The Occupant Is Requesting $1M To Move Out, So The Property Manager’s Best Course of Action Circulates around the web

Ahmet Nejat Ozsu, a 51-year-old occupant at the Hawk Court working in New York City’s Upper West Side, is declining to empty his rental despite the structure’s deal to the Naftali Gathering for $70 million in June 2021. The new proprietors plan to destroy the structure and develop an extravagance tower with eleven units, each esteemed at around $40 million.

Ozsu, who has lived in the structure for a considerable length of time, pays more than $3,350 each month for his 700-square foot loft, which incorporates a confidential deck. Regardless of owing roughly $13,000 in back lease, he has not stayed aware of installments.

Albeit the new property managers informed all occupants about the need to migrate, not entirely settled to remain and has requested a $1 million payout to leave. His attorney, Adam Leitman Bailey, claims Ozsu is remaining standing for New Yorkers who couldn’t bear the cost of extravagant legal advisors and means to remain insofar as legitimately allowed.

Accordingly, Naftali documented a claim against Ozsu looking for $25 million in punitive fees and offered him $30,000 to move out. The landowner has utilized strategies to urge Ozsu to leave, including pointless development and the establishment of uproarious fans outside his entryway.

Ozsu portrayed the commotion as looking like a fly, causing steady inconvenience. The fight in court keeps, featuring the intricacies that can emerge while existing occupants oppose removal following a property deal.

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