10-Year-Old Boy Gains Viral Attention for Selling Toys in Freezing Weather to Purchase a Christmas Present for His Mom

The season of giving often brings extraordinary acts of kindness and generosity, especially during the holiday season when the spirit of giving is most palpable. This was vividly illustrated in a heart-to-heart meeting between a young boy and Ryan Hicks, a magician known by the stage name Ryan Tricks. With the cold of winter approaching, this young child shows determination to secure a special Christmas gift for his mother, presenting a profound act of selflessness that not only warms the heart but also inspires the generosity of strangers.

During a routine road trip, Ryan Hicks came across a scene that left a lasting impression on him and, ultimately, many others. A ten-year-old boy stood there with a small makeshift stall selling toys at any price. His intent was clear from the message scrawled on his cardboard tag: “Toys for sale for mom Christmas present.” Moved by the child’s dedication, Ryan stepped forward to learn more about the boy’s touching effort to raise money for the gift.

Parents often work two jobs or put in extra hours to make ends meet in order to afford their child’s lavish Christmas wish list, which costs hundreds of dollars each year. While most kids express their gratitude by giving a hug and saying “thank you,” some go above and beyond.



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A young boy was standing on the side of the road in the dead of winter with a cardboard sign next to a row of his old toys when he was spotted by Ryan Hicks, a magician and mind reader better known by the stage name Ryan Tricks. the previous year’s holiday season.

Ryan decides to approach the ten-year-old and drive alongside him so he can look at his sign that reads, “Toys for sale for moms as a Christmas present.” He continues with the little kid’s questions, wanting to know more about why he sold all his old toys. This boy’s answer should go down in history.

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“My mother helps me a lot. She often works on weekends to earn extra money for Christmas things for me. To buy her a Christmas present, I decided to sell toys that I don’t really need anymore,” said the boy. Ryan Hicks, impressed by this, saw a chance to assist.




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The young child continues by explaining that while his grandmother, who was in the house, knew he was selling his toys to buy her a present, his mother did not know. Even though he admitted to spending an hour and a half outside, he still didn’t make any sales despite having some excellent items to offer.

Trying to help, Ryan started asking about the prices of some products. He was asking 10 pounds, or about $12, for a hoverboard, 2-3 pounds, or about $4, for a King Kong action figure, and 10 pounds, or about $12, for a Mario Kart course. He was so liberal about the rates that it caught Ryan by surprise.

Ryan Tricks gives the youngster a high five and adds: “You know what, because this is absolutely amazing and I can’t believe you’re doing this for your mum – seriously, your mum is going to be super proud of you.” To the boy’s amazement, he continues, “Now I want to buy all these toys from you.”

Ryan Hicks helps a young child reach his Christmas goal

Ryan Hicks asked the little kid, “Are you sure?” with humility and speed as he offered to buy back all his toys. To show the youngster that he was sincere, Hicks asked him the price he would sell everything for – keep in mind that he had received nearly a dozen of his old toys, some of which were quite valuable.

The young man replies, “50 [pounds],” which surprises Hicks. “Is it fifty quid for each toy? What do you know? £50 is a bit cheap isn’t it?” he asks, pointing to all the toys (including a hoverboard) he sells. He made the boy an offer he couldn’t refuse to make sure he wouldn’t be taken advantage of.

At first, he says £50 would be enough until the child accepts his offer of £100. “Seriously, it’s Christmas and you’re out here in the freezing cold,” he replies. The young man asks Ryan if he can hug him after he takes the money. He replies, “Of course you can,” but that’s not all.


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Hicks had one last surprise in store for this young lad.

He wanted to make sure the child had something for himself because he was doing all this for his mother. In order to get what he wanted without giving up any toys, he handed him an extra £100 to spend on himself and finally decided not to take any of the items.

This heartwarming encounter between Ryan Hicks and a selfless young boy on a cold road underscores the profound impact of kindness and generosity, especially during the holiday season. A boy’s genuine effort to sell his toys to buy a Christmas present for his mother reveals maturity and thoughtfulness beyond his years. His actions not only caught the attention of a passerby but also inspired a gesture of kindness that enhanced the spirit of giving.

Ryan Hicks’ reaction to the boy’s situation is an example of how a simple act of kindness can make a significant difference in the lives of others. By purchasing the toys for a generous amount and then gifting the boy additional money to buy something for himself, Hicks not only fulfilled the boy’s original intention but also ensured that he would not have to sacrifice his belongings. This act of kindness was not just about financial help; it was a profound affirmation of the boy’s love for his mother and his willingness to sacrifice himself for her happiness.


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The story goes beyond the exchange between Hicks and the boy; it serves as a poignant reminder of the ripple effects of compassion and generosity. In a world often overwhelmed by individualism and competition, stories like these rekindle hope and inspire others to spread kindness in their own way. This story likely encouraged others to look beyond their immediate needs and consider how they too could make a positive contribution to the lives of those around them.

Ultimately, this gathering is a beautiful testament to the fact that the spirit of the holiday season is not about gifts and material displays of love; it is about the sincere deeds we do to show our care and appreciation to others. It underscores the idea that true giving means making a difference in the lives of others, and even small gestures can have a huge impact. This story leaves a lasting impression of warmth and generosity, resonating with the true essence of what it means to give during the holiday season.

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