I’m Shocked by My Fiancé’s Plans for My Inheritance

After a heated argument with her fiance over an inheritance, a woman found herself looking to online forums for solace and advice. Confusion and pain lingered in her mind as she questioned if she was justified in standing against the man she loved. The incident quickly escalated, revealing underlying tensions and differing views on finances and personal boundaries in their relationship.

The woman reflected on the events that had transpired and recounted the recent death of her grandmother, whose substantial inheritance had become the subject of a dispute between her and her fiance. Despite the joyous occasion of their engagement just a year ago, the news of her grandmother’s death brought unexpected challenges and revelations. While she hoped for support and understanding from her partner during this difficult time, his reaction left her feeling betrayed and disrespected.

A woman who was going through a rough patch in her five-year relationship turned to online forums for support. She questioned whether it was right for her to stand up to the man she loved after she got into a violent disagreement with her fiance over money.

It was only a year ago that I got engaged to my partner, a 35-year-old man. We have been dating for five years and we want to tie the knot in May 2025. Sadly, my nanny passed away a few weeks after we got engaged. During their lifetime, they and my grandfather did a tremendous amount of work that led to their success and financial security. They were thrifty when they were younger, which helped them amass considerable wealth later in life. My grandfather in particular is incredibly smart and adept at handling finances and property.

In her will, my grandmother bequeathed an extraordinarily large sum of money to my brother, me, and my three cousins. We all took home a good chunk of money, even after the split. By how much exactly, I’d rather not say.

I told my fiance and to my surprise, he seemed much more excited than I thought. I dismissed it, but the next day while he was playing video games with his buddies, I heard him say, “I can pay off my credit card with that money, buddy!” Now we can finally take the boys on the vacation we arranged!

When I entered the room I asked, “What money?” With a confused look on his face, he said, “From your nan, honey.” At that point, I snapped. I sternly warned him, “There are no lads’ holidays and you will not use the money without my consent.” You cannot claim this money because MY grandmother gave it to me. It is not debatable.

An exchange of harsh words and loud voices meant our argument quickly escalated. I was furious and enraged, so I stormed out of the room. He later ended the game session to meet me face-to-face in the kitchen. He implied that my money would automatically become his once we were married and accused me of embarrassing him in front of his friends.

I didn’t suggest a vacation, and his assumption that I would be expensive is unfounded given my reliable employment and lack of nurturing intentions. I couldn’t take the stress anymore, so without another word I left the house and took refuge in a friend’s house, where I am writing this now.

I would say this argument happened recently. Due to numerous family and legal issues, until recently I was not even sure if I would receive the inheritance. Am I to blame here? The woman received encouragement from others after posting. Tell him that you are not accepting your inheritance right now and watch his reaction. He seems to be counting on it.

I told my now husband that I was a descendant of someone. Not once has he asked me for money or to cover the cost of something that is just for him. It was always seen as a reference to help me at the beginning of my life. The paper the money is printed on is not worth the man who called you a burden. How could he think that just because he is in your life, the money will be his? You are of course free to decide, but I would consider whether you want to spend the rest of your life with this person through financial or other challenges.

Are you really planning to marry this man? There are two problems:

1. He believed he was entitled to money.
2. He believed he could use it for something optional that doesn’t involve you.

Problem number two is more significant. The heart is a little boy. Can he finally have that boys’ holiday now? He’s thirty-five! Consider yourself lucky to have escaped. He doesn’t organize your ideal home, honeymoon, wedding, etc. He takes his friends and pays off his debts. I find it really self-serving. Keep your legacy safe. Place her out of her reach and let her be occupied while you determine the best use. If you allowed your partner to practically steal your money and spend it on pointless things, your nanny would not be happy with you.

In one important aspect, most advisers generally agreed. Hurry up. Before you even receive your inheritance, this guy intends to waste it all. If I were you, I would seriously end the relationship right now. He expressed his feelings for you. Will you be his financial responsibility? How? When will YOU become the beneficiary of the inheritance? I would require a prenuptial agreement if you decide to marry this man, and if he refuses, you should end things.

Cancel the wedding. She never married that man. Does he have unpaid credit card debt to begin with? Spending is a HABIT for him. What’s yours is his and what’s his is his second? Oh no, honey. Third, they claim that you would be a “burden” in their partnership. This individual demonstrates every hallmark of a classic narcissist. Not only did your grandparents leave you money when they died, but they also gave you a glimpse into the true nature of this man. Nothing but claim, no character.

He has proven to you that he sees you as a burden and that he intends to give his “boys” money that is not really his. And the reason he’s yelling at you is because you’re not going along with his plans. If you marry him, you’re crazy.

In conclusion, the woman’s experience serves as a cautionary tale about the complexity of relationships, especially when it comes to money. The grandmother’s inheritance became not only a source of controversy but also revealed disturbing truths about the nature and priorities of her fiancé.

The responses she received from online forums reflected a unanimous opinion: proceed with caution and reconsider her future with someone who shows such blatant disregard for her autonomy and financial well-being. It is evident that her fiance’s reaction revealed deeper problems in their relationship, including demands, irresponsibility, and a lack of mutual respect.

The decision to end the relationship or seek counseling to resolve these underlying issues is ultimately hers alone. However, the overwhelming consensus of the online community underscores the importance of setting boundaries, protecting one’s assets, and prioritizing self-respect in any partnership.

As you navigate this difficult situation, you can draw strength from the support and advice of others who have faced similar challenges. By taking proactive steps to protect her heritage and assert her independence, she can pave the way for a healthier and stronger future, whether it involves her current partner or not.

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