Australia’s Most Physically Dynamic Lady Commitments To Lay down With Additional Men

Annie Knight, a model known as ‘Australia’s most physically dynamic lady,’ has defined a strong objective for herself: she intends to outperform her past record by laying down with a surprising 600 men in the year 2025.

Annie, who brags of having laid down with 300 men in 2023, is at present planning to bed 365 men toward the finish of 2024, with plans to additionally raise her undertakings in the next year.

Thinking about her encounters, the 26-year-old Annie communicated her dissatisfaction with the shame encompassing ladies who embrace their sexual longings, especially inside the grown-up media outlet.


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“Being in the grown-up media outlet has featured to me how much judgment ladies get only for having a sexual craving,” she told Perth Now.

The substance maker situated in Gold Coast likewise referenced her yearning to challenge the disgrace related with ladies embracing easygoing sexual experiences. She intends to advance a more sure and open demeanor towards ladies’ pleasure in relaxed sex, upholding for a general public that regards and acknowledges different articulations of sexuality without judgment.

“I in a real sense act the same way as a great deal of men out there on the planet, however I’m decided for what I do. It’s ludicrous,” she added. “There is a deception that I am some way or another not wise due to my sexual craving. That equivalent account isn’t suggested about men who act the same way. They are given charming monikers, yet I’m derided and scorned for just needing exactly the same thing.”


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The 26-year-old further referenced that she’s gaining critical headway towards accomplishing her objective during the current year.

“I’m as of now at 100, however this does now have me thinking, what will I go for the gold? 600?” she proceeded.

To meet her objective, Knight should take part in personal relations with around 11 to 12 men every week with next to no breaks over time. Notwithstanding the requesting plan, the Australian, who states she acquires $2 million yearly, stays steadfast in her quest for her objective.

In a new disclosure, she shared bits of knowledge into her dad’s viewpoint on her profession inside the grown-up media outlet.


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Last October, Annie took to Instagram Stories to affirm that in spite of her dad’s underlying disarray, she has his full help. She imparted to her adherents, “He’s so strong and simply maintains that me should be blissful,” featuring the significance of understanding and acknowledgment inside her family in spite of the unpredictable idea of her vocation.

Annie additionally clarified that her mom has been strong of her way of life all along.

“She perceives how cheerful I am and is observing everything I could ever hope for work out and that is each of the a mother ought to need for their little girl – for them to be content,” she said.

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