“I Was Informed by a Doctor of Pregnancy Despite Six Years Without Intimacy with a Man”

The 23-year-old lesbian’s journey, as shared on the AskDocs forum, reflects a rollercoaster of emotions and medical discoveries. Her initial shock at a positive pregnancy test led to a cascade of fears and insecurities, including fears of rape, cancer, and memory lapses about s*xual encounters.

Despite limited s*xual interactions, especially with her partner, the woman struggled with the possibility of pregnancy. Her proactive approach to seeking medical help in Tennessee revealed a number of medical complexities and potential diagnoses that contributed to her anxiety.

Forum discussions captured her journey as she went through medical tests, consultations, and revelations. The discovery of an immature teratoma tumor during laparoscopic surgery has shed light on a mysterious pregnancy test result and provided some answers amid the confusion.

She was surprised when a lesbian woman had a positive pregnancy test. She had no idea how difficult the path to the truth would be.

When a 23-year-old lesbian woman’s pregnancy test came back positive, she said on the AskDocs forum that she was scared. She was afraid that she had been raped, that it was cancer, or that she had had s*x and couldn’t remember it.

Although he doesn’t have many s*xual encounters, the original poster (OP) said he has s*x with a woman he dates twice a month. Because the woman she was seeing was cisgender or born female, she couldn’t have gotten the OP pregnant.

The last time a young woman remembers having s*x with a man was in high school six years ago.

She weighed 140 pounds, stood 5 feet 3 inches, and said she was in generally good health. To put her health into perspective, she took Zoloft and occasionally took over-the-counter allergy medication.

The Redditor started throwing up once or twice a month, but she wrote it off as an upset stomach and didn’t worry about it. But the Redditor found out she was pregnant after she finally visited a clinic in Tennessee after she didn’t get better.

The staff who helped her insisted that the pregnancy was possible, even though she tried to clarify it. She didn’t keep track of when she got her period, so she wasn’t sure when it was. The mother-to-be needed answers immediately because she was terrified, even though she was due to see a doctor soon to confirm the news. She continued and said:

“I’ve read that there are some cancers that can cause a positive pregnancy test, but I can’t find much information about them.”

She wanted to know if anyone could calculate the probability of that. The only plausible theory was that she might have gotten pregnant in November 2023 after drinking at her friend’s house while everyone was there to watch a soccer game.

OP explained that she hadn’t been drinking and driving, so she decided to sleep on her boyfriend’s couch. The young woman had only had three drinks, so she didn’t think she would pass out. She visited a friend who happens to be married.

Although OP couldn’t remember because she was very drunk, she texted her friend’s husband to try to find out if they shared a bed. Startled, the man promised himself that he would not leave his wife, nor would he drink so much that he would wake up and forget everything.

OP really wanted to believe and trust him, but was afraid he was lying and might s*xually assault her. The Redditor further revealed that abortion is illegal in her area and that she would need more information about the circumstances and potential cause of the positive test result.

While she still didn’t know the full story, she felt less nervous after posting an update and thanking readers for their thoughtful comments. She suddenly realized that it might not be pregnancy or cancer after all. Now that she was at her parents’ house, OP was starting to feel a little better.

Her parents would help her get an abortion in another state if she were pregnant. She also texted her friend and told her everything and that friend swore with all her heart that she looked a little drunk that fateful day instead of drugged.

The friend stated that even though the OP stayed on their couch, she shared a bed with her husband. OP’s friend stated that without the knowledge of the young woman, her husband would not have been able to take any action. The Redditor tried not to be skeptical of his friend, even though she was feeling uneasy, but she was feeling better.

Her parents told her that cancer would not inevitably claim her life. OP’s father planned to call and ask about seeing a gynecologist the next day in an attempt to get some answers. Two days after her last update she was back with another one.

The Redditor said her mother picked her up after finding an urgent appointment. Despite a positive pregnancy test, the ultrasound failed to confirm the news. Once the results showed that the OP had an empty uterus, she was taken to the emergency room (ER).

Their main concern was that the fetus could grow outside the OP’s uterus, given how dangerous it is. Her transvaginal ultrasound did not detect pregnancy, but blood tests revealed elevated hormone levels and low iron and potassium levels.

The staff thought they saw something on her right ovary, so they performed laparoscopic surgery. During the procedure, they found an immature teratoma tumor, which required the removal of the entire ovary. Although OP did not remember entering the OR or waking up, she did remember waking up in a panic.

She learned about the tumor later. The nurse told her that pathology would be consulted to determine the malignant nature of the tumor. OP felt she should have apologized to her friend, so she spent the night in the hospital.

But there were still a lot of things she didn’t understand, like how long the pathology took and if it was the same as a biopsy. She also wanted to know if the tumor was causing her vomiting or if there was something else going on. The patient wanted to know if the hospital would let her know before she left if she had cancer and if she was going to die.

Despite this, she still feels scared and thinks Redditors have been quite helpful.

In her last post, the OP mentioned seeing a doctor who told her that her diagnosis had been mis-explained. The doctors didn’t say it was an immature teratoma even though she had all the symptoms. A teratoma was undoubtedly a teratoma, no matter how advanced or immature it was.

A second blood test showed that although she still had the pregnancy hormone, it was less than half of what it was the day before. The hospital was positive that her vomiting was also caused by a tumor. The doctor assured her that she wasn’t going to die, and whether it was cancer or not, he would probably remove it.

Having one ovary would not affect her health and she could still have children.

She would have been more at ease knowing that a scan would be done to look for more masses before she left that day. Her potassium levels returned to normal with an IV.

When OP talked to her November 2023 night friends, she found that they were more concerned than angry that she might think someone else had hurt her. Aside from telling the woman she was talking to, the Redditor thought it was all appropriate.

The results of the pathology tests were expected to be available in about two weeks. If the results of the OP’s examination revealed cancer, an oncologist would be consulted. But she will have to take a pregnancy test every two days for the next two weeks. If the test was positive, she said, she would have to call a doctor to find out what was wrong.

“It was all very strange and surreal, but I’m very grateful that I wasn’t pregnant and that if I have cancer, it’s probably curable.”

The patient is happy that there is a cure for cancer and that she is not pregnant. She thanked all the people who answered her questions and supported her during her difficult time.

Despite this, she still feels scared and thinks Redditors have been quite helpful. Among the advisors who sent feedback were, for example,

“You can tell if you’re really pregnant or something else with an abdominal ultrasound. If you’re pregnant, they can (approximate) date your pregnancy, which will help you figure out when you most likely conceived. Please let us know. when you have your gynecologist appointment.”

“OP, I am sincerely sorry for this experience you are having!

Others have given you some really good advice on different options. When you woke up in their apartment, were you missing any clothes? Did you know of any other men who were present that I missed? Someone asked, “Did the girlfriend (wife) say if she locked the door when they went to bed?”

Before you say, “I realize how scary your situation is. Until you have more information, try not to go crazy and spiral.”

Your parents are supportive, so it’s great that you connected with them. I hope you get the justice you deserve and I will keep you in my prayers.”

The doctor responded to her report by suggesting that the third “most likely” reason, incorrect sample testing, and pregnancy, could be the source of the mysterious results. “I’ve never heard of it, but if your s*xual partner had s*x with a man and he got sperm on her and then he had s*x with you, theoretically it could cause pregnancy,” the doctor said. This is called parthenogenesis, or “pregnancy without s*x,” and is said to have been experienced by Mary. I’m interested in what they find, so please let me know.’

The 23-year-old lesbian’s journey, initially full of fear and confusion, eventually led to a surprising diagnosis and a sense of relief mixed with uncertainty. Her experience on the AskDocs forum highlighted the complexity of medical diagnoses and the importance of seeking medical help despite initial doubts or concerns.

Initially shocked by a positive pregnancy test, a woman navigates a series of alarming possibilities, from rape to cancer, as she struggles to make sense of her situation. Her limited s*xual encounters, especially with her partner, added to the mystery surrounding her pregnancy test result, leading her to consider different scenarios.

The eventual discovery of an immature teratoma tumor shed light on the medical anomaly behind her positive test result. The journey from disbelief to acceptance of this diagnosis was accompanied by a wave of emotions, including gratitude for the doctors’ insights and the support of online communities.

The process of diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing follow-up highlighted the complexity of medical conditions and the importance of seeking clarity and professional guidance. The woman’s resilience in dealing with this unexpected turn of events, along with the support of her family and friends, underscores the strength that can be found in facing challenges.

While she awaits further pathology results and possible consultations with specialists, her experiences remind her of the complexity of health care and the importance of advocating for one’s own health. The journey, while daunting, also carries a message of hope, resilience, and the power of finding answers in the face of uncertainty.

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