The girl did such an excellent job that she constructed her beautiful 140-square-foot dream home and proudly shared pictures of it!

The child built his own beautiful 140 square foot fantasy house and proudly displayed his photos, calling it “such a good job”!

Paula Eden lived in a small mobile home in the countryside and took a course in organic farming and sustainable living. After graduating from high school, she decided to fulfill her ambition of owning a small house. Paula has created a cozy 13m home with a thoughtful design and layout that makes everything easily accessible.

Paula took inspiration for her cottage from the iconic red color of traditional Swedish cottages. She has adopted a sustainable lifestyle by avoiding plastics and aluminum and making extensive use of natural and recycled materials.

Paula turned to her father, a master carpenter, and other of her previous tiny home builders to help her build a house on an old trailer frame.

Because Paula was so passionate about interior design, she prioritized looks over utility, which is unusual for small houses.

The completed house is located in the rural area of ​​Smaland, surrounded by lakes and trees. It shows Paula’s deep concern for living in balance with the environment.

Paula decorated after the completion of the main building. To achieve her earthy green color palette, she used linen dyes and traditional Swedish wallpaper. There is a table, seats, and a seating area inside for your convenience.

Paula uses a wood stove to heat and cook her home off the grid. He gets drinking water from a nearby farm and collects rainwater for laundry.

It charges electronics and gets light from solar panels. To maximize the limited area, there is additional storage space under the ceiling along with a small sleeping loft.

Paula built an innovative mobile home and I appreciate how she did it.

Is it possible for you to live in such a space?

Paula Eden’s journey to building her own 140-square-foot dream home is a remarkable testament to her ingenuity, determination, and commitment to sustainable living. Living in a small mobile home in the countryside, Paula got her to take a course that would lay the foundations for her ambitious project.

After high school, Paula set out to fulfill her dream of owning a tiny house. With thoughtful design and layout, she has created a cozy 13-square-meter home that makes everything easily accessible. Paula was inspired by the traditional red cottages in Sweden and eschewed plastic and aluminum, instead using natural and recycled materials to maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Her father, a master carpenter, along with other experienced tiny house builders, assisted Paula in building her house on an old trailer frame. Her passion for interior design shone through as she prioritized aesthetics over utility, an unusual approach when building tiny houses.

Located in the picturesque countryside of Smaland, surrounded by lakes and trees, Paula’s home reflects her deep commitment to living in harmony with nature. After the main structure was completed, she carefully decorated the interior in earthy green tones using linen dyes and traditional Swedish wallpaper. The house has a table, seating, and a wood stove for heating and cooking, embodying her philosophy of living off the grid.

Paula’s house is self-sufficient, solar panels provide electricity and light, rainwater is collected for washing, and drinking water comes from a nearby farm. She maximized the limited space by incorporating additional storage space under the ceiling and creating a small sleeping loft.

Paula Eden’s innovative mobile home is a marvel of sustainable living and thoughtful design. Her ability to turn her vision into reality is truly admirable and serves as an inspiration to those who strive to live in harmony with their surroundings.

Is it possible for you to live in such a space? Paula’s journey shows that with creativity, passion, and a commitment to sustainability, it is possible to live comfortably and stylishly in a small space. Her story encourages us to rethink our living spaces and consider the impact of our decisions on the environment, proving that a smaller, more sustainable home can still be a beautiful and functional retreat.

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