14 Real-Life Accounts That Sent Shivers Down Our Spines

Horror movies can be exciting, but real ghost stories are a whole different story. Long after scary situations are over, we still remember them and some people choose to post their scary memories online.

Mom once cleaned the house of an elderly married couple. The husband died and they had no children. A week later I was in their bedroom. My back was to the bed. The dead husband stood beside the bed staring at her while I looked in the mirror. I quickly turned to look at their bed when he looked up at me through the mirror but disappeared. I went straight to my mother’s house to find her.

I lived with my grandparents during the summer. It was eleven o’clock at night. My grandfather was eating a sandwich at the table when I came out to the kitchen. I greet them, get a drink of water,ter and go back to my room. When he came out of his chamber, my grandfather asked for ed my identity. However, no one is present. I was afraid of it and I am still afraid of it today.

I had an accident where my memory disappeared for two whole weeks. I saw pictures of my brother and dad pushing me around the hospital in a wheelchair. I’m laughing, my eyes are open, but I can’t remember a single thing. Nothing. It’s empty.

I was about eight years old when it happened and it still scares me. Around nine o’clock in the evening, I went out from the back garden to let my dogs in. My dogs came running as I hastily opened the door as it was completely dark outside. I locked the door as soon as they came in and just then someone tried to enter my house by pulling the handle. We had a glass door, so even in the dark, I could see the figure of a man standing there.

My dad noticed me running down the road and chased the man, going into the back garden. Since then, I’ve been closing and locking doors faster than the speed of light.

When I went to see my friend for the first time, I had no idea that this forty-year-old hoarder. A complete surprise. This guy is a total hoarder, but he has a regular job, friends, and other relationships. There are mice in the apartment, garbage in the kitchen almost to the ceil, ing and mold all over the wall of one bedroom. I was afraid to go to the bathroom. Total shock.

I work in banking and there is a guy who comes every day to transfer extremely large sums of money overseas. One day I got a strange alert when we were confirming his information to complete this transfer indicating that I needed to call a number that the bank listed as undefined. When FBL called and asked about Tbranchman’s next job, I said yes.

After I left and pretended nothing happened, the whole building was filled with people in just five minutes. With a direct look in my direction, he said, “This is for me, huh?” Yes, I shook my head.

I’ve been transferred to another branch and so far all I’ve heard is that he funded violent groups.

One day, while I was walking the halls of the school during time, the child had a seizure. I was walking right next to them and it was scary to watch. A few minutes later, an ambulance and other people took over the poor child.

I had been asleep for a long time when I heard a lot of humming interspersed with laughter. I turn to see my husband singing and laughing in bed, seemingly in some sort of trance. I’ll shake him. No answer. When I turn on the light, he doesn’t flinch but starts waving his arms. When I dial 911, paramedics arrive. During that period, he gradually emerges from it and begins to speak. They are adamant to bring him to the hospital.

We stay there for a few hours during which he gets really mad at me for calling 911. He tells me I’m a horrible person he never wants to see again, takes off his wedding ring, ing and throws it in the tr… At that moment, the nurses give me a seat and explain everything.

They told me she had bipolar disorder, which scared me. He is insane and in a deep state of mania. He is admitted against his will and spends the next few weeks recovering. I cried then as if I had witnessed his death. It’s quite heartbreaking to witness your partner go completely crazy.

Their body remains there, but they are not there. They simply disappeared. My recovery was a long process.

After two years, he is now stabilized on appropriate medication. We discussed everything and he is back to being himself and able to keep his job. Although it is terrible, the disease is treatable.

In one of the bedrooms of the house I lived in, there were once child-sized marks on the ceiling. The ceilings were quite high. I can’t imagine anyone getting a child’s foot in there. Nothing would do it, not even pulling a child upside down while climbing a ladder.

When I was a kid, I witnessed a tornado destroy a carnival. That was pretty scary. She destroyed the grandstand, overthrew the Ferris wheel, and destroyed every tent that belonged to the merchants. Fortunately, I don’t believe anyone was hurt.

One night, at one in the morning, I heard the shower running. Since my brother works nights, I initially assumed it was him; I assumed he came home late and was taking a shower. This went on for about thirty minutes, at which point I got up to investigate his actions. I was the only one in the house, my brother wasn’t home yet and no one else was in the shower.

To this day I don’t know who did it or how it got turned on. I still think about it and dread it almost five years later. Even as I write this, I want to turn on all the lights in the house. Why do I treat myself like this?

When I was about six years old, I was playing a PS3 game at home. Suddenly I heard my mom screaming, so I went outside. Little did I know that her partner had a heart attack at that moment. I remember hearing the ambulance come as I was walking back to my room. It wasn’t until I was older that I really realized the circumstances.

When I woke up, my baby was convulsing and had blue lips. I will never get over that image or the horror it evoked in me. Words cannot describe the terror I felt; I had no idea what was happening to her because she had never experienced seizures before. She was subsequently diagnosed with a rare brain condition that results in regular seizures but is doing well. And that was just the first one.

One evening we used this back road as a shortcut to get to the then-boyfriend’s house.

There weren’t many other cars on the road and it was pretty dark – I don’t remember ever seeing the moon – so our only light source was our headlights.

While we were talking, I looked back down the street and noticed an older man in a plaid shirt walking across the street rather quickly.

It seemed to stand out in the dark, and I can still clearly remember the plaid. My partner passed the man before I could even think how to react. I saw him go through the dashboard, the hood, the middle of the car and disappear. Time seemed to suddenly stop and then resume its normal pace. Although my friend didn’t see anything, I asked that we never go that way again.

Imagine your whole world being turned upside down by learning a surprising family truth. For the people in this article, that’s exactly what happened. Their astonishing discoveries will also leave you in a state of shock. 

These chilling accounts of terrifying encounters and unexplained phenomena serve as a reminder that reality can often be scarier than fiction. From apparition encounters to unexplained occurrences such as marks on ceilings and showers that mysteriously turn on, these stories create a sense of unease and leave a lasting impression on those who experience them. Despite the passage of time, memories of these horrific incidents still haunt the individuals involved, underscoring the profound impact such experiences can have on a person’s psyche.

Each story unfolds with a sense of dread and disbelief as ordinary moments are suddenly transformed into scenes of horror and confusion. From apparition encounters to unexplained phenomena such as footprints on ceilings and showers that mysteriously light up, these stories serve as stark reminders of the mysteries that lurk in the shadows of our everyday lives.

What makes these stories particularly disturbing is the fact that they are rooted in reality, making them all the more chilling to contemplate. Whether it’s an encounter with a ghostly presence in the home of a deceased couple or the inexplicable behavior of a loved one, these experiences defy explanation and leave a deep impact on those who witness them.

Ultimately, these stories serve as a testament to the enduring power of the unknown and the profound impact that unexplained phenomena can have on our lives. Whether one believes in the supernatural or not, these stories remind us that there are forces at work in the world that defy rational explanation, leaving us to grapple with mysteries that lie beyond our understanding.

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