his older children’s expenses.

A man named Steve visited his wife while he was away. Their neighbor left town two years ago after the death of his wife and children in a car accident.

He replied, “I came to pay my respects because I heard you became a mother,” when Linda invited him to lunch.

“Thanks, Steve,” she replied. “I didn’t think you’d want to come back here after…”

“I’ve been running for years Linda, but I’ve learned you can’t outrun yourself,” he grumbled. “Enough about me, let me meet your angels.

Steve spent a lot of time with Linda and her children that day. Just like he did when his daughter was alive, he played with the girls. It was the first time since his wife’s death that he was truly happy.

It came back the next day and that’s when the trend started. He spent every day that week with Linda and her children; he was the first father they had ever met and the children quickly took a liking to him.

Todd returned and started fighting Linda again. All he wanted was for her to get rid of their unborn child at this point because he had had enough of this marriage. She refused to comply and they argued until she finally passed out from the stress.

Thanks to Steve’s presence, she was able to see a doctor who treated her and advised her to get plenty of rest to save the baby. Steve again offered to watch the kids while Linda took a nap, much to her relief as she knew Todd wasn’t going to take care of them.

He took excellent care of the children in the following weeks, which won her over. When she finally regained her composure, she went to Todd to express her disapproval, which naturally went unanswered.

Todd filed for divorce the following week and Rose cheerfully signed the papers as she was starting to have a crush on Steve. But this was on the condition that she would be allowed to stay in their matrimonial home until she was able to find accommodation of her own. To avoid meeting her and the children, Todd tagged the house.

As he continued to see her to help raise the children, Steve began to feel a connection with her. He eventually asked her to move in with him one day and she obliged.

Linda later gave birth to a son to Todd’s dismay and married Steve a year later. They continued to live next to him and he was left alone to watch his children adopt a new father.

That’s when he realized how self-centered he was. It tore him from the inside out and eventually drove him to commit suicide.

What lessons can we learn from this story?

• Being conceited is a bad quality. Todd’s excessive selfishness eventually cost him his life, as well as his wife and children. He was unable to accept his obligations as a man and to make matters worse, he held Linda accountable. She left him when she had had enough and he never fully bounced back.

• Having children is a blessing. Todd was more interested in boys and felt that his wife was to blame for having daughters even though it was out of their control. Regardless of a parent’s s*xual orientation, children are a blessing; However, Todd didn’t see it coming and it cost him.

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Ultimately, Todd’s life spirals into a tragic downfall due to his unbearable selfishness and inability to accept his fatherly responsibilities. His refusal to accept his children, his disdain for Linda’s pregnancies, and his insistence on blaming her for his perceived misfortunes isolated him and deprived him of the family he once had. Linda, on the other hand, found strength in her misfortune. With Steve’s help, she was able to give her children the love and stability they deserved, eventually finding happiness and a new beginning with him.

This touching story underscores the importance of empathy, responsibility, and recognizing that every child is a blessing, regardless of gender. Todd’s inability to see beyond his narrow desires and failure to support his wife led him to lose everything he held dear. It serves as a powerful reminder that true happiness and fulfillment come from accepting our roles and responsibilities with love and understanding.

As we reflect on Todd’s fall, we are reminded that our actions have profound consequences. It is important to cherish and nurture the bonds we share with our loved ones because it is these connections that give life its deepest meaning. Todd’s story is a grim lesson in the dangers of self-centeredness and the enduring power of unconditional love and family unity.

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