Story of the Day: Mother-in-Law Accuses Me of Infidelity, But DNA Test Reveals She’s the Culprit

The woman’s mother-in-law declared that her husband was unfit to father the child and accused her of adultery. While the DNA test disproved her theory, it also revealed the most surprising revelation of all. “You’re wh-” my mother-in-law Georgia sneered. But before she could utter an expletive, my husband Hans cut her off.

“Mom! You’re not going to talk to my wife like that. After my mother’s dramatic outburst, he said, ‘Apologise immediately!’ Georgia and my father-in-law Manny visited us for the first time since our baby was born in the hospital. He was only seen briefly in the delivery room, but we kindly asked our relatives to give the three of us some time to get to know each other and adjust to this wonderful new reality.

However, after a month we welcomed guests. Although Georgia and Manny were well-behaved at the hospital, I was really looking forward to their arrival. It seems my mother-in-law’s favorite pastime was criticizing me, even though she never loved me.

“Wait, Hans’ blood type is B+?

Why didn’t I know this before?” He asked looking at her son and his husband. But I couldn’t stop them from coming, mainly because other people had already posted photos of my baby on social media. Hans therefore invited them and it was expected to be a fantastic evening. As soon as she walked in the door I knew something was wrong. Georgia refused, so I tried to be nice and promised her some time with Hans Jr. However, things quickly turned south.

“I knew it,” she cried, shaking her head. I was aware of that! I was aware of that! I was aware of that.”

“Mom, what were you thinking? What’s going on?” Confused Hans asked. Her scream surprised me as did the side-eye he gave me as if I knew all the answers.

“My grandson is not the child! Hans, listen to what I say. No, you are not the father!” It’s obvious that Barbara is unfaithful to you! Look at him! His skin tone is different from our family’s and he has a completely different nose.” Georgie continued and I lost all ability to keep a poker face.

“Sorry?” I asked offended. “Mom! This is ridiculous! You must be wrong to make such an accusation. I know the child is my son and Barbara never cheated on me. Absolutely!” Hans stood up for me, but his mother was all red and about to lose her temper.

My husband interrupted her when she started insulting me and asked her to apologize again. My father-in-law got engaged at that time. She calmed down so her husband could continue.

“Hansi, watch your mom.” Manny calmly suggested, “She’s got some intuition about these things.” I just shook my head at the guy. I never had any problems with him, mostly because he was quiet. I was however sure he was his wife’s enabler I couldn’t tell if he was really convinced I was cheating or just watching me.

“Dad! How can you say that? at our house? right in front of my husband?” Hans asked and I could hear the anxiety in his voice. He wanted it to be a memorable event, but these allegations ruined everything.

Manny raised her hands. Here is a simple fix. He continued, shaking his head like it was the easiest thing in the world. “You can get a DNA test and we’ll see the truth. I was at a loss for words, but I still couldn’t believe it.


“YOU WILL GET THAT TEST IMMEDIATELY!” After only a few minutes of silence, his mother exploded and I backed away.

“That’s the end of it. Leave my home now. I told them, ‘It’s okay if you don’t want to meet your grandson,’ and I led my youngster into the nursery.

My husband finally got them to leave, but not before I heard another roar.

I went into the living room and we talked for a while after the baby fell asleep.

We both decided to cut off communication with them until they apologized.

Unfortunately, my mother-in-law managed to convince the family that the child was not Hans and that I was cheating. Everyone was sending us messages. While some criticized me, others insisted that we get a DNA test done.

That was something I hadn’t even come across.

I finally lost it. It was more than I could handle. My husband’s eyes lit up every time he heard the notification on my phone and I could see the sadness in them. “Let’s do it.

I convinced him, “Let’s do a DNA test and put an end to them once and for all,” and we did.

It should come as no surprise that Hans was the father, but we had to have our father-in-law around again to share the news.

One could get confused. How did you do?” After giving her husband the results, Georgie laughed at me.

“I took no action at all. Hans took the child to the doctor himself. I sighed, “I wasn’t there at all.

“This is the test you asked for, Mom. I’m the father. Are you going to put an end to it now and just enjoy your first grandchild?” My husband pleaded and despite his efforts to hide it, I was aware of the extent of his suffering. I would be decent for him, even if I hated her for it.

We got a crib in our living room, so she replied, “Fine,” but didn’t look at her grandchild as she crossed her arms. I patted Hans on the back as his head dropped.

But Manny looked at the results in silence for a moment before speaking.

“Wait, Hans’ blood type is B+?

Why didn’t I know this before?” He asked looking at her son and his husband.

Hans shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“Maybe you missed it or noticed the medical result that provided those details,” I suggested, but Manny was only preoccupied with his wife now.

My mother-in-law stopped mocking me but remained silent again. She was upset. It wasn’t obvious.

However, I could tell.

He slowly said, “Georgia, why is our son a B+?” Hans and I exchanged a confused look.

“What’s going on now? His parents rejected him when he asked, ‘What does my blood type matter?’

Finally, Manny said, his gaze never leaving his wife’s face.

“Because I’m O+ and your mother is O+. Logically you can’t be B+, but here,” he said, slapping one hand over the DNA results, “it says you are.” That’s why I’m asking your mom. What does that mean, Georgia?”

My mouth dropped so far I believed I might have pulled a muscle. That’s not what I would have expected in a million years. My gaze fell on Georgia who was anxiously moistening her lips and silently looking at her husband. I also saw him wringing his hands. Finally, she looked away from him, closed her eyes, and confessed.

Manny’s biological son was not Hans.

When they were married, she cheated on her husband with a family friend. Finally, everything became clear.

Do I get it because you accused me?

It was a projection from you. “You believed I deserved it as much as you did,” I remarked, shooting her a glare. My husband’s hand touched my arm. I think my comment was too direct and made the situation worse. But I got angry. It was out of my control.

After Georgia burst into tears and threw her usual tantrum, Manny got up and left. We left them alone as she followed him. Who would want to get involved when they had so many other issues to attend to?

“Are you okay?” I asked my husband with a quick hug back.

“I suppose. More satisfied than I expected, he said, ‘Well, I don’t know how Dad and I are going to make it, but at least we won’t have to worry about our questions about our son.’

“Still, it’s a lot to take in.

Of course, but whatever. Hans turned and put his arms around me. “We’ll be fine and right now all that matters is you and our baby,” he continued. I simply took everything in and laid my head on his chest.

If you are curious about my in-laws?

The rest of the family found out why they divorced. It was a huge disaster. Even worse, Georgia tried to introduce us to her partner, Hans’ biological father, whom she started dating. He was aware that he was Hans’ father and that they had reportedly kept in touch over the years.

Crazy huh?

But my husband ended it quickly. Then we decided to cut off all communication with her. His father was Manny. Nobody else. He broke up with his crazy wife and apologized to us for bringing up the DNA test in the first place, even though he had long supported her. Everything was good from our side. At least for now.

It’s amazing what can happen in a family.

What lessons can we learn from this story?

• If you lack evidence to support your allegations, refrain from them. Barbara was suspected of cheating by Georgia, but after a DNA test, the evidence turned against her. She permanently damaged her marriage by projecting her own fear onto her daughter-in-law.

• Dealing with extended relatives can be challenging; you have to know when to cut ties. Although cutting off communication with family members is difficult, it is more important for your mental and emotional well-being. It was the right decision for Barbara and Hans to remove his mother from their lives.

Discuss this story with your companions. It could motivate them and make their day.

he made the right decision to remove his mother from their lives.

Discuss this story with your companions. It could motivate them and make their day.

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The story of Barbara’s meeting with her mother-in-law is full of unexpected twists and turns, revealing deep-rooted family secrets and the consequences of baseless accusations. From the initial mistrust and anger to the shocking revelation of family infidelity, this is a story that underscores the importance of trust, communication, and knowing when to cut ties for your own well-being.

Barbara’s tenacity in the face of unjust accusations, along with her husband Hans’ unwavering support, serves as a testament to the strength of their bond and their devotion to each other and their child. The eventual decision to cut off communication with Georgia despite family ties was a difficult but necessary step to regain peace and protect their family unit.

Through this story, we are reminded of the importance of evidence-based judgment and the importance of setting boundaries with toxic family members. It’s a narrative that resonates with many, offering lessons in resilience, forgiveness, and the power to choose your own happiness and peace of mind.

As we reflect on Barbara and Hans’ journey, we can also consider our own relationships and the steps we can take to cultivate a healthy dynamic and prioritize our well-being. Perhaps by sharing this story with others, we can spark meaningful conversations and offer support to those dealing with similar issues in their lives.

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