An Old Johnny Goes Into The Vehicle Display area.

Thus, old Johnny goes into the vehicle display area and finds the vehicle he needs to purchase:
Old Johnny asks the sales rep not sell the specific model till the following day, since he needs to get it on his birthday.

The sales rep gives his statement.
The following day Johnny returns to the display area just to find the vehicle being offered to a ravishing young woman.

Old Johnny pulls over the sales rep and says.
“I requested that you save this vehicle on hold for me. Didn’t you stay faithful to your promise, I see you likewise offered it to that woman at a limited rate.”

The sales rep answers.
“She demanded to purchase just this vehicle, and with a rebate.”
“Look how lovely she is? How is it that I could express no to her?”

The young woman interferes with them and approaches old Johnny and gives the vehicle keys to him.
She grins at the sales rep, then, at that point, turns around to old Johnny and says.
“Didn’t I let you know they’d give me a rebate? “Blissful birthday Father!”

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