“I earn over $600 monthly by renting out half of my bed to solitary individuals.”Auto Draf

Hot bedding, a new phenomenon spearheaded by Monique Jeremiah, has emerged as a strange but increasingly popular trend offering both companionship and supplemental income. Jeremiah’s innovative approach to overcoming personal and financial challenges in the midst of a pandemic underscores the creativity that individuals can tap into during times of adversity. Utilizing the concept of shared accommodation, warm bedding provides an unconventional solution for individuals looking for cost-effective accommodation without sacrificing social connection. As the cost of living continues to rise worldwide, unconventional methods such as hot bedding have gained attention, especially among students and those facing financial constraints. Despite initial skepticism, hot bedding offers a practical way to ease financial burdens while fostering new relationships and experiences.

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Hot sheets are a strange new craze that is gaining popularity. Monique Jeremiah, an Australian entrepreneur and reality TV personality, became famous for coining the phrase. She revealed that she does it to supplement her income, and surprisingly, it doesn’t take much work.

Hot sheets offer company and income
If someone is bothered by “living together” with strangers, hot sheets are probably not for them. Still, there are people who would rather face some stranger danger in exchange for a cheaper hotel room. “It’s the perfect way to save money, live simply, and of course not be alone.” Jeremiah continued, “Heat bedding is excellent for people who can emotionally detach and sleep next to another person in a completely respectful and non-attachment way.”

Using creativity to face disaster

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When someone rents half a bed, they are essentially sharing it with someone else for the duration of their stay, which is called hot bedding. The concept was created by Jeremiah in 2020, in the midst of an epidemic. “Suddenly I found myself single; my thriving international education agency and student accommodation business collapsed overnight and my teaching career suddenly became unfulfilling because education was online,” she said. “It felt like my life was falling apart from the inside. I realized that my only choice was to be creative and non-conformist. I decided that I was going to make hot bedding that way.”

Jeremiah notes that hot bedding is beneficial for people looking for intimacy, in addition to being cost-effective. She clarified by saying, “It’s an ideal scenario, especially for sapios*xuals like me who value companionship over s*x.

“A hot sleep requires two people who respect their boundaries, values ​​, and personal space.” While many consider hot bedding “weird,” Jeremiah finds it comfortable for himself and stresses the need to set and maintain boundaries to ensure comfort for both of them.

“Building a company is already a lonely path for entrepreneurs,” she clarified. “There’s no reason to sleep alone when you can make money while sleeping with a friend who shares your drive and discipline.”

The trend is Hot Bedding

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Hot bedding may be an odd trend, but it seems to be gaining momentum as the cost of living continues to rise. Seven thousand international students took part in a survey conducted in 2021 at the University of Technology in Sydney. The students who took part in the survey, although they came from many different countries, went to schools in Sydney and Melbourne and not all were enrolled in universities. In fact, a large number of students were at professional institutions.

Unfortunately, nearly 40% of pupils reportedly skipped meals because they could not afford it. Meanwhile, 3% of students said they followed the hot mattress craze to cut rent costs. About 45% of the students who used heated bedding were female and 4% of them were 18 years old. At 42% of the total, participants were mostly in the 22-25 age range. It is interesting to note that 35% came from low-income countries. At the same time, approximately half of the hotbed participants were from Middle nations.

The US is affected by inflation

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Not surprisingly, there are other countries besides Australia where the cost of living is rising. Food spending in the United States has skyrocketed, and citizens in many regions have been informed that electricity prices will rise in the coming pay periods. According to a survey conducted in 2022, nearly 75% of Americans were worried about the price of necessities like gas and electricity. Meanwhile, 60 to 70 percent of Americans surveyed said their budgets have been significantly affected by the rising cost of living.

Average rents in the United States have increased by more than 100% over the past 30 years. The survey also revealed that most households pay around 30% of their income on their mortgage or rent.

Using data from the 1990s, the researchers found that there was only one place in the United States where rent was high enough to represent more than 30% of family income.

It was predictably in the New York metropolitan area.

While New York continues to lead the nation in income-to-rent ratios in larger, denser cities, areas like the San Francisco Bay Area have seen noticeable monthly rent or mortgage increases, with averages ranging from $4,000 to $11,000. Hawaii, on the other hand, is the most expensive state overall, with an average property price of at least $500,000.

Adding to student income


Research shows Monique Jeremiah isn’t the only one using heated bedding as a source of extra income. Despite the fact that some have made statements along the lines of “Just get a bunk bed” or “It’s a very sad way people are forced to live”, others on TikTok have admitted that they have already started using trendy bedding.

“My friend and I are doing this together as a medical student in New Zealand. One TikTok member said: ‘We weren’t (obviously) friends at first, it was completely anonymous, but we decided to get together.’

After all, hot sheets are an unorthodox but simple way to make some extra money or save money, and it could even lead to lifelong friendships. Unfortunately, due to the rising cost of living on a global scale, people have to be resourceful to make ends meet.

As a result, we should expect fads like selling photos of feet, hotbeds, and so on to continue to grow. 

In conclusion, hot bedding, a trend pioneered by Monique Jeremiah, has proven to be a unique solution for supplementing income while providing company. Jeremiah’s innovative approach to dealing with personal and financial issues in the midst of a pandemic highlights the creativity that individuals can exercise in difficult times. As the cost of living continues to rise worldwide, unconventional methods such as hot bedding are gaining popularity, especially among students and those facing financial constraints. Despite initial skepticism, hotbeds offer a practical solution to ease the financial burden and encourage new connections. Although trends such as hot bedding are unconventional, they highlight the resilience and adaptability of individuals in dealing with economic challenges and pave the way for innovative solutions emerging in an increasingly uncertain world.

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