19 Individuals Skilled in Making Strategic Moves

Life is full of unexpected moments and sometimes it takes a spark of creativity to get through them. We often find ourselves in situations that require quick thinking and resourcefulness. It is at these moments that some people really shine and can come up with innovative or witty solutions that seem to solve the problem perfectly. Whether it’s thinking of averting a crisis, bending the rules without breaking them or using your imagination to get out of a sticky situation, some individuals just have a knack for pulling the right strings at the right time.

These cases not only provide a good laugh but also demonstrate a cleverness that can be quite astonishing. People who manage to turn a potentially difficult situation to their advantage often leave us wondering about the mechanics of their thought processes. How did they figure it out? What inspired such a unique solution? It is these questions that make such stories especially delightful and interesting.

Have you ever had an epiphany where a brilliant idea or clever solution pops into your head? It’s like one of those cartoon light bulbs that pop up over your head. That’s exactly what a few people have come up with, and they have some really interesting stories to tell.


For whatever reason, when my son was younger, he was disconnected from his tablet all day.

I heard him watching movies in his bed after we tucked him in, so I went in to confront him. You: “What did my mother and I say about the tablet?”
He replied, “You said I couldn’t play with it that day.” Then he said, pointing to the gloom outside the window, “It is night.”


When I was supervising my niece, she begged me to go outside to play with the ball. She dropped the ball when I opened the door to go.

It started rolling down the slope. I chased When I came back with the ball in my hands, she locked me outside the house. She continued watching TV. It was priceless to see the look on her face when I took the keys out and allowed myself back inside.


My eleventh-grade high school English class was in constant trouble for cheating. I was told that my vocabulary and spelling test would be copied by five people next to me.

I therefore gave them full control to complete an essay that would naturally be completed on their own. I took my time writing and waited for everyone to finish before I let them submit. Then I went back and got all my answers correct. Each of them was unsuccessful.


My child took over an hour to get to school and talked non-stop. I’d try to listen, but I’d start losing bits and pieces in between driving and I’d start to go brain numb. She discovered a solution. “Well, let’s get ready for the tea party,” she exclaimed. “What kind of tea party is this? Now?” Indeed.

When I asked you in the car, you said “mmhmm”. That happened probably twelve times that year.


My child had a period when he was a toddler. I took her, told her “We don’t fight in this family” and gave her a timeout every time she spanked me or her father. Instead, I once said without thinking, “We don’t hear each other in this house.” After thinking for a while, she turned to me and asked, “Mom, go outside?”


When my younger brother and I went out to get something, I told them that “whoever enters the house first has to mop the floor.” We spent enough time outside that I forgot what I said. My brother declared, “The last to enter is the donkey,” so I rushed in as we were about to enter. Then he said something about me getting in first so now I have a floor to mop.


When we were in tenth grade, our entire class managed to outsmart our teacher. It didn’t take us long to realize that he wouldn’t stop talking until the bell rang. The aim of the game was to convince her to discuss issues related to youth, parenting, and other related topics.

Someone would start talking about something else as soon as the door closed and so on. until the bell rang 75 minutes later. For the whole semester, we filled out maybe two worksheets and one assignment. They all received excellent grades and she was dismissed from her position as a parenting instructor.


My sister got time off in her room one day because she was throwing a tantrum. This child climbed through the wall into the living room after somehow removing the cold air return vent cover. Mom thought it was a game that she just went out the usual way and went back to her room. It took a few tries for her to realize what was happening.


I am a terrible procrastinator and participated in a dual enrollment program in high school. I didn’t finish the writing project until the night before the deadline. I wrote a really attractive first page, stapled the corner, and then ripped out the staple. After tucking this sheet into the pile of papers on the teacher’s desk, I got a B from her.


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These stories of quick thinking and clever maneuvering show the ingenuity and wit that some people use to navigate everyday situations. From kids using loopholes in their punishments to students manipulating classroom dynamics, each story reflects a unique, creative approach to solving problems or escaping consequences. These stories not only entertain but also highlight the unpredictable nature of human behavior and the different ways individuals apply their minds to get ahead or simply take advantage of their situations. While not all tactics may be appropriate or ethical, there are certainly compelling anecdotes that remind us of the capacity for ingenuity and sometimes mischief that we all potentially share. Whether it’s a child locking the babysitter out of the house or a student cleverly avoiding a bad grade, these stories prove that sometimes thinking outside the box can lead to memorable results.

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