Man Won’t Surrender Seat

Today, I was on the tram, and something happened that truly made me think.

A pregnant woman looking unbelievably worn out got on the train as though she had been on her feet day in and day out. She clearly required a seat, however the train was packed.
She saw a youthful person plunking down, totally consumed in his telephone. She moved toward him and told him,

‘Excuse me, might I at any point plunk down? I’m truly worn out.’
The young fellow looked at her and answered contemptuously,
‘Apologies, I arrived first. ‘

At that point, an old man with a stick gradually stood up and told the lady,
‘Dear, if it’s not too much trouble, sit down. You want it more than I do.’
She said thanks to him and plunked down, looking noticeably feeling better.
From that point onward, the elderly person went to the youthful fellow and said in an unmistakable, firm voice,

‘Could it be said that you are a man, child?’
The more youthful man gazed upward, somewhat befuddled, and answered,
‘No doubt.’
The elderly person countered,

‘I have to strongly disagree. Simply having something between your legs doesn’t make you a man. A genuine man assists those out of luck and offers strength and backing to the individuals who with requiring it. Also, as may be obvious, you’re not showing us that today.’

The youthful person’s face became red.
However he said nothing, he assumed profoundly about it.
The tram venture proceeded, and everybody in the carriage appeared to be quietly considering the elderly person’s words.

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