My Wife Informed Me That Our 3-Year-Old Son Had Been Interred – The Following Day, I Discovered the Harrowing Reality

The heart-wrenching saga of Greg, Natalie, and their son Oliver underscores the fragile nature of trust and the depth of parental love. Amidst divorce and co-parenting issues, the couple’s world is rocked when Natalie fakes Oliver’s death in a desperate bid to break things off with Greg. Not only does her deception cause Greg immeasurable emotional pain, but it also highlights the complexities of navigating post-divorce relationships, especially when it comes to children. As Greg wrestles with a maelstrom of emotions, from devastation to rage, his unwavering love for Oliver emerges as a beacon of hope amid the chaos.

Although Greg and Natalie are no longer together, they still have a three-year-old child, Oliver. Greg believes they are doing a good job of co-parenting until Natalie calls to deliver the bad news.

I separated from my wife Natalie after five years of marriage. We didn’t try hard enough to save things after things fell apart because we were young when we first met.

We currently live in different states after our divorce, so flying is the fastest way to see each other. However, everything is complicated by the fact that we have a three-year-old son, Oliver.

It’s not enough even if I spend every holiday with my son. But I didn’t feel like arguing with Natalie. Being friends was more important to me than constant fights.

Oliver had no right to live in a household where his parents were constantly arguing. Both Natalie and I thought so.

Oliver and Natalie’s video called me every night before bed so he could say good night. It was comforting to me and it became our norm.

So everything was fine until one day when Natalie contacted me sobbing.

She yelled into the phone, “Greg!”

“Our son is gone!”

“What?” Not understanding anything she said, I asked.

She said it again, “Oliver is dead.”

“What? How? What happened?” I bent down on the living room floor and asked.

“All that—” she began, but was cut off.

“What?” I asked again.

“She’s just gone, Greg.

I’ll be there in a moment. I will release the next flight.”

“Never,” Natalie insisted. “The ceremony has already taken place. It has been saved.”

I hung up devastated. How could Oliver die? Also, why didn’t Natalie inform me sooner? It was pointless. I had a right to know if he was sick or if something else happened.

What about Oliver’s funeral as a whole? Natalie could have told me, but she refused.

Unfortunately, I managed to get a ticket to Natalia’s city only for the following day.

All evening I was looking at the departure details on the computer screen and wondering what happened.

Oliver was my little buddy and I couldn’t believe he was dead.

Natalie’s refusal to invite me to the funeral disgusted me. Did you forget to tell Dad? How could that be? And why didn’t Natalie’s parents get back to me, if not because of her grief? or maybe her recent husband Mike?

Mike called me the next day while I was packing.

“Hi Mike,” I said. “I’m heading there. I’ll arrive tonight.”

“Greg, wait,” he mumbled. “I need to tell you something.

I was absolutely blown away by what Greg said.

“Natalie is really crazy. This was all her invention. Greg, Oliver is still alive.”

Shocked, he asked, “What?”

Mike said again, “Natalie made it up.”

“Oliver is with Natalie’s parents.

Turns out Natalie made up a fairy tale to get me out of her life while I spent the night grieving for my baby.

It made sense because I wouldn’t need to communicate with her if Oliver wasn’t here.

Mike said Natalie made it clear she didn’t want me involved in their lives anymore. Despite her pleas, Mike said he called me as soon as Natalie told him.

Now that I knew the truth, my feelings were all over the place. My baby was still alive. But I was really mad at Natalie.

I never mentioned that I wanted sole custody of Oliver, even after the divorce. He needed us just the same. But will she really go to such lengths to keep Oliver to herself?

After gathering the last things I headed to the airport. I needed more information.

Natalia’s lips trembled and her eyes filled with tears as she opened the door.

“Greg,” she let me in with a meek expression.

“How could you do this to me?” I asked after putting my bags down in the hallway.

“I thought you were going to take Oli from me,” she replied.

“Why would I do that?” I asked. That was an absurd idea.

“Because I’m expecting my second child.” I was afraid that once you found out, you’d take Oliver away from me.

I reasoned that you’ll want to keep Oli with you because I’m going to have another baby.”

Natalie, naturally shocked by her actions, began to cry.

I said, “Natalie,” realizing that Mike had come.

“Although it makes a difference, what you did is still unacceptable. It would have been beneficial if you had been honest and sincere with me. Oliver and I would never have parted ways. It requires our presence together.”

But the untruth made me so hurt and angry. I believed my son was dead for hours.”

Natalie sat crying for several minutes, holding her stomach in her arms.

Subsequently, I perceived the noise of small steps rushing down the corridor.

“Daddy!” Oliver jumped into my arms and screamed.

I wouldn’t let him go.

Finally, I told Natalie that it was not my intention to kidnap Oliver. However, I also made it clear that if he did it again, I would have to file a lawsuit.

I believe that on one hand, I can relate to Natalie’s suffering and fear at the prospect of losing her child. It didn’t make sense either. If I had the chance, I would inform her that Oliver would make a great big brother.

I requested that Natalie and I attend therapy to deal with unresolved issues from our divorce.

Mike was a tremendous support system for her and I appreciate that he was the one to call and tell me the straight story if anyone needed a stepfather for my son.

Now that I’m back home, I’m looking for a job that’s closer to Oliver.

Have they taught you any falsehoods that threaten your life?

Here is one more fairy tale for you. Until one day, when Hank discovered something strange, he was sure that his marriage was happy.

Hank noticed that the wife was spending a lot of money on pediatricians, baby supplies, and other expenses when he went through her accounts. The couple’s only problem was the absence of children. He discovered that he had two lives.

The emotional roller coaster that Greg, Natalie and their son Oliver experience is a stark reminder of the complexities that can arise in post-divorce co-parenting relationships. Fueled by fear and uncertainty about her future, Natalie’s devastating lie shatters Greg’s world and leaves him struggling with a whirlwind of emotions. Amidst the turmoil, however, there is a glimmer of hope as Greg’s unconditional love for Oliver wins out, reaffirming his commitment to co-parenting and fostering a healthy relationship with Natalie for the sake of their child. Although the road ahead may be challenging, the willingness of both parents to seek counseling and address underlying issues demonstrates a shared desire to navigate the complexities of co-parenting honestly and transparently. As Greg pursues job opportunities closer to Oliver, it’s clear that his son’s well-being remains his top priority. Through forgiveness, understanding, and open communication, Greg and Natalie are taking the necessary steps to rebuild trust and create a supportive environment for their family’s future.

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