People Discuss the Worst Gifts They’ve Ever Received

Exchanging gifts makes your loved ones happy, whether it’s during the holidays or one of those months when you have to go to a friend’s wedding and then a few birthdays; that is unless the present is so dire as to leave them wondering.

Gift-giving is an art that requires a careful balance between thoughtfulness and pragmatism. A poorly chosen gift can make the recipient feel neglected and disappointed, while a well-chosen gift can make them happy and joyful.

Several Redditors have shared their worst gift-giving experiences, ranging from the weird to the blatantly obscene. They were not prepared to open something so unexpectedly that it would leave them speechless.

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1. It’s not my wishlist!

u/POwerSurg3: My parents decided not to contact me or any other family member to confirm they had the correct wish list after they discovered an Amazon wish list of someone who had the same name as me but wasn’t me. They thought it was a strange collection of things. So, as a 24-year-old man, I got a pregnancy body pillow for Christmas.

2. An adorable dog

/everyone hates me My one-year-old daughter got a dead dog’s bed from her mother-in-law for Christmas. It’s because of my daughter’s sleep, she noted.

3. Gifts for Paramour

u/lunnrais: My mother-in-law sent my wife and me the same self-help book on dealing with an abusive husband separately on the first holiday after I got married.

Not about divorce or anything like that, but about surviving a marriage with an abusive partner. Not just me, not just her. To each of us separately. Book in two copies.

4. Annual use of the Crockpot

u/sevensevensixseven: My ex-husband’s mother gave me the same slow cooker three years in a row.

She gave one to his new wife last year.

This woman has a palette of pots hidden somewhere in her house, I’m sure.

5. The barbaric present

u/[deleted]: My mom died and I got an alarm clock for Christmas. According to her husband, this was done so that “he could actually wake up in the morning and contribute something.” Still sour after eight years. But since he is no longer with us, who will really win?

6. That’s the way it should be!

Shit with a brain, u/ I got an extremely feminine horse to play with a Hulk Hogan rubber figure (it looked like a Christmas ornament with the noose cut off).

I didn’t express any doubt, but an old family friend delivered it to me and kept saying things like, “They’re supposed to look like that; that’s how it came from the store.”

In a way, it’s the greatest gift I’ve ever received.

7. Are you afraid of clowns?

Clowns, u/mayonnaisejane. A different clown every year. I tried to tell my Abuelito that I don’t like clowns. They are special.

Every Christmas and birthday I got a new doll, lamp, picture, figure, or whatever it was that was made of clowns. I have clowns in BOXES.

Thank goodness my father was able to distract him with kittens when I was in my early twenties. But it was only after four uncomfortable years that he realized I was a cow lover. I don’t like cows either.

On the plus side, I was never afraid of clowns because I had them all on my dresser when I was a kid. It’s just background chatter to me. I could probably just say, “Oh, that’s just another clown,” when I walk into one in a dimly lit alley.

8. A gift from my uncle

u/ediaNS: My uncle gave me an Xbox Live scorecard for my birthday. I tried to claim it but it said “Card not activated.” This went on for two years until my mother informed him.

9. Is it a stone?

u/gennieb7: My aunt gave me a rock a few years ago. She said it was time for the bigger girls to open their presents after giving me and my two older cousins ​​presents.

My cousin ​​got the scarves because she let them go first. I looked up and braced myself for him to laugh at me as I opened my present and took a rock out of the container.

Rather, “Isn’t it wonderful?” she asked. Yes, I love it, I said. She informed me that she dug it out of her garden last summer because she thought it would look really cool.

“Some people know how to use them to whistle, and I don’t know how to show you or explain it, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out,” she said when she offered me acorn tops the following year. He’s a little weird. Both were pretty bad gifts.

10. Only one set of socks

u/justatypo: Her nanny gave me a pair of socks for the first Christmas my now-wife and I spent as a family.

The fact that there was only one pair of athletic socks in each pack of ten was the nicest part.

She only packed me one pair from the package she bought.

Naturally, I wanted to act really grateful at that point, so I eagerly took off my old socks and put on new ones as soon as I opened them. (Anyway, I think my socks were a little wet from the cold.)

11. Absent Bonds

u/_am_paperclip: I had some extra money after I got back from college. I decided to treat myself to some new video games that I had shipped home.

It was weird that I only got half the games. I sent an email to the sellers informing them that I had not received my packages and was becoming very depressed.

When Christmas morning finally arrived, I unwrapped the presents. I have a sibling who is older than me.

I tore off the paper and opened the package. It contained several other items under my name that were mailed to our residence.

It turned out to be the worst Christmas present ever because my brother stole half of my games and hid them from me.

12. Variants of treatment

u/77jeep: My billionaire father and his wife gave my brother a new Escalade and a house for his family for Christmas and gave me a $200 Men’s Warehouse gift card.

When he was forty, they presented him with a gift of $100,000. They brought me dinner the year I turned forty. They gave him a $250,000.00 “college fund” for his children.

His children gave him money to buy vehicles and other things when they left high school. Meanwhile, my father and his wife informed me that I was responsible for covering the cost of my children’s education when my first graders graduated from high school.

My father once told me I was being ungrateful when I asked why there was such a difference in treatment.

13. You should feel appreciated!

u/morgueAnna was my grandmother’s step-grandson, and my grandmother sold Avon to support her QVC addiction. So I got fake Avon jewelry, while the other six grandkids got real leather coats, diamond jewelry, motocross lessons, and one year a real motocross bike.

When I was sixteen, two weeks before Christmas, I was placed with my grandparents for too many reasons to get here.

After everyone saw the presents being opened, one aunt gave me a Walmart bag containing some socks. One more person encouraged me to be grateful that my family took me in rather than abandoning me, and that was my gift.

That’s how my grandparents, seven aunts, uncles, and their wives dealt with me in a situation beyond my control.

Needless to say, I stopped communicating with my family.

14. A couple of strange gifts

u/MizSanguine: My brother got a small cylindrical package with a pocketknife wrapped like candy (an old roll of toilet paper). I was so excited I started opening mine which was the same.

Underwear. Inside was nothing but underwear. and once the faucet in the bathroom.

That’s when I realized my childhood was over.

15. Hardened chocolate

u/SquatChick315: I got wilted chocolate for Christmas from an aunt who liked to give away her old stuff to others but insisted on fancy, designer stuff for her kids for holidays and birthdays.

The chocolate has obviously melted and solidified again, plus it will pass.

I walked up to her and exclaimed, “OMG! “You have to try this chocolate; it’s so delicious!” in front of the whole family.

She was hesitant to consume the chocolate when she saw how it looked when I saw her unwrap a piece of it.

I just grinned and exclaimed, “It’s the best chocolate ever!” as she turned to me. Then I saw her carefully pick it up and try to eat it.

Immediately after that, she hurried to the kitchen. Since then, about nine years ago, I believe I have only seen her once.

16. Text

u/smoked hickory: Jewel’s book of poetry, “A Night Without Armor,” was given to me by my friend’s wife.

It’s not like I actively hate Jewel or anything, but on my birthday she very obviously pointed to something she saw on the gift rack and remarked, “Yes, this is an item.”

17. The Cool Ball

u/BloodChicken: The little glowing ball was the only Christmas present I got. The orb lights up when you place your finger on one of the two metal tabs, or when you and another person grab the other two hands.

It was bland, but not terrible. Dad asked if he could try it, so I said sure once I figured out what it was, and how it worked, and tried it on a few others.

I threw the ball to him and he threw it on the ground with such force that it broke. He exclaimed, “I thought it was a bouncy ball!”

18. My Gameboy is there!

u/tall_where_it_counts: When I was about twelve years old, I worked as a lawnmower for a few months to save money for a Gameboy Advance.

I spent hours every day playing this thing non-stop because I enjoyed it so much. My parents gave my younger brother a Gameboy Advance for his birthday two months later – just a cartridge. He was without a Gameboy.

I resented having to give him my Gameboy, and when I showed my parents that I was upset, they admonished me to stop being so self-absorbed.

Not that I didn’t want to give my brother some of my things, but it seemed unfair that they gave him a gift he couldn’t enjoy without taking one of my most prized possessions. I told them how annoyed I was and it made me sick.

19. Faulty taxidermy

u/Tarsala3791: I got a deer hoof preserved in wax, with a candle holder wedged in at the ankle.

His poor dissection quality causes him to constantly scatter a fine white powder across the table.

20. I was joyful

u/christinagleas: About a week before Christmas when I was seven years old, my grandmother put a long slim box with my name on it under the tree.

My younger self would have been drooling over the next seven days at the thought of a toy pram folded in that box, ready to be loaded with all sorts of stuffed animals.

When I tore open the box that beautiful morning, I found that inside was a VACUUM CLEANER. And not a toy. A modest, serious vacuum cleaner in real life.

According to Grandma, it was a great idea because “I loved cleaning when I was at her place.” Grandma, that’s because your house is awful and you’re basically a miser.

21. Cotton balls in a bag

u/Thewrongbakedpotato: I got a Ziploc bag filled with cotton balls and a Sharpie that said “poop ghost”.

22. The Re-Gifter was my aunt

u/pixierambling: I bought a bracelet and some earrings for my aunt a few months ago and she tried to give them to me again. It was insulting to hear, “Oh Pixie! “I got them, especially for you,” said a sweet voice.

Since my brother and I were the only family members who knew about her birthday and bothered to act, it’s strange that she forgot we ever gave it to her.

23. A gift from my brother

u/[deleted]: For Christmas, my brother gave me a hand-drawn turkey that he drew a while ago. If he was five or something it would be fine.

He was twenty-one years old. The next year I returned it to him and framed it.

24. Box of cookies with peanut butter cups

Removed User: I received a box of peanut butter cookies from my father-in-law, but there was no mention of peanuts on the box. He pretended to ignore my severe nut allergy.

While my husband was rushing me to the hospital, I noticed that he was giggling. I GOT MY JUDGMENT! My mother-in-law was outraged and sent me a bunch of angry texts after three days.

“WHAT DID YOU DO TO DADDY’S CAR?” my husband yelled as he burst into the room, his face flushed. I sneaked air fresheners into it, which are the only scents he hates more than anything else.

Sitting in it made him sick to his stomach. I coldly stated that it was a taste of his own medicine, much to my husband’s chagrin. Even though our families are currently at odds, I think my point has been made quite clearly.

47. Plastic pig

Removed user: Since I was six years old, my stepmom gave me a plastic pig for New Year’s. Really a pig. Each year. She has some mental health issues so I always pretended to freak out so as not to upset her.

But my sister lost patience with it this year. She replied, “Are you really still clueless?” You: “You don’t know about what?” She said, “Check the underside of the pig.” As soon as I stared, my heart stopped.

A little note said, “Just because it’s funny!” Turns out my stepmother used to give the same weird gift every year because she felt it was a funny prank. There was just a weird sense of humor that I never quite got, no deeper meaning, no hidden treasure.

It is not unusual to receive gifts out of the blue. Most of us have experienced this, as have these Redditors, and we may have saved some of these things to give to someone else later.

However, several of these stories revealed how individuals choose expensive gifts for their favorite family members while offering anything insignificant to a person they hate.

Have you ever had a similar experience? We’d love to hear about it.

Concluding these funny yet terrifying stories, it’s clear that gift-giving can be a minefield of misunderstandings, awkward moments, and outright mistakes. From bizarrely inappropriate gifts and obvious giveaways to the obvious favoritism of certain families, these stories are proof that even the best intentions can backfire. It’s a reminder that while we all try to make our loved ones happy with thoughtful gifts, sometimes the results are far from what we’d hoped for.

These anecdotes highlight the importance of understanding the recipient’s tastes and the importance of a little consideration and empathy in the process. Whether it’s a vacuum cleaner instead of a toy stroller or a rock instead of a meaningful gift, the stories shared here underscore that it’s not just the thought that matters, but the price. And sometimes that thought can be a little out of whack.

Have you ever found yourself on the receiving end of such a gift disaster? Or maybe you had a moment when you realized your gift was a little more “unique” than intended? We’d love to hear your stories. Share your experiences and let’s celebrate the specialness of gift-giving together. After all, sometimes the worst gifts make the best stories!

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