20 Messages from Children That Outshine Even the Most Compelling Hollywood Script

Before diving into these adorable and funny notes from kids, it’s worth noting the charm that comes from their innocence and lack of experience with writing and spelling. Children’s notes often have a unique appeal because they offer a glimpse into their unfiltered thoughts and emotions. Whether it’s a simple request, a heartfelt expression, or a comical observation, each note reflects the true and limitless nature of childhood. Now let’s dive into these wonderful messages and enjoy the pure joy they bring.

While writing notes is adorable, children’s inexperience with writing and spelling gives them a unique appeal. You never know what a child is thinking or what they will write to you next, but one thing is for sure – when they get their hands on a pen and paper, what they write will be an absolute masterpiece.

Bright Side loves kids and their cheerful messages, so we’ve rounded up a few to make your day happier.

1. Mother of Ava Furious Shaved Cats


I asked you to refrain from shaving the cats. You too!

You were aware of my previous sadness. What made you do it? So I won’t talk to you.

Love, hate


2. Owen makes it clear who is boss in the household.

“Get my Legos today or your mother will kick you out.

I adore Owen.

3. A child wrote a note to a violin teacher after a parent refused.

“Riley is incredibly evil! for sexual purposes!”

4. At least he tried.


Miss P made me write you this message. I just want to apologize that I’m not sorry, even though I tried.


5. “I discovered a letter my younger sister wrote to her parents when she was a child. I guess I was too hard on her.”

“Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m most likely running off to live with Claire, Raegan, or Sharee. It’s Liam’s fault.

He is quite tyrannical and cruel. Okay, bye.


Collins, Erin Regan

p.s. I promise I won’t talk again unless I run away. Throughout.”

6. “Grow up, Shawn.”

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“Shayne, I’m ending our relationship.

We haven’t spoken since the day you asked me out. That was three months ago. It would be unfortunate if you never got married. You have to pull yourself together. You should get hitched. But not with me.


7. What love is all about

“Love, mom

I truly appreciate you being my mother. I would go find you and punch my mom in the face if I had a different mother.


8. She should give him the lollipops.

“If you don’t give me that lollipop, we’re going to die”

9. “My 5-year-old daughter brought a note ‘from her kindergarten teacher.’

“Steph and Matt,

Monday off for Scoohl! I’m grateful.

10. This child’s mother wins the “Parent of the Year” award.

“I love you so much and thank you for feeding me so I don’t die”

11. Good luck baby Jesus.

“Greetings, Santa

What is wrong with you? I’m good. I’ve listed my Christmas wish list here .”

12. When your child is having more drama than you are:

I regret having a boyfriend and breaking up with him.

13. It was pretty close.

“Your mother is the BEST ever”

14. We sincerely regret your loss.

“The dog ate my last cookie and I’m very upset”

15. “My daughter’s old puzzle was sold, but a piece was missing. When I found it, I sent it along with this message an hour later to the new owner.”

A piece of the puzzle was out of time, but he really wanted to stay. You can even claim that the goose was cooked.

16. The opening sequence of the upcoming Star Wars movie should be this:

Please give me my fifteen dollars or I’ll hit you with my light saver. I adore Darth Vader.

17. A letter a child wrote to a teacher who was recently divorced

“Mrs. X, what’s your favorite TV to watch? Do you feel alone? You can live with me, yes?”

18. How are these schools doing?

“Hi Brie,

I’m so thought-provoking about your hair. You are a very nice friend.

by Gannon.

19. This is thought-provoking.

“Mommy dear.

Stop spitting on my bed, please.

20. Well done Collin.

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“Ms. Walker and Mr.

This week, Collin can stay home and play video games because there will be no school.

From Mrs. Teague

“I’m the one with the technical skills!”

Have you left any fun notes from your early years or from your children? So we can all laugh together, please share with everyone in the comments!

In conclusion, we can say that children’s notes always put a smile on our faces with their innocence, sincerity, and sometimes even unwanted humor. These notes capture the pure essence of childhood, from voicing their grievances to showering their loved ones with appreciation. Whether it’s a heartfelt apology, a humorous request, or a heartfelt declaration of love, each message reflects the young writer’s unique perspective and personality. As we cherish these precious moments shared by children, let us continue to appreciate their creativity and spontaneity, bringing joy and laughter into our lives.

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