An Older Couple Got Back to A Mercedes Showroom To Demonstrate That “Never Wreck With The Old”

At the point when an older couple got back to a Mercedes showroom, they found that the sales rep had recently sold the vehicle they were keen on, to a delightful Woman.

“I thought you said you would hold that vehicle until we raised the $75, 000 asking cost,” said the elderly person.

“However I just heard you close the arrangement for $65,000 to that wonderful young woman around there. You demanded there could be no limits on this model,”

The smiling sales rep answered: “All things considered, what might I at any point tell you? She had the prepared money and simply check her out. How is it that I could stand up to?”.
All at once the young lady moved toward the old timers and gave them the keys.

“There you go,” she said.
“I let you know I could get this joker to drop the cost.”
“See you later, granddad.”
Goes to show… .
Moral: Never screw with the old!

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