14 Individuals Recount Spooky Encounters with Apparitions

These chilling accounts of paranormal encounters offer a compelling glimpse into the realm of the supernatural, challenging skeptics and believers alike to rethink their view of ghosts and spirits. While some may dismiss such phenomena as figments of the imagination or coincidence, the vivid and disturbing experiences shared by these individuals evoke a sense of wonder and intrigue.

In each narrative, the presence of deceased loved ones is palpable, manifesting in various forms – from ghostly apparitions to inexplicable events. These encounters serve as a testament to the enduring bond between the living and the deceased, transcending the boundaries of the physical world.

From the gentle singing of an ancient melody reminiscent of a grandmother’s lullaby to the inexplicable lighting of a ceiling light when a deceased grandfather’s name is spoken, these stories resonate with a sense of deep connection and spiritual presence.

Some people claim that ghosts and ghosts are just figments of our imaginations, but after seeing this collection of paranormal images, you might want to think twice. These fairy tales are guaranteed to scare you, even if you are not a believer.

My grandmother died before my child was born and at the time I was a single mother living alone.

Since the baby went to bed early, I decided to go get something from the neighbor and grabbed the babysitter. I seem to remember asking for a cookbook, though I could be wrong. My son was tossing and turning in his sleep and I could hear it about halfway through our yards. I listened for a while and then I heard someone softly singing an old tune that my grandmother used to sing to me because it had my name in it.

I lay down on the grass, let it play for a while, and started to cry.

My mother inherited a house on the coast from her parents who died a few years apart and we go there every summer.

One evening this year, my mom and I are sitting in the living room. She watches TV and I read a book. I was sitting right under the extinguished ceiling light bulb. When I tell my mom I’m having trouble seeing my book, she says, “My dad could have fixed it.” Please turn on the light, Dad, so he can read.” And the light bulb comes on right away.

We exchange looks and a surprised smile. My mother tearfully added, “Pop-pop could always fix anything.”

I used to work alone after working on a public pool, cleaning both the structure and the pool. One night around two o’clock in the morning. A child’s giggles can be heard as their bare feet rush across the pool deck. I go out and look around; no one is there The child has nowhere to hide because all the doors are locked and locked. The pool terrace is free of wet traces. I looked over the door and the security cameras again. There is no one in the building but me.

Although I had never met my great-grandfather before, I waved goodbye to something invisible when I was about 3 years old at my grandmother’s. I answered their question, “Great Grandfather,” but they didn’t believe me until I later identified him in one of the pictures.

My mom and I were looking at a photo of my grandmother that we kept on our bookshelf shortly after she passed away. She was never a kind person. Quick to steal and lie, yet she denied help to everyone until she died.

My mom didn’t like my grandma either.

Still, I said that she wasn’t actually grimacing in the picture and that she never did in real life. The grandmother’s mouth in the picture split just as my mother nodded her agreement with me. The next day, Mom deleted the photo. © Reddit / Chango_D

It happened once, in April 2018, which was about three months after my grandmother passed away.

Around one in the morning, I was washing the dishes and no one was home. My grandmother, dressed in a white dress, seemed to be floating across the room when I turned around.

I threw away the dishes, called mine, and sat in the bathroom. I screamed as the electricity suddenly went out in the house.

I was shocked when my parents came home for about two months.

My father died. I went home when I learned the truth.

Since my parents didn’t live together, they each had a house. My mother lives in a two-story house and is disabled. It is very difficult for her to climb and descend stairs.

Upstairs was my former bedroom. My husband and I arrived at the house around 2 am. When he fell asleep, my husband and I were lying in bed. I was too angry to go to sleep. There was a crack in the door and I noticed a shadow pass by. I assumed it was my mother making sure I arrived home safely.

After a few hours of sleeplessness, I went downstairs for coffee and my mom was waiting for me. I replied, “Thanks for checking on me last night.” She said, “I didn’t go upstairs at all last night,” with a confused look on her face. It must have been my dad checking me out.

My phone started playing this retro jazz music out of nowhere a few weeks after my grandfather died while I was trying to fall asleep in bed. It was little more than a ringtone. I checked to see if I had any apps open but nothing and that was only for ten seconds or so. Additionally, this audio file started playing randomly on my phone even though no music was playing at all.

When I asked my mom what music my grandfather liked to listen to the other day, she replied with a YouTube link. Although the sound was different, it was really close to what was done. Although I was a little scared at the time, I believed that my grandfather was trying to connect with me in some way. I mourned his passing deeply.

It was a few weeks after my grandfather died. One afternoon, my cousin and I visited our grandmother. My grandmother and several other family members left us to go shopping.

My cousin was in the bathroom when I heard my grandfather’s voice, “Richard!” as I waited for several friends to return across the street. I ask my cousin, “Did you hear that?” and he says, “Yeah, that sounds like grandpa.” Even now we still hear his voice.

My grandmother lived with us at my place after my grandfather passed away a few months ago. As I sat at the kitchen island, I wrote in my journal, expressing how much I missed him and hoped he was okay.

Suddenly he grabbed my wrist and I turned quickly to see if anyone was there. I realized with a start that it was probably my grandfather letting me know he was okay.

A year had passed since my grandfather’s death and my little brother was nowhere in the house. He can be seen giggling and babbling as if someone was in Grandpa’s room with him thirty minutes later. Years later, she still visits that room looking for him. I wonder if he saw his ghost or something.

A friend and I were once discussing a terrible story when suddenly the conversation stopped. No, she didn’t turn it off; instead, our communication stopped.

Suddenly there was a loud breathing sound from my phone. I dropped my phone and jumped out of bed.

When I called my friend fifteen minutes later, she informed me that she also heard something, but it wasn’t heavy breathing; instead, she heard someone growling into the phone and making strange noises. This incident made me start to believe in ghosts.

My daughter told me at the age of two and a half: “The first time I couldn’t get out of your tummy, I went back to be born.” I miscarried three months before I got pregnant with her, but I never told her.

When I was fifteen, my close friend Ashley was killed in a car accident. After a year or two, my brother, who was three years old, was playing behind the couch. He clearly assumed he was talking to someone because he was giving them hand signals. I froze when he suddenly stood up and asked, “Who is Ashley?”

Children who start telling stories about their previous lives are one of the kinds of stories that really get to us. This essay delves into some disturbing childhood memories that will make you think about the mysteries of life.

These terrifying encounters with the supernatural, as recounted by various individuals, offer a glimpse into the mysterious realm of the paranormal. From ghostly visitations to unexplained phenomena, these stories challenge skeptics and believers alike to rethink their beliefs about the existence of spirits and the afterlife.

Each narrative is imbued with a sense of mystery and wonder, forcing the reader to consider the possibility that unseen forces are at play in our lives. Whether it’s a comforting visit from a deceased loved one or a chilling encounter with an unknown presence, these stories leave an indelible impression on those who experience them.

While some may dismiss these stories as mere figments of the imagination, others find comfort in the belief that our deceased loved ones continue to watch over us and offer guidance and support beyond the grave. Regardless of one’s beliefs, these messages serve as a reminder of the enduring mystery of life and the unseen forces that shape our world.

Ultimately, whether one chooses to believe in ghosts and spirits or not, these stories remind us of the deep and inexplicable nature of the human experience and leave us wondering about the mysteries that lie beyond the veil of our understanding.

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