19 Tales of Former Partners That Will Make You Grateful for Your Least Enjoyable Split

Breakups, while often painful and emotional, do not necessarily lead to lasting negativity or hostility between ex-partners. Many individuals hope to maintain positive connections with their exes and desire to transform what was once a romantic relationship into a platonic relationship where mutual respect and appreciation remain intact. This ideal is not always easy to achieve, especially when the breakup involves betrayal, intense emotional hurt, or other complicating factors.

However, certain principles can be used to increase the likelihood of maintaining a healthy relationship after a breakup. These include setting clear boundaries, effective communication, and a genuine willingness on both sides to move past the romantic aspect of their relationship while recognizing the value that each of them brings as individuals. The stories shared illustrate a range of difficult scenarios, from deception and manipulation to simple separation, and highlight the various challenges that can complicate post-breakup dynamics.

Many times, despite people’s best efforts, relationships don’t last. In such situations, it is ideal for all parties involved to part amicably and allow the love to endure as a fond memory of happier days.

However, some ex-partners let their dark side surface and leave the other party wondering what on earth happened to them.

Now I’ve seen everything, including stories of people whose ex-partners would make good horror material.

I got pregnant while we were still married because she cheated on me with a man who was also married.

He believes he will divorce his current wife and tie the knot. She obtained legal counsel and filed for divorce.

The only problem is that he works for his wife’s father, who is grooming him to succeed his father when Daddy retires. He tells everything to his wife and asks for her forgiveness, realizing that the divorce means the end of his undemanding career. After his wife gets him back, he breaks up with my wife.

Ex called my employer, worked her way up to the president, and told him I was unstable. I later found out she believed this would be a deceptive way to get my address which I did not give her.

He would come to me and complain about marital problems when we were apart and finalize our divorce.

With my cousin who he left me for after he had an affair. Not only did he move in with her, but also her husband. She was upset when she realized how many friends she had.

She remarried husband number four in October after her divorce was finalized in May (so yes, I missed some red flags).

My ex-husband started dating his stepmother, who he had been with since he was eleven. Almost five years later, he and his stepmother are still together. A few years ago his stepmother told his father that she loved my ex and they divorced. The father and the 21-year-old are currently dating.

She had seven more marriages!

I was her first wife when we were eighteen, we divorced when we were twenty, and now, at forty-four, she is on her eighth divorce.

The day we broke up, his sister sent a message to everyone he knew on Facebook, including my family. Before we made any announcements she sent a message telling everyone to delete me immediately and told me not to listen to anything I said about why we broke up. Basically, people laughed a lot about it and asked a lot of interesting questions.

he watched me for five years. he would create fake social media accounts in an attempt to follow me (which I would endlessly block) and search my workplace to get in touch with me. Two months after our wedding, this woman cheated on me with seven different men. She sobbed in the judge’s office on the day of our trial. My dad then threw fifty bucks at her and advised her to “change her last name.” Pops is a kind person.

he asked me if it was really over when he called his second wife the night before the wedding.

“This was our last chance to be together,” he remarked. Are you sure it’s over?” The night before his second wedding. Just give it some time to marinate. I guess he didn’t realize that the fact that I paid and filed the divorce papers wasn’t a sign that it was over.

Although we were engaged for two years, we were not married.

Due to past issues, I was too young and ignorant to supervise her as she collected her belongings, so I encouraged her to gather her belongings and put the apartment keys in my parents’ mailbox. When I returned home in the evening, she and her family had removed everything, furniture, dishes, bedding, white goods, food and even personal belongings. She took most of it straight to the local tip and dumped it, I later found out.

After two years of trying to reconcile with her husband, my co-worker finally filed for divorce. Her ex-husband refused to help her with the disabled child or provide child support. She decided to sell her diamond wedding ring, engagement ring, and other jewelry her ex-husband had given her over the years that she could keep after their divorce. ALL THE GEMS WERE FAKES. Her jeweler informed her that fake jewels had suddenly replaced the real ones. He replaced all of her jewelry with imitations during the two years he and his ex worked things out.

After your breakup, what do you think is the secret to maintaining a positive connection with your ex?

Maintaining a positive relationship with an ex after a breakup can be challenging, especially when the breakup involves intense emotions or contentious circumstances. However, cultivating a spirit of respect and understanding can lead to friendly interactions and even friendship. The key to maintaining a healthy relationship after a breakup is setting clear boundaries, communicating openly and honestly, and allowing yourself time to heal.

Setting boundaries is essential because it helps define a new dynamic between the two parties and prevents old patterns from re-emerging and causing further conflict. Open and honest communication ensures that any residual feelings or misunderstandings are resolved, reducing the likelihood of resentment. Finally, giving yourself and your ex-partner time to heal is essential. It’s important to remember that both parties may process the breakup differently and need space to move forward.

Despite the wild and often disturbing breakup stories we share, they highlight a fundamental truth: every relationship and breakup is unique, and their resolution requires a customized approach that fits the needs and circumstances of those involved. By following the principles of respect, communication, and patience, it is possible to transform a potentially negative experience into an experience of mutual respect and understanding, or even maintain a friendship that will enrich both individuals going forward.

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