3 Wedding Tales Where Deception and Betrayal Are Unexpectedly Revealed

As I stood there as a bride in the midst of a storm of claims and accusations, my heart pounded with confusion and betrayal. The sight of several women dressed as brides bumping into my soon-to-be husband, Fred, disturbed the serenity of what should have been our happiest day. Their presence was an ominous interruption that cast a long shadow over our vows of love and fidelity.

Each woman took turns and their stories weaved a tapestry of deception that enveloped Fred in unmistakable guilt. Margaret, composed but visibly shaken, claimed that Fred had promised her marriage. Fiery and assertive, Vivian presented the engagement ring Fred had given her, symbolizing the years of a hidden relationship. With a calmness that contrasted with her shocking news, Louise spoke of her plans to start a family with Fred – the future he secretly envisioned with her. In the end, Jae-Hwa, dignified yet hurt, revealed how Fred had exploited her position as an influencer and her wealth for his own gain.

Weddings are meant to be joyous events where loved ones come together to reminisce. But what happens when you suddenly find out the truth about your loved ones and start to doubt everything?

Three people recounted their experiences when they were forced to make difficult decisions just before their wedding due to unexpected revelations of betrayals and facts.

1. The groom left my daughter behind and Karma responded vehemently

This is not how I thought my only daughter’s wedding would turn out. She was so delighted that day and my heart as a father was overflowing with happiness. But more than an hour after we arrived at the wedding venue, my daughter and her fiance were nowhere to be seen.

We were all getting nervous. And then the unthinkable happened. “This wedding is off!” shouted the groom as he ran into the hall. I was as shocked as everyone else.

The groom suddenly left the wedding venue. I decided to hunt down Jane because I had this weird feeling. I called 911 after almost immediately finding her unconscious on the floor of the men’s room.

On the way to the hospital, she momentarily regained consciousness and whispered something that made my hair stand on end. What Victor did to my daughter was beyond my understanding.

It was supposed to be Jane’s most precious day. Although she was rather nervous before the ceremony, she was really pleased with how her vision had come to fruition. In just thirty minutes she would marry Victor, the man of her dreams.

And she had to admit that even though his rage scared her, she was won over by his charisma. She smiled as she stood in front of the mirror in her room. She adored how she looked put together as she ran her fingers through her freshly styled hair.

Jane turned when she heard the sound of the door opening and saw Victor. Normally before the ceremony, the bride’s dressing room was off-limits, but he was there. He murmured, “Jane,” his eyes widened with desire for her. “You look stunning.

“Winner!” cried Jane. “This is not where you should be! My dear, you are aware that seeing a bride before the wedding brings bad luck. Close your eyes and go on! I will support you. I will meet you at the altar, please. I will.” there in a moment.

Excitement heated the air between them as Victor stepped forward.

Breathing in her aroma, he whispered, “Don’t keep me waiting, Jane.” “I can’t wait to be wife and husband in no time. I had to have you now.”

Victor kept his eyes fixed on Jane as he began to unbutton his suit. She was uncomfortable. Although Jane didn’t think they should be intimate until their wedding night, Victor was serious about “doing things right” so she didn’t understand why they agreed to wait.

He murmured into her neck and asked, “What’s wrong, Jane?” “Give me ten minutes and I’ll show you what’s in store for you tonight.”

Jane felt her bowels twist.

“Honey,” she said. “It’s been a long wait. We can postpone it until after the wedding. Plus, I don’t want to sabotage the outfit or the hair and cosmetics.”

We won’t have enough time to solve the problems.”

Hissing: “Stop, Jane,” “Don’t push me aside. I want this. I understand it’s your first time, but don’t worry – I’ll make it memorable.

Jane continued to push him away until she said the words that changed the course of her life forever. She said, “Victor, you are not my first.”

Victor stopped and looked into her eyes to see if she was telling the truth. Her quivering lower lip and her stillness confirmed to him what was true.

He growled, “What did you say?” “You’re not a virgin? Are you saying I should have married a non-virgin? You couldn’t have lied to me.”

How did you convince me that you are a godly woman worthy of my marriage – a successful businessman? Jane, you are disgusting. You are used, damaged products that have been discarded.”

Jane pleaded with him, claiming that it hadn’t come up before and that she had never lied about it. However, Victor did not stop belittling my daughter and questioning her morals.

Jane sobbed as she hurried out of her room.

As she sat on the bench, sobbing, she heard someone say, “I’m sorry miss.”

Looking up, she noticed one of the earlier bartenders.

He asked, “Are you okay?” “My name is Marcus. Allow me to join you in your place.”

Jane sank back into her chair, the man’s politeness rekindling her tears.

She sobbed, “I’ll never be okay again.”

“What happened? What made the groom run away?” Marcus asked.

“Because he left me,” Jane stated simply.

“He left me because I wasn’t a virgin.

Marcus laughed. “This is not the Middle Ages.

Jane reluctantly revealed everything to Marcus. She told him about Jake, the man she was dating before her parents found out and put too much pressure on her, telling her that Jake wasn’t the right man for her. Jake was also the man she lost her virginity to.

Jake also couldn’t stand the tension and started cheating on her for comfort.

She shared with Marcus her belief that Victor accepted her for who she was, despite the fact that Victor was blind to her background.

“Jane,” Marcus stated. “Stop wasting your time feeling bad about leading a life.

He’s not the right guy for you, so he couldn’t understand. Everyone has a past. Furthermore, I can confirm that your fiancé is anything but a virgin.”

Jane laughed despite her tears.

“Hello, I understand you are staying in this honeymoon suite. I was tasked with preparing champagne in your room. Come with me as we place every order from the menu!”

Let’s take a lesson from that groom of yours. Let’s also give you a part of this day that you can continue to enjoy.”

Jane gave in to her reluctance and followed Marcus. She had nothing to lose now.

They continued to the honeymoon suite where Jane had already neatly arranged her shoes on the wall and her dress hanging in the closet. Marcus took off his shoes and ordered every expensive dish on the menu. Jane got more laughs from him than she had since the wedding plans had begun. Jane saw a glint in his eyes that took her back to when she was in love.

Jane kissed Marcus after they had a pillow fight and a lovely lunch. Victor arrived at the same time. He was furious. He grabbed her arm and started to pull her out.

She grabbed his arm and ran, locking herself in one of the men’s restrooms, the closest shelter she could find.

Victor decided not to pursue her. Rather, he stormed out of the hall after declaring, “There is no wedding!”

Jane was in the hospital for observation until the next morning.

When she opened her eyes, she noticed Victor. I wasn’t here then.

“Please go ahead. Get dressed. We are enjoying a casual drink with the visitors. Since most of them were staying on-site, I informed them that yesterday was a mistake. I will marry you after all.” I’m not interested in that, I refuse to even look at you, but I’d look like such a saint bringing you back,” he remarked.

Jane was having trouble understanding a word he was saying. She didn’t want to be around him after the prank he pulled right before their wedding.

However, there was no other option for her. She remembered the wonderful time she shared with Marcus as he taught her to embrace every moment and appreciate her own body.

However, Marcus was not present. Victor was too. to give her a second chance at a simpler existence, the life of a married woman as opposed to a life of rejection.

She followed the instructions.

Jane made her way through the ballroom where the cocktail party was taking place. She searched every table hoping to see Marcus, but he was nowhere to be found. She realized she was repelling Victor even though he was attached to her.

Of course, Victor didn’t think we needed to be invited. Jane was relieved that we weren’t around for Victor to treat us with disrespect because from now on he would only treat us with contempt. However, she hoped I had discovered her letter announcing her engagement to Victor.

Jane was aware of Victor’s sins. He often said that guys would date, but girls? Not this way.

By the time he spoke, Jane was so lost in her thoughts that she barely noticed anyone approaching her. “Jane,” Marcus muttered as he emerged from the gloom. “Why are you dating that guy?”

Jane felt her heart lift. He gave her a gentle look. She also saw that the guy was wearing an expensive suit.

You left me, she cried. “You just left yesterday. And why are you wearing clothes like that? Don’t you work as a bartender?”

Out of the corner of her eye, Jane caught a glimpse of Victor’s furious rage. He yelled, “Get the hell out, you jackass!” at Marcus’s.

Marcus didn’t back down. “One more word and I’ll have you fired.

Victor laughed, “The bartender doesn’t have that much power.”

“No, but my father owns this property. I’m in charge now. I pretended to be a bartender yesterday to see how things were run from a different perspective.”

Jane saw Marcus smile but didn’t return the favor. He said, “I have not left you, Jane.” “Indeed I did. However, I fully planned to return.”

In his coat pocket was a velvet box which he took out.

“Jane, I realize we only met recently. But I want to know everything about you because you look magical. both past and present. I long for the future we share.”

Now get to know me. But while you’re at it, kindly wear it on your finger. jane will you marry me

Marcus bent down in front of Jane and gave her the ring.

Jane nodded and saw herself in a future where she would be loved and respected for who she truly was. Marcus picked her up and pressed his kiss to her until she squealed. Her story is far from over.

and I? I was there and took everything. I witnessed everything that happened as I ran to the spot holding Jan’s note tightly. My heart swelled with joy to see her so happy. My daughter’s happiness is the only thing that matters to me.

2. My husband had five other “brides”

When I stood at the altar on my wedding day, I had no idea how drastically things would turn out. Just as I was ready to finish my vow, I heard someone muttering among the guests, which caught my attention. I noticed five women approaching us in wedding dresses.

My fiancé recognized each one with the clarity of someone who had seen a ghost. No doubt I had my reservations, but nothing prepared me for this.

A few weeks ago, after dinner, I was kicking back on the couch when I noticed my soon-to-be husband, Fred, pacing nervously. Just a few days after our wedding, I had a feeling that something was wrong – especially with Fred’s recent agitated behavior and mysterious use of the phone.

“Something’s clearly bothering you, Fred. What do you think about it?” She asked with genuine concern.

“It’s just work stress, you know?” he tried to deny it.

However, his mysterious look told me otherwise.

“Come on, you’re almost secretive, you’re not just distracted,” I insisted.

What’s really going on?”

He hesitated for a moment before sighing. “Okay, let me be upfront. While I was hoping for a more low-key wedding, it looks like we’re having a royal event.”

I cried out, relieved that it was nothing but wedding nerves, “Why didn’t you mention this sooner? It’s our shared responsibility to arrange our wedding. You know, this woman warned me the other day…”

“A woman? Which woman? What did she look like?” he asked nervously.

“Ignore her. You are all that matters to me.” I replied, “I didn’t realize you wanted a more private ceremony.”

“I assumed you wanted a lavish wedding. I didn’t want to disappoint you,” he murmured.

“Let’s discuss and find a compromise with my father. Okay, we’re in this together.”

After our conversation, I felt less anxious and we continued with our wedding plans. But Fred was still nervous about the size of our upcoming wedding.

With its flamboyant doors and beautiful decorations, the chapel looked like something out of a fairy tale on the wedding day.

There was excitement among all for the ceremony. Fred was waiting there in front of me.

As I walked down the aisle, thinking about our future together, I had a rush of excitement.

The ceremony began with a warm welcome from the Minister to all present. Fred expressed his seriousness when he said, “I do,” during our vow ceremony. When it was my turn, I couldn’t resist jumping in with a hearty “I do”.

Then came the usual “If anyone objects to this union…” moment, but the minister was cut off before he could say anything as the door opened. There was a woman in the same white dress as me, pointing at Fred and yelling, “I got you!”

Dad was up right away. He said, “Who are you?” but she ignored him and continued walking in our direction. Everything was buzzing.

Someone asked, “Is she lost?”

Another person guessed: “Maybe an ex?”

As rumors began to spread, four more women entered, all wearing elegant wedding dresses. Seemingly in control, Lily spoke up and said, “Before we go any further, we need to talk about something important.”

“What on earth is going on? Who are you all? I finally regained my voice in astonishment I asked.”

Fred looked equally surprised and slightly angry at the woman. “We have a wedding planned for this day! What does that mean?” he shouted.

It didn’t faze Lily, though. She motioned for the other women to take turns speaking. Markéta went first. “I’m Margaret and Fred promised to marry me,” she revealed, causing the other visitors to gasp in shock.

Before anyone had a chance to process it, Vivian shot right in, full blast and no holds barred. “My name is also Vivian. I’ve been dating Fred for five years. I got this ring from him.”

Then Louise said in a French accent, “My name is Louise. I’m engaged to Fred and we want to start a family.”

Last and more reserved was Jae-Hwa. “I’m Jae-Hwa, Fred’s ex-partner. I’m an influencer from Korea. Fred took advantage of my wealth and fame.”

Everyone in the chapel fell silent as they tried to comprehend the drama that was unfolding. The arrival prepared to deal with the situation was a security one.

Fred replied, trying to look authoritative in the midst of the confusion, “Please remove these ladies.”

And with that, he tried to laugh it off. “Is that really true? Every ex? at the same time? Come on, it’s an absurd conversation.”

Several participants began to mutter and nod to themselves, “Maybe it’s all made up.”

Another person speculated: “Sounds like someone is trying to ruin their big day.”

After a brief moment of relief, Fred turned to me with serious eyes. “I take it you trust me? If I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t be here.”

However, the women did not leave quietly. Lily tried to make her point, but the boisterous audience insisted on going ahead with the wedding.

As the tension in the chapel escalated, a palpable restlessness took hold of the crowd. Fred, who until now appeared to be a devoted fiancé, was now accused of multiple secret engagements. The women’s claims, each detailed and heartbreaking, painted a picture of a man who deftly manipulated the lives of several unsuspecting women.

Despite the initial shock and a few dubious voices from the audience, the overwhelming evidence presented by the women was harder to dismiss. Photos, intimate messages, and even engagement rings were on display, each piece corroborating their stories of cheating. The wedding venue, once filled with the warmth of celebration, has turned into a courtroom of moral judgment.

Amid the chaos, I found myself struggling with a whirlwind of emotions. The man I loved, the man I was about to pledge my life to, was now a stranger with a dark past. The weight of betrayal hung heavy as I looked into other women’s eyes and saw my own hurt reflected back at me.

After a long, tense pause, I made a decision. I turned to Fred and spoke with a clarity borne of betrayal and newfound determination. “This wedding cannot go ahead,” I stated in a firm but sorrowful voice. The crowd gasped, but in my heart, I knew it was the only way forward.

Fred’s protests fell on deaf ears as security escorted him and the other women away to settle the matter in private. The chapel, once filled with the music of marriage vows, now echoed with the murmurs of disillusioned guests.

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