A Woman Swerves to Avoid a Roadside Garbage Bag, Then Checks It and Feels Terrified

Life is full of unexpected moments that can fundamentally change our direction. Sometimes these moments come from the most spontaneous decisions, like a slight change in our daily routine. Whether it’s drinking coffee at a different time or choosing a new route to work, these small changes can lead to significant experiences. That’s exactly what happened to Malisse Sergent Lewis one summer morning in 2016. In a rush to get to her job at a school in Kentucky, she decided to take the road less traveled, which led to a heartwarming yet surprising discovery. Here is the remarkable story of what happened that day.

You may have encountered it before. You make a spontaneous decision to deviate slightly from your daily schedule. Maybe you get your coffee at a different time or leave work a little earlier. Small adjustments to your daily schedule can have a significant impact. You might unexpectedly run into an old friend or find out something terrible about your relationship right after work.

Shifts can be small or large at different times. Much like what Malissa Sergent Lewis thought when she decided to commute by car one summer day. One July morning in 2016, Malissa Sergent Lewis was late for work at her school in Kentucky.

Wanting to get to where she was before, Malissa chose a minor road rather than a crowded highway.

She will always be grateful for the decision she made. Something strange was observed on the road that day: a moving garbage bag. Malissa asked if it was actually moving when she first saw it. It was moving, she realized as she got closer.

Malissa stopped the car and cautiously approached the bag, curious as to what was inside, not knowing what she might discover.Malissa realized that everything in the bag wasn’t there by accident because it was attached. She carefully tore open the corner of the bag to see inside. What was inside was even more amazing.

“The dog was a puppy. He was as excited to see me as I was. He started wagging his tail as soon as I unzipped the bag and he noticed the light. It was unbelievable to me,” Malissa told The Dodo. Inside a garbage bag, the puppy was discovered on the road.

Even a short stay inside would be too much for a small dog, although it didn’t look like the dog had been inside for very long.The puppy had no marks on the collar even though it had been worn. Malissa couldn’t bear to leave the puppy at home, so she took him to school with her.

Finally, Malissa’s son returned home with the dog. Then they both took the puppy to the vet for vaccinations and a checkup. How the dog got into the bag by the side of the road is a mystery.

Malissa called animal control because she thought someone might have stolen the dog and left it. However, no one claimed ownership of the dog and no one reported its loss. Luckily, the pup will have a loving home as Malissa and her family have adopted him. Malissa finds it incomprehensible that anyone would act in such a horrible way.

Who would cause such harm to an animal? Everyone loves puppies. “Putting any animal in a garbage bag and leaving it on the road is really cruel,” Malissa told The Dodo. Click this link to view a video of the event: 

In conclusion, Malissa Sergent Lewis’ decision to take an alternative route that summer morning in 2016 led to the remarkable rescue of a puppy abandoned in a garbage bag. Her keen observation and compassionate actions not only saved the life of a small dog but also brought attention to the often unexpected effects of small changes in our daily lives. Malissa’s story is a poignant reminder of the kindness and vigilance that can turn an ordinary day into a day of heroism and compassion. The puppy, now safe and loved in his new home, serves as a testament to the difference one person can make in the face of cruelty. This incident underscores the importance of remaining alert and compassionate, as we never know when a small act of kindness will be needed.

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