10 Individuals Share Relationship Endings That Illustrate Dating Isn’t Always a Fairy Tale

It looks like entering a fairy tale when you fall in love. You know the feeling: the butterflies, the excitement, and the belief that you’ve finally achieved your happily ever after. But everything can end with an unexpected twist in the story. These ten individuals have revealed dating experiences that show finding love isn’t always easy.


My college roommate spent the whole weekend with her because he knew she was breaking up with her ex-girlfriend.

On Sunday, when he dropped her off at the station, he waited for her to lean over and unlock the car door before kissing him goodbye. he announced the news without breaking free and leaving her instead of kissing her. He closed the door and rolled away, leaving her stunned and her bags on the sidewalk.

2. My lover texted me to ask how my day was going and ended our relationship. “Okay, how was yours?” I asked. “Wonderful, I had a great day with my girlfriend,” he replied.

I was at work all day. After two years of living together, we were together for four years. He left me for his lover after he decided to cheat on me. Fun times.

3. About twenty years ago, when I was a high school student, I heard of a couple who had the following telephone conversation:

Guy: Guess who ended it today?
Girl: How so?
Guy: We!


I heard about it from my former hairdresser. Her friend was in a relationship with a man who had a pig. It was huge, similar to an adult pig. The pig hated the woman and pushed her out of bed to sleep next to her boyfriend.

Finally one day she announced to him that it was either me or the pig. He left her and stayed with the pig after telling her that the pig was there first. That must have been a huge blow to her confidence, man.

5. At the beginning of the ten-hour flight, my ex and I broke up. His mother picked us up from the airport and we lived together.

6. While having breakfast, the husband realized that his wife had gotten a new tattoo on her wrist. It was her new boyfriend’s name. She often took his car on toll roads without paying. She threw the money away as soon as they arrived. When he finally figured it out, he was owed thousands of dollars!


One couple I know would purposely break up in public, flirt with others to make the other jealous, and then end up getting back together. It’s like they just go on an ego trip when they accept someone else’s attention before realizing they’re too scared to lose the other person. It was pretty fun to see which one would be more envious of the other. However, she would get really angry whenever the guy “won”.

8. After I let him pick up the car, he gave me a kiss goodbye. he went to class, came home, and found that everything he owned was gone. In a mild panic, he texted him and asked what was going on. A few days later he changed his relationship status on Facebook to single and banned my number.

We shared a home for two years and were together for 2.5 years. I won’t scare anyone. If I want someone I care about to be honest with me, I have to be honest too.

9. A friend’s partner was building a house. He stays with her while she builds. When the house is ready, he plans to move into it. Moving day is coming. Everything is ready to move in; he leaves for work that day with the movers.

He returns to find that the movers didn’t take her things, only his. When she calls him confused, he tells her that he has other ideas and doesn’t want to move in with her. She is crying and in complete shock. She says, “I think we’re done,” and he doesn’t even break up with her—he just moves out and never calls her again.


I went to high school with a guy who was seeing a girl. He will take her home one day. It was quite a long journey because she lived in the country. They are unable to communicate because he has the radio turned all the way up.

After about fifteen minutes of driving this way, he says, “What are you thinking?” when he turns off the radio. “Oh, I’m just trying to figure out how to break up with you,” is his reply, to which he turns the music back on and drives for another half hour.

It’s funny how love can come out of nowhere and surprise us. Reality hits hard just when you believe everything is perfect. Let’s take our reader as an example. She was ecstatic when her boyfriend proposed to her, but the next day he suddenly changed his mind.

Love presents itself in a funny way and often surprises us when we least expect it. These stories illustrate the unpredictable nature of dating and relationships, showing moments of heartbreak, betrayal, and unexpected twists. From sudden breakups to shocking revelations, each story highlights the complexities and challenges of finding love.

Despite the ups and downs depicted in these reports, they also serve as a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit. Even in the face of disappointment and betrayal, individuals find the strength to move forward, learn from their experiences, and ultimately find happiness again.

While love may not always unfold as smoothly as in a fairy tale, these stories show that it is often the unexpected twists and turns that shape our path and lead us to where we are meant to be. As we navigate complex relationships, it’s important to remain open to the possibility of love, even in the face of adversity.

In the end, whether we find happily ever after or hit bumps along the way, it is our ability to persevere and grow that ultimately defines our journey in love and relationships.

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