My Former Fiancée, Who Abandoned Me During Sickness, Contacts My New Wife on Our Wedding Night

James feels that he and Kaylee will live happily ever after after they get married. But what will happen on their wedding night when his ex-fiancée reveals a sinister secret about Kaylee? Hi, my name is James. Although I never expected to discuss something like this, there are a lot of surprises in life, right?

So, when Lisa, my ex-fiancé, broke up with me, my whole world came crashing down.After my cancer diagnosis, she told me she wanted to “enjoy life” and not commit, just when I needed her the most. It got to me. I mean, this happened after I was already fighting for my life?

I completely gave up on the idea of ​​love. he believed it was all a farce. After some time, the situation is more hopeful. I beat cancer, got back in shape and my new business started to flourish. And then life introduced me to Kaylee when I least expected it.

She was a welcome change of pace. Everything about her was real and different. I laughed at her. gave me back the meaning of life. We had an instant connection and before I knew it I was proposing a ring and she accepted.

Our fairy tale wedding took place in Greece while I was there on business and it was a stunning event. I was excited to invite Kaylee on a work trip as she has always dreamed of getting married in Greece.

When we got back, we organized a party for our relatives at home because they couldn’t come. However, Kaylee gave me a serious look on our first night together as husband and wife and told me I had to take the call. My ex-fiancée Lisa was the person on the other end of the call.

I couldn’t figure it out. Kaylee called, but why? “Hello?” said the spokesman. Lisa said, “James, I want to be back with you or I’ll ruin your life.” “Remember, I know people who could easily damage your reputation and damage your business.

I started recording the interview. “How did you get my wife’s number?” I asked. “How dare you intimidate me? Your choice to leave me was your own.” I heard her laugh during the call. Do you think she is just your wife? I call her my sister.”
“Your what?” I asked scared.

She is my sister. This whole thing was premeditated. I couldn’t deal with you being sick and yet I regretted leaving every day. My wish was to set things right. So we came up with this plan to help her win you over, bring you joy, and ultimately bring us back together. I never thought she would marry you. I wouldn’t go if you were so rich then and had someone to take care of you.”

My ears were unbelievable to me. Was my entire relationship set up? Was Kaylee acting fake? But then I remembered all the times I spent laughing and kissing Kaylee. Everything seemed too real. “Look,” I said to Lisa, trying to stay calm. “That’s weird. You don’t just mess with people’s lives like that! I’m married now too. I respect Kaylee.”

“I don’t care. James, I want to be with you again,” she stated confidently. 
“And I always get what I want.
My mood was getting better and better. “Lisa, you won’t do it this time. I’m not a toy, you castaway.”
Bye!” After saying that, I hung up.
I turned to Kaylee. “Was she telling the truth?” he asked.
With a hesitant nod, Kaylee made me anxious.
I asked, “Then why did you marry me?”

She reached out to grab my hand. “I followed the plan at first, but I assure you that every minute I spent with you—every kiss, every laugh—was real to me, James. I completely forgot about the plan because I fell in love with you. I was scared.” I lost you, even though I wanted to tell you everything, Lisa started threatening to leave you when I found out about your recent success.

James, I’m sorry to keep you in the dark. I respect you so much.” At that moment I was experiencing a range of feelings, including love, hate, and betrayal. One thing was for sure, Kaylee and I both had real feelings for each other. Her eyes revealed the truth and I knew deep down that I would forgive her.

We had a long, tearful conversation and agreed to start over. No lies, no tricks this time. We’re just trying to work out this weird, unconventional love story.

What about Lisa? Now it’s just a faint memory, a reminder that sometimes the most unlikely paths lead to the most rewarding destinations. Now that I have the tape of our conversation, she can’t intimidate us anymore. Besides, Kaylee and I are excited to be home soon to celebrate with our loved ones. Of course, Lisa won’t be attending.

In the whirlwind of emotions and revelations that followed his wedding night, James found himself grappling with the shocking truth about his relationship with Kaylee. The revelation that their marriage was orchestrated as part of a plan by his ex-fiancée Lisa left James feeling a mixture of love, betrayal, and uncertainty. Yet amidst all the confusion, one undeniable truth emerged – James and Kaylee’s love for each other was genuine.

When they confronted the fraud together, James and Kaylee decided to proceed with honesty and transparency. Despite the deceptive origins of their relationship, they decide to accept their true feelings and start over, free from the shadow of manipulation and lies. Their tearful conversation served as a cathartic moment, cementing their commitment to each other and laying the foundation for a stronger, more authentic bond.

After exposing Lisa’s manipulative tactics and reaffirming their love, James and Kaylee embark on a journey to rebuild their relationship based on trust and mutual respect. Although the scars of the deception may remain, their determination to forge a true connection prevailed, offering hope for a future filled with love and authenticity.

As they looked forward to returning home and celebrating with their loved ones, James and Kaylee left the darkness of delusion behind and instead chose to embrace the light of honesty and love. And while Lisa may remain a distant memory, her actions served as a reminder of the resilience of true love and the power of forgiveness.

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