A Mother of 16 Children by Age 40, Homeschools Them All and Drives Them to 88 Sports Practices Weekly

The Redbacks are a unique family. Four of the sixteen children, whose parents are Lyette and David Reback of Palm Beach, Florida, are adopted. Lynette, now 45, met her husband David when she was just 19. So the two got together. The couple became engaged in just ten days, married the next year, and their first daughter was born when Lyette was twenty-one.

Before she had her first child, Lyette was a single mother who never even changed a diaper or babysat. All this according to the family blog. “I could never imagine or imagine that we would have so many children,” she said in an interview with HooplaHa.

Many children require $650 worth of wholesale groceries per week, which includes 12 gallons of milk, 40 pounds of chicken, 50 pounds of potatoes, and 100 eggs. In addition, there are 88 separate sports training sessions and 42 loads of laundry per week.

Lynette gained and lost 600 pounds as a newborn, spent almost a decade of her life pregnant, and never had a C-section, according to the Fox News show Redbacks.

“If I had known then that I would have 16 children by the time I was 40, I would have thought it was crazy,” she recalls.

“If the number of kids we have comes up in conversation, or people see us out and don’t know our family, they’re like ‘holy mackerel.’

The story of the Reback family is a testimony of love, dedication, and the incredible journey of parenthood. Lynette and David’s unique journey, from meeting at a young age to quickly building a large and diverse family, shows their unwavering commitment to each other and their children. Despite the challenges of raising a large family, including managing finances, food, and schedules, the Redbacks embrace their busy household with joy and gratitude. Their story inspires others to embrace life’s unexpected twists and turns with open arms and find beauty in the chaos of family life.

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