What Your Vehicle’s Low Gas Light Truly Means

The low fuel cautioning light on your vehicle’s dashboard is a natural sight to numerous drivers, and on the off chance that you’ve at any point permitted the needle to plunge beneath “E” on your gas check, you definitely know that “vacant” doesn’t be guaranteed to mean your tank is very dry. Yet, contingent upon your vehicle, it very well may be scarcely sufficient fuel to make it to the closest corner store, or it could get you home with some extra.


The auto fix administration YourMechanic set up a convenient graph enumerating how the low gas light truly affects different makes and models. As you can see beneath, the included vehicles cover a wide reach. Drivers in the driver’s seat of a Chrysler 200, for instance, can extract upwards of 108 miles from their tank after the light turns on. The proprietors of a Chevy Silverado don’t have as much space to assume too much: The admonition light means they just have 25 miles until their tank dries up.

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