Startling and Repulsive Revelations Unveiled by Hotel Staff

Opening the door to a world of the unexpected and downright strange is just another day for hotel workers. They encountered some of the most shocking and disgusting things in their workplaces.

Let’s take a look at these incredible stories shared by hotel workers on Reddit.

1. Unused toilet
A white toilet | Source: Pexels

One hotel worker encountered a really unpleasant surprise while cleaning a guest’s room. There were rolled towels on the floor after guests checked out. Although not unusual, something was wrong.

When the workers started picking up the towels, they discovered a pile of feces underneath. The smell was overwhelming. To their horror, they found at least ten piles of feces mixed with urine in the shower, hidden behind the shower curtain. What a complicated situation!

2. Pizza puzzle
A woman holding a slice of pizza | Source: Pexels

A frustrated woman | Source: Pexels

In another bizarre incident, a hotel worker found an entire pizza in a guest room. But this was no ordinary pizza. The guest seemed to use the pizza in the most unusual way. Pizza slices were smeared all over the TV as if they were trying to watch the cheesiest show ever. But the mystery did not end there. The worker discovered more pizza slices in unexpected places – a dresser, a nightstand, sheets, and even the bathroom sink. The last piece of the puzzle was found smudged on the inside of the lampshade. Talk about a strange desire!

3. Mouse
A mouse | Source: Pexels

Sometimes hotel staff encounter unwelcome guests of the furry kind. In this unforgettable story, a woman stays in a boarding house with her husband. She complained to the owners about strange noises and finding their belongings gnawed. To their shock, the woman dropped a live mouse at the front desk and demanded a full week’s refund. Suspecting foul play, the owners inspected the couple’s room and found no sign of a mouse infestation.

A police car | Source: Unsplash

They stood their ground and threatened to involve the police if the couple did not leave immediately. The couple threatened to sue, but thankfully they were never heard from again.

4. Too much Baggage
Suitcases on a bed | Source: Pexels

Hotel staff are used to guests carrying luggage, but sometimes it can be excessive.

A couple with an unusually large amount of suitcases stayed in one hotel. The hotel staff didn’t know, the couple had a different schedule. They actually planned to steal everything from the room, even the windows! Needless to say, the hotel staff were shocked when they discovered the theft.

Unfortunately, the workers lost their jobs due to this unfortunate incident.

5. Where is the bathroom?
A bellman in a hotel | Source: Pexels

In a luxury hotel, a guest had an urgent need to use the bathroom. However, instead of finding the toilet themselves, they approached the doorbell and looked for a way. Little did the hotel staff know that this simple request would lead to a messy situation? As the guests went down, they left a trail of feces behind them, with every few steps revealing more. It turns out that the person was unknowingly suffering from a medical condition. Not only did they make a mess on the floor, but they also left the bathroom in an unsanitary condition. Despite the guest’s threats to write a bad review, the hotel management blacklisted them.

6. Sleepwalker Working in a small boutique hotel can bring unexpected encounters. One morning a woman came to the reception in distress.

Reception desk | Source: Pexels

A man sleeping | Source: Pexels

She could not find her husband and was afraid that he had sleepwalked into another guest’s room. The hotel staff, although amused by the situation, wanted to avoid any awkward confrontations. They checked the CCTV footage to find out the whereabouts of the husband. To their relief, they found him fast asleep in another room. The woman woke him up and the couple checked out, leaving behind a great story to share with the hotel staff.

7. The Silent Bachelor Party

The hotel staff often witnessed wild parties, but one particular bachelor party took an unexpected turn. A large group of guys checked into a hotel room for a pre-wedding party. Strangely, it was completely silent the whole night. A few hours later, the groom’s fiancée arrived looking for her future husband. She had his phone that he left there. Hotel staff escorted her to her room, only to find the groom and his friends fully clothed in the bathtub, engaged in a bizarre “sea battle” on a toy boat. This unexpected sight led to the cancellation of the wedding. Talk about a surprise ending to the bachelorette party!

These amazing stories shared by hotel workers on Reddit give us a glimpse into the unseen world behind the scenes of hospitality. From bizarre finds to unexpected situations, hotel staff go through it all to ensure guests have a comfortable stay.

A man lying on the floor | Source: Pexels

In conclusion, the stories shared by hotel workers provide a fascinating and often eye-opening insight into the unexpected and sometimes bizarre happenings in the hospitality industry. From encountering peculiar guest behavior to navigating unusual situations, hotel staff demonstrates resilience and adaptability in the face of the unpredictable.

These anecdotes serve as a reminder of the varied experiences that take place behind the scenes at hotels, and feature remarkable stories that often go unnoticed by guests. Despite the challenges and surprises they may encounter, the hotel staff remains committed to ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of their guests, even in the most extraordinary of circumstances.

A bathroom | Source: Pexels

Reflecting on these stories gives us a newfound appreciation for the dedication and professionalism displayed by hotel staff who work tirelessly to maintain the integrity and reputation of their facilities. Their ability to handle the unexpected with grace and humor is a testament to their unwavering commitment to hospitality and service.

Ultimately, these stories serve as a testament to the rich tapestry of human experience and remarkable individuals who play a vital role in the workings of hospitality. With their resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment, hotel staff leave an indelible mark on the world of hospitality, ensuring that every guest’s stay is as memorable and comfortable as possible.

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