Billie Eilish Focuses on Finding Her Sexuality: ‘I Understood I Needed My Face in a v*gin*

thought of some of it before doing anything with a young lady, and afterward composed the rest later,” Eilish, 22, partook in a meeting with Drifter distributed on Wednesday, April 24. “I’ve been enamored with young ladies for what seems like forever, however I simply didn’t have any idea — until, last year, I understood I needed my face in a vagina.”

Eilish prodded “Lunch” and different tracks from her forthcoming third studio collection, Hit Me Hard and Delicate, at a Do Labs Coachella party recently. As per fortunate fans who got a sneak look of “Lunch,” the track highlights verses about an equivalent sex relationship, for example, “I could have that young lady for lunch/Definitely, she moves on my tongue/Tastes like she may be the one/And I can never get enough/I could get you such a lot of stuff/It’s a desire, not a smash.”

Eilish proceeded to tell Drifter that she beforehand never anticipated examining her sexuality “in 1,000,000 years,” adding, “It’s truly disappointing to me that it came up.”

Assortment’s Hitmakers occasion in December 2023, Eilish said in an honorary pathway interview that she thought her sexuality was “self-evident” and “didn’t understand individuals didn’t have any idea.”

Eilish told Drifter that at that point, she felt as she didn’t have “control” over insight about her sexuality breaking. “No one ought to be forced into being one of two options, and I feel that there’s a ton of needing names out of control,” she made sense of. “Fella, I’ve known individuals that don’t have the foggiest idea about their sexuality, or feel alright with it, until they’re in their forties, fifties, sixties. A chunk of time must pass to track down yourself, and I believe it’s truly uncalled for, the way that the web menaces you into discussing what your identity is and what you are.”

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