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At her mother’s behest, Eva reluctantly reunites with her estranged father, but he doesn’t answer her until years later – when the roles are reversed. Eva sat next to her mother’s hospital bed, looking at the pale emaciated body under the thin red blanket and pressed linen. Her mother, Alma, had chemotherapy scars on her skin and wore a silk cap.

“Eve?” Alma’s faint voice broke the silence.

Eva said, “Sorry, Mom,” as she focused on the leaking blood infusion.
“What were you thinking about?” Alma held a magazine in her hand and asked a question.
“Nothing. Everything,” Eva moaned.
“How do you feel?”
“Like I got run over by a bus or a train,” Alma snapped after laughing.
“Evo? Sensing her daughter’s uneasiness from her frequent jokes about death, Alma pleaded, “Talk to me.

“Do you think you’re going to get better?” Eva asked.
Alma comforted her, “I’ll try,” as she turned the pages of the magazine.
Eva brought Alma some water when she started coughing. “Why don’t you get some rest and we can talk tomorrow?”
Alma insisted, “No, let’s talk now,” as she opened the magazine to a page featuring a man in a small shot and a fashion designer.
“Who is it?” Eva looked more closely and asked.

“That’s your father,” Alma revealed. “I have more photos at home. Eva, I don’t think he wanted to leave you, but he left me.”
“No, he left us both,” Eva said sternly.
Alma urged her, “You have to find him, honey, if I can’t.” Eva, you’re only sixteen. I need to know you’ll be safe.”
Eva reluctantly agreed to ensure her mother’s comfort. Masking her hesitation, she said, “Okay, we’ll try to contact him.”
“You need to take a nap. We’ll talk more when we get home.”

Alma smiled thinly. “But Eva, you look exactly like me. You’re my one and only.”
Those were the times Eva cherished when she truly knew how much her mother loved her.
Besides, when she had to include her father Oscar in a family tree for school projects, she hardly ever thought of him. The two make up their entire lives.

After Alma was given a transfusion, the nurse suggested that they let her rest. Eva sat in the chair and noticed that her mother’s cheeks were starting to show a hint of color again. She removed the magazine from Alma’s side and turned the pages.

Eva saw photos of Oscar there with another woman, the well-known designer Nora. She wondered if Nora was aware of her existence as she remembered their life together. Oscar and Nora have already tied the knot.

Eva later sat down with her laptop next to Alma on the couch at home.
“Do you want me to write that email?”
Alma asked hesitantly.
Eva nodded. “Tell me what to say.

“Just say who you are and maybe give our home address as proof,” Alma said.
Eva paused, her hands hovering over the illuminated keyboard. “Are you sure about that, mom?”
Alma nodded. “He’ll give me a break.”

Eva started writing Oscar’s email.
She wrote, “Hello Oscar,” as she watched her mother’s narration, though she found the formality of it all difficult. “Maybe we should get straight to the point,” Eva suggested. “About why we’re reaching out and the urgency.” Alma agreed, explaining her health and the need for Oscar to understand their predicament. Eva wrote in a slightly trembling voice: “We are not looking for sympathy, this is an important situation.

Whatever he decides, we’ll be fine.” After writing the email, Alma comforted Eva by saying, “No matter what, you’ve got me.” Throughout.” A few months later, Eva felt her mother’s absence when she stood alone in the children’s home. Oscar only answered briefly and provided a phone number. But she never got an answer when she called.

Eva recalled how she followed Oscar’s activities on social media and shared her opinions with her mother. When they learned that Oscar was in France, she asked, “Do you think Oscar is eating snails now?”

Alma laughed. “Old Oscar wouldn’t, but who knows now.

Eve’s desire for a relationship increased after Alma died. She hoped that Oscar would connect with her, and give her a sense of community and connection with her mother.

Eva unpacked in her new foster home effortlessly. In stark contrast to the temporary hostel she was originally placed in, the room was decent.

Oscar wasn’t the one ringing Eva’s phone. A wave of disappointment washed over her.

Mrs. Duncan, her foster mother, gave her an update. Dinner is ready.

Come when you are ready.

Eva said, “Thank you, Mrs. Duncan,” wishing she could call her “Mom.” But most homes didn’t adopt teenagers like her.

After two years…

In just two years, Eva went through three foster homes. After turning eighteen, she finally decided to take matters into her own hands and used the inheritance Alma left her to buy herself an apartment. She worked as a maid in a hotel to help make ends meet. In an effort to get a better profession, Eva also studied online for more tests. She obviously lacked the funds to enroll in college.

After breakfast in the staff cafeteria, Eva checked Nora’s Instagram and saw that Oscar had gone with her. The prospect of meeting her father terrified her, but she also knew that this was her only chance to get revenge on him.

Eva later saw Nora and Oscar entering the hotel as she was about to use the service elevator. As they passed she could hear what they were talking about. Eva got an idea when Beth offered to go upstairs.

After entering Nora’s room, Eva thought about how to ruin her father’s life. She decided to destroy his and Nora’s relationship by hiding the underwear under the pillow, making sure some of the material was still visible.

She heard the door open just as she was finalizing her plan, so she hurried to hide under the bed. Oscar and Nora came in and said sweet nothings. Eva listened to their private moments above each other with growing disdain.

“Oh, darling. You’re finally back. I’ve really missed you!” Oscar spoke, his voice brimming with passion.

Eva heard him kiss her. Now they were lying on the bed.

Nora suddenly confronts Oscar after finding the hidden underwear in the hotel room.

“What is it, Oscar?” Nora asked.

Oscar replied, “I don’t know,” skirting the subject with a kiss.

“These aren’t mine!” Nora jumped out of bed with a scream.

“Give me a break, Nora!” Oscar said these words defensively. “I swear I’m not lying!”

Nora revealed that she decided to surprise him by postponing her work trip. Just when he left his ex-wife for her, she accused him of cheating on her. Eva watched from her hiding place, hoping that Nora wouldn’t be so quick to forgive.

Nora kept throwing things around the room to vent her anger. Oscar stood his ground and said it was just a coincidence.

Oscar assured Nora that he would never cheat on her and she softened her tone as she thanked him for everything.

Eva couldn’t let Oscar go unnoticed, so she sent him a scandalous message on his phone using an anonymous image on Pinterest. Oscar wouldn’t recognize her because her number was new.

Nora heard his phone ring on the table behind her and immediately reached for it. When she saw the message, she became furious. Oscar tried to clarify, but Nora saw the message as evidence of his adultery.

When Nora tripped over an earring during an argument with Oscar, Eva was startled. She was afraid he would find her under the bed.

Nora bent down and reached under the bed for the earring. Eve’s heart raced.

Fortunately, however, someone knocked on the door. The voice continued to annoy Nora, “MAINTENANCE!”

“Great!” Nora said and opened the door. “Because we have some trash to throw out.

Eva saw Oscar’s legs emerge from the bedroom, dragged by a furious Nora.

“Nora, let’s talk about this. There needs to be some explaining.”

Please, Nora, come back.”

Eva finally let out a sigh of relief when she heard the door close. Emerging from under the bed, she hastily left the room. She had no idea that Nora and Oscar would be back in a moment.

She took off her name tag and disposed of it outside the room in the cleaning cart. She was aware that everything would lead to her if they investigated; Beth would reveal that Eva was given permission. Eva was aware that she would have to look for a new job, but for some reason, it was worth it.

Oscar just had to have his desserts.

Eva knew she had enough money to last her until she got a new career, so she was sure she could exist without this one.

After three months.

Eva was studying when her father, Oscar, who had been absent for a while, appeared at her door.

She said cautiously, “What do you want?” Looking all over his body, she understood why he was there.

“I remember when you walked by that day at the hotel, I thought you reminded me of my Alma. Then I found you… I’m sorry I missed witnessing your growth, but… look! “

Oscar apologized for his absence and suggested they mend their relationship while giving her an old, faded picture of the two of them.

In an attempt to make up for all the things he missed out on as a father, he also said he was broke and could really use her house to live in.

“So you’re basically here because you’re homeless!” Eva spoke stiffly.

“No, Eva, please. My Alma, where are you? Let me speak to her.”

Eva revealed that she was sick after he left and eventually the illness claimed her mother.

Eva gets angry and informs him that she doesn’t want to hear his story before closing the door.

Oscar knocked, apologized once more, and demanded payment.

Eva walked over to the table in the hallway where she kept her wallet and took out some cash, but as she was closing it she saw something strange.

It was an earring she had taken and hid a month ago. The hotel earring that Nora wore. Eva took it.

She gave Oscar an earring rather than money. She mocked him and slammed the door in his face saying, “Goodbye forever, Oscar!”

Behind closed doors, it was quiet for Eva. Now that she was rid of the horrible things that had destroyed her past, she could finally take control of her life.

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As the door closed behind Oscar, Eva felt an overwhelming sense of relief wash over her. The earring, a small but significant symbol of her past deeds, served as the final punctuation mark in the chapter of her life she was now ready to close. No longer bound by the bitterness of her father’s abandonment or the need for revenge, she could finally focus on her own future and the dreams she had put off for so long.

Eve’s journey was a stormy one, marked by loss and hardship. Through it all, however, she discovered a resilience within herself that she didn’t know existed. Her mother’s love and last wishes had guided her through even the most difficult moments, and now, standing in her small but cozy apartment, she felt a renewed sense of purpose.

Determined to continue her studies and build a life she could be proud of, Eva sat down at her desk, opened her laptop, and continued with her online courses. The road ahead was still filled with uncertainty, but she faced it with newfound confidence and hope. She proved to herself that she could survive and thrive despite the challenges life threw her way.

Eva knew her mother would be proud of her. Alma’s strength and love were her foundation, and now as Eva embarks on this new chapter, she carries that legacy forward. She took a deep breath and began typing, each keystroke a step toward a brighter, self-determined future.

And as she worked, a quiet smile played on her lips. Eva learned that life can be hard and merciless, but it is also full of opportunities for growth and redemption. She was ready to take on whatever came, armed with the knowledge that she could overcome anything.

The world outside her window was wide and full of possibilities, and Eva could finally explore it on her own terms. The future was hers to shape and she was more than ready to make the most of it.

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