Lisa Uses a Hidden Camera to Catch the Repairman in the Act.

If you own a house or apartment, you may be aware of how difficult it can be to find the best repair shop when something breaks in your home. The possibility of a bad company not doing a good job or possibly stealing your money is very annoying.

Of course, most companies and suppliers are trustworthy, but others overcharge for services they don’t do well.

Inside Edition reporter Lisa Guerrero decided to install hidden cameras to witness some rogue fixers in action and help put an end to it.

Lisa identified herself as the homeowner and provided the numbers of two real air duct cleaning companies. There were special offers from both businesses; one would clean her ventilation system for just $29. But Lisa figured it was probably too good to be true.

Lisa had experts check the pipes before the repairmen arrived. They found that they were merely unclean and that a quick cleaning would do.

The crew installed hidden cameras around the house, including the attic, just to be sure.

The first repairman arrived and immediately began checking the ventilation system. However, hidden cameras revealed that he spent more time going through the owner’s belongings than inspecting the air ducts.

After his assessment, the man sat down with Lisa and informed her that the price would be higher than he had originally estimated. He informed her that he would have to clean everything because there was a lot of dust. Seven hundred dollars is now available!

However, Lisa and the specialists looked at the footage of his “inspection” and were aware that he hadn’t even checked all the places he mentioned were dusty.

Lisa confronted the man and directly asked him if he was trying to scam her. The man dodged several questions and ran out the front door.

After examining the ventilation system, a second unscrupulous repairman presented Lisa with an even higher price. This time she decided to let him finish his job and see what he would do.

After watching this video of the repairmen “at work”, watch their reactions as Lisa talks to them about it:

Lisa Guerrero’s investigative approach, which uses hidden cameras to uncover unscrupulous repairmen, has shed light on a critical problem facing many homeowners. Her efforts not only exposed the dishonest tactics of some repairers but also served as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and skepticism when hiring service professionals.

Hidden cameras caught the first repairman rummaging through Lisa’s things instead of doing his job, and his attempt to overwhelm her with a made-up cleaning list was unmistakable. Confronted with the evidence, he fled without commenting on the charges. The other repairman, who also tried to inflate the price, was exposed anyway when Lisa decided to let him finish the job under supervision.

These revelations underscore the need for homeowners to be vigilant and informed. Lisa’s proactive steps, from consulting with professionals before repairmen arrive to documenting their actions, serve as a powerful example of how to protect yourself from fraud and negligence. By sharing her findings, Lisa Guerrero not only prevented potential scams but also empowered other homeowners to be more discerning and vigilant when dealing with service providers.

In conclusion, the exposure of these rogue repairers highlights the critical need for trust and transparency in the home repair industry. Lisa’s investigative work not only stopped these dishonest practices but also reinforced the importance of protecting one’s home and property. Homeowners everywhere can take a page from Lisa’s playbook and ensure they are well-prepared and protected from those who might abuse their trust.

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