I Had Suspicions About My Husband’s Affair with the Nanny of Our Three Children, So I Installed Secret Cameras to Confirm It

The story of a woman’s suspicions and subsequent investigation into her husband’s possible infidelity unfolds with a mixture of fear, determination, and ultimately heartbreak. At first, her concerns stem from seemingly innocuous incidents, such as the nanny’s prolonged presence in their home after her expected departure time and the observed familiarity between her husband and the nanny during nighttime interactions.

These suspicions lead the woman to take proactive measures, including seeking medical tests for s*xually transmitted infections and installing hidden cameras to gather evidence. Her decision to hire a private investigator underscores the seriousness of her suspicions and her determination to uncover the truth, despite the emotional turmoil it may bring.

A woman suspected her husband of cheating with someone close to her and her children. However, she had no proof that this had happened and had to investigate.

Five years ago, a 38-year-old woman and her 45-year-old husband lived with their three children, aged four to nine.

At that time, their nanny had been working with the family for almost two years.

The nanny was 22 and came highly recommended by other people.

Nanny took a break from her studies before entering high school later that year. She also previously worked for family friends who said she was great with children.

The woman decided to interview the nanny and found that her children immediately bonded with the girl, so the mom said it was only natural to hire this woman. After hiring the girl, the woman said she quickly became part of their family.

In addition to babysitting for the family most weekends and some weekdays, the nanny also took them on vacation to Hawaii, Florida, and Mexico. While the woman was satisfied with how the nanny was taking care of her children, she became suspicious of other behavior.

Why was she a woman Suspicious?

The woman worked as a corporate event planner, with the busiest days being Saturdays. Sometimes she arrived home after midnight, expecting her nanny to be gone after the children were put to bed at 10:30 p.m.

However, one morning the woman arrived home at one o’clock to find the nanny still in her house. The girl was wearing a coat when the woman walked in and looked confused as her husband came out of the den to follow the nanny.

The woman said the babysitter had been paid, and when asked what she was doing, the girl admitted she was watching a movie with the woman’s husband. The husband then told her that he couldn’t tell the girl to leave and said, “It’s not like she’s a stranger in the house.”

The woman felt something was wrong and asked her daughter about it when she went to sleep. The little girl told her mother that her siblings went to bed at their usual time, but she couldn’t fall asleep because her nanny and her father were talking and laughing loudly, which they did most Saturdays.

Not only did the woman learn this from her daughter, but she also knew that the nanny had a crush on her husband because she once referred to him as “hot daddy.” The woman began to question past interactions between the nanny and her husband, including photos they took together and how generously her husband tipped the nanny.

What was the woman doing?

Soon after her first post, the woman wrote another, sharing that the previous few days had been difficult for her and that she had gone to her gynecologist to get a full STD panel done because she suspected her husband of having an affair with the nanny.

She also revealed that she had cameras installed in their home and hired a private investigator to help her find out if her husband was cheating on her with their nanny.

The woman also recalled a case from Hawaii when a family took a nanny with them on vacation. The woman said her husband sneaked out of their room almost every night, saying he couldn’t sleep. On the last day, as she was packing to leave, the woman found her husband and nanny trying to wake up and pack.

After her husband finally woke up and she was able to wake her nurse, she spoke to her husband and remarked:

“You all have something in common.

Only later did the woman wonder if her husband and the nanny had more in common than lousy sleeping habits. She even asked if this was the first time she could blow their cover.

The woman was waiting for the cameras to be installed without her husband’s knowledge and came home to find him waiting for her in the den one night.

She pretended everything was fine, but she expected to watch the footage captured by the secret cameras.

Discussing how she felt about the situation, she shared: “After I got into bed and made sure my husband was asleep, I went downstairs an hour later and turned on my laptop in the study to play a video .”

The woman watched the footage and saw her husband behaving towards the nanny in front of the children.

That was just the beginning as the nanny came down from putting the kids to bed and walked up to her husband who was watching TV and kissed his neck.

The woman’s husband smiled and pulled the nanny in for another kiss before she sipped his drink and sat on top of him. The nanny and her husband were intimate in the guest bedroom after the husband checked whether the children were asleep or not.

The woman said she didn’t know whether to confront her husband immediately or try to catch him in the act instead. People who saw the post advised that she should get a lawyer before moving on and others told her that she should leave her husband as soon as possible.

After several months, the woman was informed about her situation. She discovered that the nanny wasn’t the only woman her husband had been with; there were several others.

She decided to confront him about his infidelities and he ended up blaming it on her. “Then it seemed like I was denying him affection and s*x, and he even went so far as to suggest I was having an affair,” the woman revealed.

In the end, their argument clearly led to their breakup. In a rage, her husband smashed the window in the woman’s dressing room and threw a framed picture of their wedding day off the wall.

While it hurt, the woman was relieved to have such a huge weight lifted from her shoulders. In addition to having to break up her marriage, she is most hurt by her nine-year-old daughter, who blames her for their separation.

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“Our oldest daughter (she’s still mad at me and it breaks my heart because I love her so much) wants to live with her father,” the mom said.

She and her estranged husband had to work out a legal separation agreement with their lawyers the afternoon she decided to give an update on Reddit.

Many women have experienced similar pain, and one decided to introduce herself to her husband’s lover in a restaurant. You can read the full story here.

A woman’s journey to suspect, investigate, and eventually confront her husband’s infidelity is a harrowing tale of betrayal and heartbreak. Despite her efforts to gather evidence and seek advice from others, she eventually faced the painful reality of her husband’s infidelity.

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The revelation of not only his affair with the nanny but also his involvement with many other women was a devastating blow, compounded by her husband’s attempt to blame her. The emotional toll of their confrontation and subsequent separation left her dealing with the aftermath, including her daughter’s reaction and having to enter into a legal separation agreement.

While the process was fraught with pain and difficulty, the woman found some comfort in the relief of being relieved of the weight of her husband’s betrayal. Despite the challenges that lay ahead, she faced the future with determination, knowing that she deserved more than staying in a relationship marked by infidelity and mistrust.

Her story serves as a reminder of the importance of trusting your instincts, seeking support from others, and ultimately prioritizing your own well-being and happiness, even in the face of adversity.

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