Meghan Markle reveals a fresh and vibrant hairstyle during a winter excursion with Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle’s recent hair transformation for the 2025 Invictus Games has caught the attention of fashionistas and admirers alike. Known for her impeccable style and effortless elegance, Markle surprised many by straying from her usual chocolate brown shade and opting for a fresh ‘chocolate auburn brunette’ hair color. The subtle but stunning transformation was revealed alongside her husband Prince Harry during their appearance at the prestigious event.

Markle’s new look was shared by her glam hairstylist, Kadi Lee, who provided insight into the specific shade and technique used to achieve the desired result. Described as a mix of dark tones with crimson and gold undertones, the new hair color has been carefully chosen to enhance Markle’s natural glow, especially during the winter season. Markle’s stylist Hector was also honored for the flawless effect that added volume and shine to her hair.

Noted fashionista Meghan Markle recently revealed a subtle yet gorgeous transformation of her long, gorgeous hair. Departing from her usual chocolate brown shade, she debuted her new hair color “chocolate auburn brunette” during the 2025 Invictus Games alongside Prince Harry.

The specifics of Markle’s transformation were revealed by glam hairdresser Kadi Lee, who posted a picture of the actress on Instagram. The shade, which is described as having a dark undertone mixed with crimson and gold undertones, was created to bring out Markle’s own glow, especially in winter. Kadi credited Hector, Markle’s stylist, for the flawless blowout, which added more body and shine to her hair.

Online fans showered the image with praise, with many praising Markle’s glowing beauty and the image’s smooth color shift. Trying to recreate the look for themselves, fans even asked for details on the shade used.

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Although Markle has an easy beauty, her father Thomas Markle revealed how much work it took to keep her neat hairstyle in place when she was younger.

His unwavering support for his daughter’s care regime was evident when he remembered getting up early to help straighten her hair before school.

Markle’s hair care and styling experience dates back to her teens when she worked with her father, a seasoned lighting director, to perfect her techniques. Over time, she developed her signature glossy style, including a Brazilian blowout and other updos to keep her hair bouncy and smooth, while embracing her multicultural background.

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The Duke and Duchess of Suss*x traveled to Canada in February 2024 as ambassadors for the Invictus Games 2025, an initiative launched by Prince Harry to help sick and injured military personnel. Their attendance at a training camp for participating nations demonstrated their commitment to the occasion, and Markle’s fresh hairstyle complemented her lively performance alongside Harry.

Supporters praised the couple’s connections with veterans and service members and praised their dedication to the Invictus Games. Admirers were further drawn to Markle’s chic outfit at the event, with many expressing their satisfaction at seeing her admirable efforts for Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle’s latest hair transformation during the Invictus Games 2025 not only caught the attention of fans but also highlighted her ongoing commitment to her appearance and style. With the help of her expert hairdresser and stylist, Markle’s hair showcased a stunning mix of colors that accentuated her natural beauty. The public’s enthusiastic reaction to her new look reflects their continued fascination with her fashion choices and personal grooming. As she continues to navigate her role as a prominent figure alongside Prince Harry, her evolving style continues to captivate audiences around the world.

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