14 Accounts of Individuals Who Discovered They Are Overly Trusting

Life often throws us curveballs when we least expect them. Whenever we believe we have it all figured out, something unexpected happens that turns our world upside down. That is exactly what individuals thought of in our piece. Through my neighbor, I went out one night and met this amazing guy. We started getting along. He subsequently became more and more needy, but I didn’t think much of it – I just found it annoying.

I decided to go home and sleep at 1:30. Then they decided to have an afterparty at my neighbor’s apartment, so I woke up at about three in the morning. Suddenly there was a knock on my door. I decided not to open it. This guy was the one who knocked and started a conversation with my neighbor. He started yelling at me to get out. After several minutes of persistent knocking and yelling, he stopped.

There was silence for a few seconds before he began to violently pull the door handle in an attempt to open it. He sounded really mad when he screamed now. Then he turned to leave. I haven’t spoken to him since. 

It was fantastic when I went on my first date with a guy. His current girlfriend sent me five Snapchats and fourteen texts the next day. My partner and I were hoping to share an office. We have found ideal business premises. Before we signed any lease or paperwork, we handed the man the first and last month’s rent via Venmo. The gentleman showed us around and at this point, it looked legit.

After giving us the keys and letting us move in the next day, we lost contact with him. After several days of still not being able to get in touch with him, the landlord showed up asking for our identity as the space was available for rent and was actively looking for a tenant.

Turns out the hapless worker pretended to be the store owner, stole a few thousand from us, handed us his key and then just walked away. I think it worked because the landlord ended up being really understanding and helpful, but I still couldn’t believe I let us make that mistake! Yesterday I had dinner out at a really expensive restaurant.

An adorable little kid came up to me and asked for a slice. I gave him one as a favor and the little brat left and gave a slice to the father who left with the baby in tow, obviously enjoying my meal. The pizza was delicious, so even though I was laughing, I was also depressed. 

After a few dates, we gradually stopped communicating. Simply put, I didn’t think we should be. Turns out he was arrested for breaking into the workplace and taking all the money from the safe/drawer when I started working at the same place as him.

I was so surprised because he was always so kind to me! 

On campus during my freshman year of college, a man contacted me saying his wallet had been taken from his work truck.

He informed me that he didn’t want to tell his employer what happened so he needed to borrow money to get it back.

We exchanged phone numbers and he promised to contact me as soon as he got the car back. He seemed quite pleasant and sincere.

But I never heard from him again.

Someone told us they were renting out the house, but they couldn’t show it to us because they were out of town.

It was really, really nice and we drove up to the house and looked at what we could through the windows without feeling too creepy.

We have expressed a desire to rent space; I don’t remember exactly if we ever made an electronic lease to make it “legit”. They then informed us that the key would be mailed to us once we received the damage deposit (about $1000). Of course, after sending the money, we never received the key and were abandoned instead. I’m still mad at myself about it.

I had quite a bounce with a guy who seemed pretty sane after a year of messed-up relationships. We worked on the same site and it was a very successful server. To be honest, my coworkers really liked him, so I dated him when I broke up with my ex.

We figured that even though we were 400 miles apart, we could definitely make it work since we attended different institutions. I was trusting when I spoke to him during the first week of classes. He seemed like an educated, well-rounded man, so I had high hopes for him.

However, the first night I attended the school party, he lost his cool. Even if I told him I was leaving, it didn’t matter. He called me at least twenty times over the next thirty minutes and every time I spoke to him on the phone he was yelling and sobbing at me telling me I needed to be more reliable.

We had just been dating for a week so I was taken aback by his behavior.

It wasn’t too hard to fire him. In the end, even though everyone loved him, I couldn’t believe how controlling and insecure this person was.

My Chinese lover was working at his parents’ restaurant when we started dating. He warned me that Kikkoman soy sauce bottles would spew their contents everywhere if I tried to fill them with another brand. It still amazes me that I fell for it. 

I was offered a VIP membership by someone at MovieStarPlanet. I agreed, naive as I was six years old, and gave them my password. When I logged in later that night, I saw that my friend’s list was completely empty and that all my possessions had been taken. What a stupid child I was, oh

One of those keys that car dealers send out with postcards that say, “If it fits, you win a free car!” I was so excited at the prospect of winning that I drove twenty minutes to the dealership. When I arrived they asked for my phone number and email and told me to wait in the lobby until the salesperson helped me.

But in the end, the sales representative told me that the key was not actually for the car and that it was just a promotion. Having wasted almost two hours of my life between driving and time at the store, I felt disappointed and annoyed.

Naturally, I then had to deal with the procedure of unsubscribing from their SMS and advertisements.

I was homeless when I was 19. I had been sleeping on the street for a few weeks when a man approached me one evening. “I’m here to make sure you’re safe,” he stated.

After we talked for a while before it got dark, he gave me a bed for the night. Even though he seemed sincere, I decided to follow him despite my internal alarm going off.

He took me to a house in the suburbs and instructed me to wait in his car while he went to make a phone call. A few minutes later he returned with another man who said he would let me spend the night in his garage. Even though everything inside me said, “That’s a bad idea,” I went ahead and did it because I had nothing to lose.

The tools, workstations, and other items in the garage were somewhat typical; yet there was a box spring and some blankets in the corner. The man informed me that he would have to leave the connecting door to the main house closed for the night. He claimed he was sorry, but he couldn’t take the chance because he had kids at home.

The first man walked into the house with the second man and asked if he could come talk to me in the morning. I was so scared that night that I probably didn’t sleep at all.

When daylight finally arrived, the most incredible thing happened: a man asked to come in by knocking on the garage door.

I talked to both men every day for seven weeks while I slept in that garage. Together, they were able to place me in a subsidized efficiency apartment that is similar to a studio but much smaller, helped me find employment, and helped me turn my life around. Even though it was over 20 years ago, I will always be grateful to both of them. 

A man with a cane and glasses came up to my companions and me.

He was raising money and claimed to be blind and homeless. I gave him twenty dollars. Then he quickly took off his glasses and started running.

We ran after him for a block, but he ran away. 

I gave her a $5,000 loan that I never got back. She wasn’t just any random woman; I had seen her for three years. Little did I know that she intended to end our relationship once I gave her the “loan”.

Finding out about a long-kept family secret can rock your world. When surprising new information about their own families is discovered, some people find themselves at the center of a storm. Unable to contain their shock, these individuals took to the Internet to tell their stories to others.

The unpredictability of life can often catch us by surprise and throw us into situations we never anticipated. The stories shared here highlight the unexpected twists and turns that can occur in our lives, leaving us in awe and sometimes shaking with shock.

From encounters with cheating partners to encounters with strangers that turn out to be anything but ordinary, each story serves as a reminder that trust must be approached with caution and that appearances can be deceiving.

Yet, amidst the chaos and uncertainty, there are also stories of kindness and redemption. Stories of strangers offering a helping hand in times of need restore faith in humanity and remind us that even in our darkest moments there is hope.

As we go through life’s ups and downs, let these stories serve as a reminder to stay alert, but also to remain open to the possibility of unexpected blessings and opportunities for growth.

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