A Wife Witnesses a Beautiful Woman Giving Her Husband a Note ‘Thanks for Last Night!’ – Featured Story

When a stunning woman gives her husband Mitch a thank you card in a pub, Denise is immediately suspicious. Shortly after, he receives a video message from someone where Mitch and an attractive young lady are together. While searching for evidence of Mitch’s adultery, Denise uncovers a more sinister secret. Denise and Mitch were at the bar with their friends Tony, Tina, and Greg.

Mitch talked about his work on vintage cars with pride. “Fixed an old Mustang and an old Chevy,” he exclaimed. “Mustang? Tony whistled, “Man, that’s impressive,” and the others agreed. Due to their financial problems with the vehicle repair shop – which was registered in Denise’s name due to Mitch’s bad credit history – she doubted Mitch’s claims. But she said nothing and gave him her space.

Denise noticed a stunning woman approaching Mitch as he went to get more drinks; she handed him a letter. When Mitch returned, she grabbed the note and said, “Thanks for last night?” aloud. He tried to brush it off and said, “Dan, it’s just a joke.” Tony arranged it.

Tony laughed, “Yeah, just a joke to lighten the mood,” but Denise could sense the brokenness in his tone. The tense atmosphere was broken by the announcement of the news. Denise’s phone turned on and she quickly looked at it. She opened the message and saw a video that made her sick.

The scene between Mitch and the attractive woman at his garage played out like a bad dream, their private exchange glowing in the dim light.

Distraught by the evidence of Mitch’s betrayal, Denise decided to speak to the woman face to face. She marched out of the bar and into the parking lot, where it looked like she was running, despite his objections.

“Hello! Come back to this place!” Denise ran after her, screaming. With great agility, the woman fled in her vehicle, leaving Denise to cut through the remains of the smoke.

The next day, she decided to look into Mitch’s accounts, hoping to find evidence of lavish dinners or gifts.

She turned on his ancient laptop—which still contained all of his passwords—and began searching.

What Denise found in less than fifteen minutes was far more disturbing than romance. His folders contained pictures, auto parts bills, and vehicle registration papers with matching VINs.

She wasn’t an idiot, unlike her husband.

They were not legitimate purchases. They publicized Mitch’s involvement in illegal activity. She almost wished he’d been unfaithful instead.


“Hello, Denise. Why did you come here?” One of the mechanics, Carlos, asked when Denise got to the dealership.

She required her husband to be completely honest with her.

“I’m trying to find Mitch.” “Where is he?” Denise barely contained her anger.

Carlos motioned for her to go to the back.

She found him fighting another man in the alley behind the store. She decided to secretly film their chat and caught Mitch looking visibly frustrated.

“I can’t use parts that are already broken. Mitch said in a tone that was both defiant and desperate, ‘Come on, at least give me something to work with.’

However, the man he had argued with became enraged and threatened Mitch with a crankshaft. He growled, “You’re lucky we’re even giving it to you.”

Mitch had objections to the quality of the parts.

“Look at that cylinder head cover…looks like it was pried off with a crowbar.

The man shot back without embarrassment, “Take it or leave it, Mitch. You’re ours.” Throwing the crankshaft to the ground, he turned to leave.

When the man left, Mitch saw Denise for the first time. He growled, “What the hell are you doing here?”

He growled at Denise, who mumbled, “I just wanted to talk,” hoping she would get away. However, Mitch was moving too fast and pinned her against the car and demanded to see what she saw.

She denied seeing anything of note, except for the last snippet of his conversation with the stranger. However, Mitch doesn’t seem to be buying it.

“Shut up or there will be consequences you can’t even fathom,” he grumbled.

Pushing him away, Denise yelled, “I don’t want any part of this, Mitch,” and ran away from him.

Denise pretended to be fine in front of Carlos in the garage before hastily leaving. She collapses in her car, remembering her previous transgressions with Mitch, overcome with fear and rage.

Suddenly, the car door opened and a mysterious woman entered with a gun. “Go now. Move,” with a chilling mutter.

Denise gasped a little when she realized it was the attractive woman from the bar, but her hands continued to shake on the steering wheel as she got out and started on her way. “What do you want from me?” she asked her captor seconds later.

A woman led Denise to a private parking lot, where she identified herself as a secret agent. “My name is Garcia, Special Agent. Garcia said, showing her badge, ‘I need your help to take down a criminal at your husband’s auto shop.’

“How do I even know you’re the one?” Denise asked, looking at the badge as if she could tell if it was fake.

“I’ve been following Mitch’s business and you hit something big today,” Garcia replied. “I need you to cooperate.

Denise thought for a few seconds before nodding. “Okay. She was shaking as she said, “I’ll help you.

*** “What did you find?” When they arrived at Denise’s house, Agent Garcia asked her and looked at Mitch’s laptop.

Denise produced bills and pictures that showed illegal activity.

“He was dealing with these people, paying off debts with stolen car parts,” she said.

“This is very important.” Agent Garcia nodded at the screen and continued, “It links him to these individuals.

Denise’s head hung. “It goes beyond what I originally believed was infidelity.

He is engaged in risky activity.”

Agent Garcia made the request after reviewing material that included a video of Mitch’s questionable activities. “This is enough for the case, but we need more. Mitch might be necessary to dismantle the entire ring. Could you please help me one more time?” she asked.

*** Denise paced the living room as she waited for Mitch to come home.

 She stopped pacing and was agitated when he entered, crying and not stopping to drink.

She insisted, “You’ve been drinking, haven’t you?”

“None of your business,” Mitch shot back. “Where can I have dinner please?” He hiccupped as he finished the statement.

Despite his insistence, Denise persisted and said, “Mitch, we need to talk. What’s going on with the money you need to pay these people?”

He tried to dismiss it as “business difficulties”, but after she saw him fighting a man over stolen car parts, she insisted on knowing the truth. He finally lost his temper.

“I, um, lied to them? sold an old car that was stolen and kept the difference!” Mitch admitted with some effort to compose himself.

“What did you spend it on?” Denise asked with her arms crossed.

Mitch admitted that he was wasting money on a racing dog that he thought would be a profitable venture.

Denise was pacing again, but not because she was nervous. She wanted to scream, to tear his hair, she was so frustrated. “How could you drag us into such a mess?”

“You’d better shut up, I didn’t think you’d find out. If you tell, you’ll be at the bottom of the river in concrete shoes. I won’t be hurt,” he sneered, laughing hysterically. “They need me.

Suddenly he stumbled to the floor on his own two feet. The last straw was this. Mitch wasn’t worried about either of them, contrary to Denise’s assumptions.

He didn’t really care if he hurt her with his actions. Ignoring his plea, she walked past him and said, “Come back here and help me!”

She felt herself rise to her feet, but before Denise could open the front door, Agent Garcia was there ready for anything.

He was taken aback when Garcia revealed her true identity and took Mitch into custody.

*** “Why did you send me that video?” After the other officers finished searching her house, Denise asked the undercover agent if they could get any more evidence.

“I felt you should be aware of Mitch’s actions,” Agent Garcia sighed in response. “I wanted to make sure you wouldn’t be blamed for his crimes since the business is in your name.

“Could I have been in trouble because of Mitch’s actions?” Denise gasped.

“It’s complicated, but you shouldn’t worry because we have all the information now. “There’s no reason to suspect you,” the agent reassured her.

After receiving this guarantee, Denise thought it was time for a fresh start. Determined to run the auto repair shop honestly, she took over.

When she walked into the store the next day, Carlos smiled to greet her but frowned at her determined expression. He asked, “Denise, everything okay?”

Mitch is no longer involved, as Denise made clear when confirming her new role. Now we will operate in a different way. No more illegal dealings.

For a moment, Carlos looked surprised, but then he smiled again. I support you, Denise. It really was about time,” he nodded.

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On a whirlwind journey of discovery, Denise uncovers not only her husband’s infidelity but also a darker secret involving illegal activities. Faced with betrayal and danger, Denise demonstrated resilience and courage as she navigated the chaos. With the help of Special Agent Garcia, she was able to face the truth and take decisive action to protect herself and break up the criminal activities associated with her husband’s auto repair shop.

As she embarked on a new chapter, Denise took control of the situation and decided to run the business with integrity and honesty. With the support of allies like Carlos and Agent Garcia, she embraces the opportunity for a new beginning, free from the shadows of deception and deceit.

Through her ordeal, Denise learned the importance of confidence, resilience, and the ability to take action in the face of adversity. Her story serves as a reminder of the strength that lies within even in the most trying circumstances, and the transformative power of facing the truth, no matter how hard it may be.

As Denise looks ahead to the future, she stands as a testament to the human spirit’s ability to overcome, adapt, and thrive in the face of adversity. Her journey serves as an inspiration to others facing similar trials, reminding them that they are not alone and that there is always hope on the horizon waiting to be embraced.

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