Adele Educates NFL Fans Who Gripe Regarding Taylor’s Quick Inclusion to ‘Find something useful to do’: Quick ‘Made It Somewhat More Pleasant to Watch’

Adele shared her considerations on Taylor Quick’s participation at NFL games during her residency show in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

In a video shared via virtual entertainment, Adele protected Quick while discussing Super Bowl LVIII, where the Kansas City Bosses and San Francisco 49ers will clash Sunday at Las Vegas’ Allegiant Arena. Quick is supposed to go to the game.

“I’m a piece torn, on the grounds that I sort of believe the 49ers should win… however I assume I believe the Bosses should win in light of Taylor Quick’s sweetheart,” Adele told the crowd, who cheered at her reaction in the Colosseum at Caesars Royal residence.

“And every one of you that are whining about Taylor being at the games, get a fucking life, it’s her fucking sweetheart!” Adele proceeded.

“It’s really made it somewhat more pleasant to watch, since like I said, I have no clue about what’s happening.”

Quick went to various NFL games during the 2023 season to root for her sweetheart, Kansas City Bosses tight end Travis Kelce.

The vocalist lyricist made her most memorable NFL appearance at the Sept. 24 game between the Bosses and Chicago Bears, where the previous finished the game with a score of 41-10.

Quick talked about her relationship with Kelce in an uncommon meeting with Time last year, especially about her appearance at his games.

“At the point when you say a relationship is public, that implies I will see him make every moment count, we’re appearing for one another, others are there and we couldn’t care less,” she gave the current time.

“Something contrary to that is you need to take to a drastic course of action measure of work to ensure nobody realizes that you’re seeing somebody. Also, we’re only pleased with one another.”

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