I Took My Six-Year-Old to a School Admission Interview — The Principal Was Stunned by His Answers

Emma and Oliver jump at the chance to enroll their son David in a prestigious private school. David’s wit and thought processes impress Emma and Mrs. Thompson, the principal when they ask him to come in for an interview.

At the end of the day, we all wanted our six-year-old David to get a quality education.

So my son David, my partner Oliver, and I moved to the small town that housed Willowridge Academy, an expensive and respected private school.

Oliver and I have made a mutual commitment to use every resource at our disposal to give our son the best educational opportunity. David is also a bright child; read fluently at age four; at the age of five he acquired various information about animals; and at age six he was doing weird science experiments in my kitchen.

We didn’t want to send him to a regular public school, which would stunt his progress. That’s why I knew we should explore the Academy when my sister brought it up.

Emma commented, “It’s like a fancy place.” It is well known for intellectuals and smart kids. I believe every instructor has written books, articles, and other works.”

“And how do you know?” In search of a trusted source, I asked.

“Read it in the dentist’s magazine,” she said.

However, an internet search proved useful.

Oliver and I sat up in bed and studied everything we could find about the place using his laptop. We were impressed, of course. It seemed to be an environment in which David thrived.

Oliver gave me permission to start sending out applications which included a three-minute video of David discussing his passion. Giraffes were his choice.

After several weeks, we finally heard from Mrs. Thompson, the school principal. She informed me that David and she had a conversation. During the interview, she wanted to know more about David’s personality, aside from whether or not he would be a good fit for the school.

It all sounded pretty good. Oliver and I scheduled an appointment and were excited to watch our son show his true self to Mrs. Thompson.

When we went to the small town, I had the impression that I would fit right in because it looked like a nice, quiet existence.

Oliver would fight, I knew that. But we were hopeful about the whole thing because we would do anything for David.

Imagine this:

David and I sit in the principal’s office with all her certificates framed on the wall. David is eager to answer Mrs. Thompson’s first series of simple questions because it feels like child’s play.

She then asks him to write his name and drops a bomb on him.

And whoa! David furrows his brows as if trying to decipher some code. He clasps his hands together and rubs his palms against his jeans.

Then suddenly he gets to his feet.

I shrug as Mrs. Thompson stares at me through her glasses. I wanted to see where David was taking it. All I knew was that Oliver had to leave for a work call, which meant he missed the entire exchange.

David turned to me, confusion and frustration shining in his eyes.

“Mom, why does Mrs. Thompson think I’m not smart? Or is my name spelled differently than we think?”

Thompson burst out laughing like it was the most absurd thing she had ever heard. She revealed, much to my surprise, that she thought David had an interesting way of thinking and a well-developed mind.

They then chatted about unrelated topics for twenty minutes, during which time David was impressed by the principal, as evidenced by her comments.

What was the result?

David passed the interview and was accepted into the school. Oliver has been traveling to and from the city for over a month since we moved.

David loved this place. Everything comes to his mind and amuses him. So what is the best? He claims that Mrs. Thompson, his history teacher, is his favorite.

She keeps stuffing a chocolate bar or lollipops in his backpack, doesn’t she?

Thus, David managed to gain admission to his esteemed school, and sure enough, he is doing as well as we hoped.

What about you? Do you have any fun stories suitable for children?

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The police searched for clues for a week, but without success. Tommy’s school bag with his clothes, shoes, and a disturbing letter reading: ‘FIND HIM IF YOU CAN!’ was brought by the couple’s dog on the seventh day. 


.In the end, David’s journey to Willowridge Academy turned out to be a successful adventure. The first interview, with its unexpected moments and David’s unique way of thinking, was proof that true intelligence and creativity often come in forms that defy conventional expectations. Mrs. Thompson’s initial doubts were quickly dispelled by David’s inquisitive nature and ability to engage with subjects beyond his years. It was a reminder that sometimes what may seem like a struggle or a moment of confusion can actually be a window into a child’s extraordinary potential.

As David settled into his new surroundings, the joy on his face was evident. He was not only surviving; prospered. The challenges and opportunities at Willowridge proved to be just what he needed to continue his intellectual and emotional growth. And while Oliver’s work schedule kept him busy, the satisfaction of seeing David so happy and engaged was worth every sacrifice.

David’s favorite teacher, Mrs. Thompson, who keeps surprising him with little treats, has become more than just a tutor; he is a mentor and a friend. It’s clear that David’s acceptance to Willowridge Academy wasn’t just about the school’s reputation, but about finding a place where he could truly shine.

Reflecting on David’s journey reminds us all that every child has a unique journey and that sometimes the best decisions are those that embrace their individuality. Have you had an experience with your children that left you in awe or made you rethink what you thought you knew about them? Share your stories – let’s celebrate the little moments of wonder and the surprising ways our children show us how remarkable they are.

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