I Devised an Ingenious Scheme to Educate My Husband After He Suggested I Clean His Friend’s House for Cash

Mia has been through a lot in her life. Her parents died when she was sixteen, leaving her to care for her younger brother Jared alone. But what about finances? Mia had to become a cleaner between schools to survive.

Later she met Martin. The man who served as her ideal partner – but is he ashamed of her? Are they trying to take advantage of her? Keep reading to learn more.

I prefer to think of myself as the best kind of success story when I think about my life. Being the older sister of a younger brother, I am the oldest sibling. And I knew I had to take charge after our parents died in an accident.

“Mia, how are we going to survive?” My brother Jared, twelve years old, asked with tears in his eyes.

“We’ll figure it out,” I said.

Our savings came from my parents and I was liquidating everything we could part with. The smallest apartment in their house was made available to us free of charge by our elderly owners, who raised their mother as their own.

I informed the older woman, “But Vera, I can’t allow that.” “My father would hate it if we used you like this.

The elderly woman continued her embroidery with a smile.

“Then you can clean for us in return,” she added. “Maybe twice a week?”

I nodded. That is something I could achieve. Den had enough hours after school and homework.

I eventually turned cleaning into a part-time job because it paid well and I could do it after school and on weekends.

Jared said to me one morning as he was making our bowls of cereal, “But you’re always tired.”

“I see,” I replied. But at least that’s how we make money. That’s why we don’t have to worry too much.”

I will help, he said. “I’ll help you where I can. Please don’t make me clean the toilet.”

For the rest of my academic career, I worked part-time as a cleaner and Jared helped with vacuuming on the weekends. After finishing high school, I continued cleaning. It was easier for me to enter wealthy neighborhoods where I would charge twice as much now that I had more time and a solid clientele.

Vera exclaimed, “We’re so proud of you, Mia,” one evening when Jared and I went out to dinner with her and Charles. “However, you need to start considering your next move,” she said. “You can’t be a cleaning lady for the rest of your life.”

Ultimately, I decided to further my education by enrolling in a psychology course at a community college.

That was three years ago when I first met Martin. He took over my life and assured me that everything would only get better from there, sweeping me off my feet like a breath of fresh air.

When we went out for coffee one evening, he said, “I’m proud of you,” after I told him how my job as a cleaner kept me alive.

When Martin got engaged a few years later, I thought my worries and troubles were over. There was financial security with Martin. Jared and I were adopted by Martin’s parents, who showered us with love and made me feel like I had struck gold when it came to in-laws.

Jared agreed, “They’re pretty cool, Mia,” as we sat in our apartment looking over everything I needed to pack for my move.

He assured her, “They will take care of you.”

“And see you as often as I can.

When I got used to being married, Martin didn’t think I would work.

He said, “You’ve worked all your life.” “Take a break. Relax. When you’re ready, maybe you could consider going back to school or looking for a job.”

At first, I believed my husband was serious. And he was in many ways. I took on the role of a dutiful housekeeper, making sure the house was tidy and that dinner was ready for him when he arrived.

My in-laws were nice. Martin’s mom, Brenda, who spent a lot of time with me, taught me ancient family recipes and asked about all the unusual things I had come across over the years of cleaning.

As she was swept away, she asked, “What’s the worst thing you’ve seen, Mia?”

“An old candy used to be kept by a woman in a cookie jar. extremely, extremely ancient candy, if you will. The packaging was deteriorating.”

Brenda asked, “Why did you keep it?”

“I have no idea. However, there was also a man who wanted me to keep his wife’s dirty hair. It needed to be taken out of the drain, cleaned, and placed in a box.”

“This is disgusting!” Brenda laughed.

And then Martin entered.

He plucked a bowl of grapes on the counter and said, “What are you two laughing at?”

Brenda mentioned Mia’s previous existence. “She saw some strange things.

“Enough,” Martin stated firmly. “That was a while ago. I have to take a shower.”

This was the first time my husband ignored our discussion. My warning signs went off. Could it be that despite everything Martin had told me, he was secretly ashamed of me?

I ignored it, seeing no point in dealing with what could have been a direct misunderstanding.

But then came Martin’s birthday dinner, the meal that finally changed everything.

We gathered to congratulate my husband and the sound of clinking and chattering glass filled the air.

Although I was always aware of the diverse backgrounds of Martin’s friends, I could never help but feel tense around his friend Antonio.

I forced a smile on my face, determined to enjoy the rest of the evening despite this.

Just get to the cake, I told myself.

The laughter and chatter around us seemed to grow louder as we took our seats. I was disappointed that my brother couldn’t join us for dinner because he had an internship out of town.

Antonio’s voice could be heard above the noise as I ate the bars I had prepared on the table and chatted with Brenda.

Antonio smirked as his eyes swept across the room and landed on Martin.

“Martin, you’re lucky. And a wife who keeps everything in order. Maybe Mia could come to to clean my apartment in honor of my birthday? Without a woman’s touch, it’s a total disaster zone.”

Everyone at the table started laughing, but Martin and his father laughed the loudest. An icy chill ran down my spine.

I glanced at Martin, expecting my husband to offer some explanation.

But I was amazed at what followed.

Martin laughed, leaning back in his chair and holding the glass.

He asked Antonio, “Well, how much are you willing to pay?”

“I think five dollars should take care of it,” Antonio snorted.

There was more laughter. Maybe it was a joke, but I felt like it was directed at me.

My mother-in-law looked at me in the middle of the chaos. Her disappointment was evident as she wore a stern expression.

She motioned for me to go with her to the kitchen.

“And on that note,” she pushed her chair back and spoke. “I think it’s time for cake.

I excused myself to go to the kitchen with Brenda.

Her voice shaking with rage, she muttered, “I can’t believe them.” Specifically, Martin. My husband and I didn’t teach him to denigrate women, let alone his wife.”

Feeling dizzy, I took a drink of water while she closed her eyes for a moment.

“Mio, what Antonio said was not appropriate. Martin’s response was much worse.”

I nodded, matching her rage with mine.

“I never expected Martin to… just scoff.

My past has not humbled me. I had to figure out a way to live for Jared and myself. The easy task was quite acceptable. Martin mentioned this to me at the beginning of our relationship.

But the more time we spent together, his true nature seemed to emerge.

Brenda put her hand on my shoulder.

“We want to pass on knowledge to them.

Pack your bags tonight. We’re taking a vacation. Just the two of us. Watch them work without us.

Although I was surprised, I had to agree. It was impossible to resist the temptation to walk away and reveal my mistakes.

“Martin will regret ever laughing at that joke,” Brenda said.

“Where’s the cake?” Antonio called from the dining room.

I breathed out.

I urged my mother-in-law, “We’ll just get through this,” as she lit the candles on Martin’s birthday cake.

The after-effects of the alcohol rendered Martin and his father unconscious in our living room the next morning, their only senses intact.

We left a message for them on the kitchen counter:

See you in two weeks. It is with this that you should be able to maintain a clean home.

Brenda attached $5 to the message and we headed to the beach shack.

A few hours later they flooded our phones with calls and messages but we didn’t answer any of them. Brenda was happily munching on trail mix next to me as I rode with the wind in my hair.

After we finally reached our destination, I contacted Martin and we started unpacking.

He apologized profusely. “I am, Mia.

I hurt people without realizing it.

my dad too We sincerely apologize.”

My husband’s voice broke on the phone.

Talking in front of a quiet beach: “We’ll talk when we get back,”

When we returned we saw a complete commotion, just as we had anticipated.

However, Martin and his father were in the middle of the chaos, holding bouquets and looking sorry.

They have changed their behavior and apologized sincerely, clearly having learned their lesson.

I started washing the dishes that had piled up while we were gone.

Martin said, “I talked to Jared,” as he stood behind me.

“Yes?” he asked.

I knew he would have to explain what happened, but I also knew he would contact my brother to check if I was with him.

“He said I got one more chance to make it right with you or he’d come for you himself.

“That sounds about right,” I commented.

Although I was glad to be back, there seemed to be something unique about Martin. He wasn’t the Prince Charming I imagined him to be. Rather, he was just an ordinary person telling stupid jokes.

A man who could hurt me.

Even though Brenda and my brother supported me, I knew that Martin and I would have to put in some effort to get back to where we were.

Martin’s decision to cut ties with Antonio was a bold first step in the right direction.

How would you react in such a situation?

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Finally, I had to do something dramatic.

Mia’s journey from a young orphaned teenager to a responsible adult, caring for her younger brother and managing financial problems, is a testament to her resilience and determination. Despite the hardships she faced, she took on the responsibility of providing for herself and her brother and turned cleaning into a part-time job. Her commitment to the well-being of her family and her willingness to work hard to ensure their survival reflects her strength of character.

Meeting Martin seemed like a turning point in Mia’s life, offering the promise of stability and security. However, as their relationship developed, cracks began to appear, especially in Martin’s attitude towards Mia’s past and her job as a cleaner. An incident at his birthday dinner, where Martin laughed along with a humiliating joke about Mia’s profession, revealed underlying issues of respect and recognition in their relationship.

Mia’s decision to take a stand supported by her mother-in-law Brenda and go on holiday so that Martin and his father can reflect on their behavior demonstrates her assertiveness and self-respect. By refusing to tolerate disrespect and demanding an apology, Mia affirms her worth and refuses to be belittled or ashamed of her past.

Martin’s subsequent apology and willingness to admit his mistake signifies the potential for growth and reconciliation in their relationship. His decision to cut ties with Antonio, the source of the humiliating joke, shows a determination to prioritize Mia’s feelings and respect her boundaries.

Mia and Martin will need to continue to communicate openly and address any underlying issues to rebuild trust and strengthen their relationship. By standing up for herself and demanding respect, Mia asserts her worth and sets a precedent for how she will be treated in the future.

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