Man Teaches His Food-Stealing Roommate a Lesson with Small Pranks

Living with roommates involves different situations. It’s nice to be able to save money and spend time with friends, but it also comes with challenges like dividing up responsibilities, setting personal boundaries, and figuring out where to live. A Reddit user recounted his personal experience with a similar situation and asked the internet community for help.

Years ago I shared a room with someone who always ate the food I bought. and occasionally food that I made ahead of time. Every time I asked him to refill my food he came up with an excuse like he was too tired to go to the store. He never took my place when it came to food.’ As a result, I decided to be petty. I left a half gallon of milk out for about two weeks. I put it in the fridge when I left it nice and rotten.

The next morning my roommate took a bowl of my cereal and started crying when he poured a large bowl of milk into it. It had the most repulsive texture and the worst smell. The smell was horrible throughout the kitchen and living room. Naturally, since I had frozen the milk past the expiration date, I was at fault.”
“My favorite was this one.

All I did was take the soft-boiled eggs and place them in the egg container marked “hard-boiled eggs”. The next morning I found him screaming and cursing as he burst into my room demanding to know why I had done this.

Why did it matter how I labeled my foods, I asked. As he sat in the living room, he tried to break several eggs at once on the coffee table. His hands, the table, and the carpet underneath were all covered in raw egg.” He still ate me, although it happened less often as a result. He promised to stop when I told him several times. But he never did. He said: “He just told me what I wanted to hear and then ignored it.

Reddit users were quick to show their support by sharing their personal stories and even “recipes”. Smoked chili peppers are one of the milder ingredients I use in my dishes. Almost everyone is aware that they shouldn’t even start eating my food. I’m a little embarrassed to say that I used to be this roommate. And this is exactly what one of my roommates did!

He started adding Scotch caps to everything because he liked spicy food! It was a hit! until my liking developed. Eventually, I stopped eating in their kitchen and started cooking with the roommate, producing a ton of hot curry and other dishes. I have a closed closet and don’t have room for another fridge, so I keep my little sweets (cookies and goldfish cookies) in a box there. Somehow my roommate realized this and got mad at me.

My employer used to buy me ham sandwiches when I was seventeen. After adding mayonnaise for a week, half of them had laxatives on top of the mayonnaise for another week. By 10:00 am I finished all of them, and by noon I was sure to use them up.

We finished the day at 14:00.
If you try to bag up leftovers or put leftovers from the takeout in the fridge, I will start putting different “surprises” in each because you know your roommate will gobble it all up and you won’t be able to eat anything else. He becomes so suspicious that he will not be able to tell if the food he is about to eat has “something extra” that he will not like.

Many people experience comparable difficult situations. Some people coexist with those who break the law. he may have to deal with strange co-stars.
Stories shared by Reddit users about how to deal with difficult roommates highlight a common problem many face: the difficulty of maintaining personal boundaries in shared living spaces. Living with roommates can offer financial savings and companionship, but it also requires managing various conflicts, especially when it comes to respecting each other’s property and space.

In the story told frustration with a roommate who consistently violated boundaries led to creative, if petty, measures to reclaim personal space and prevent further intrusions. The tactics used, such as letting milk spoil and labeling soft-boiled eggs as hard-boiled, were not just annoyances, but desperate attempts to force respect for personal belongings.

The story caught the attention of many on Reddit, who responded to similar problems with their own stories and inventive solutions. Some users resorted to humor and culinary tricks, using hot peppers and laxatives to teach their roommates a lesson. Others have found more practical solutions, such as securing food in personal storage areas or adjusting their cooking habits.

The common thread in these stories is the need for communication and respect in a shared environment. The protagonist’s experiences, while humorous in retrospect, underscore the importance of dealing with conflicts head-on and setting clear boundaries. Despite the temporary satisfaction of petty revenge, the ultimate goal remains to foster a living situation where all parties feel respected and comfortable.

In conclusion, living with roommates can be a rewarding experience, but it also requires effort and compromise. Stories shared on platforms like Reddit provide both cautionary tales and creative solutions, illustrating that while conflicts are inevitable, they can often be resolved through a combination of humor, ingenuity, and open communication. The main aim is to strive for mutual respect and understanding and to ensure that shared living enhances rather than diminishes the quality of life for each individual.

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