A 9-year-old fends for himself for two years after being abandoned, managing to feed himself and continue attending school.

It’s no secret that little toddlers can be resourceful. This ingenuity could even manifest itself in the most amazing way, as it did in the south-west of France.

It all happened in the Nersac apartment, where the mother of the 9-year-old French child left him completely alone. He wasn’t going to give up easily, even when she left him. He was the only resident of the apartment for two years. Although he sometimes had to do without heat and electricity, he never gave up trying to live. Part of that was going to school.

The young man lived alone from the age of nine to eleven. No one, not even the school, noticed that the little cub was living in this condition. They said he was also an excellent student.

Although the neighbors sometimes brought him food, they did not know that he lived alone. He would subsist on cake and preserves. Sometimes he went to the neighbor’s balcony and picked tomatoes. He often went without heat and electricity, so he had to sleep with three large blankets and wash in cold water.

Meanwhile, his mother lived in a nearby village just 5 miles from her son. The thirty-nine-year-old woman sometimes came to him and fed him, but not very often. The boy’s father seems to be completely absent from the young child’s life and there is no news about him. She decided to leave the apartment and the child after her mother and father divorced.

Neighbors called the authorities after realizing after several months that the young man was living alone. Challenge anyone who recognized this situation – a clean young man, a decent student who did his homework – says the mayor of the city.

“I think it was also a kind of protective shield that he built around himself to say ‘everything is fine’.” According to the neighbor, she verbally abused her son and they often heard her cursing. The mother, who chose to remain anonymous, faced legal action for abandoning her child and failing to ensure his safety.

Phone records were presented in court to establish that she does not live with her child and that she continues to attend school and work on her academics. When questioned, she denied the accusation, but neighbors provided evidence that he lived alone.

The boy’s mother was jailed for 18 months and must wear an electronic monitoring device for six months. The child, who is now a teenager, claims she only saw him once when she was at his foster home and he doesn’t want to hear from her again.

The story of a 9-year-old French child who lives alone in a Nersac apartment is both heartbreaking and astonishing. Despite being left completely on his own by his mother, he displayed remarkable resilience and resourcefulness. He managed to survive for two years, even though he lacked basic amenities such as heat and electricity. Remarkably, neither his school nor his neighbors were aware of the extent of his situation, a testament to his ability to maintain a facade of normality. His situation underscores the importance of paying more attention to the well-being of children in our communities.

It is clear that the child’s mother failed in her duty to provide a safe and nurturing environment for her son. By leaving him alone in the apartment for an extended period of time, she exposed him to numerous risks and dangers. Her negligent actions, coupled with instances of verbal abuse, rightfully resulted in legal action against her. The court’s decision to sentence her to prison and order electronic monitoring reflects the seriousness of her wrongdoing and serves as a warning to others who might neglect their parental responsibilities.

Despite the challenges he’s faced and the trauma he’s endured, the kid’s resilience shines through. His ability to persevere and thrive under such adverse circumstances is a testament to his strength of character. As they enter their teenage years, they deserve the love, support, and stability that every child deserves. It is encouraging to know that he has found refuge in a foster home and has expressed a desire to move on from his past. Hopefully, he can now begin to heal and build a brighter future for himself, without the neglect and abandonment he experienced in his early years.

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