Elvis Presley’s private jet from 1962 has been sold, revealing a stunning interior.

Elvis Presley’s remarkable music career and unique voice captivated millions of people around the world, but he was also known for other things.

He also had a keen sense of cuisine and fashion (blue suede shoes, anyone?).

However, some people may not be aware of this rock icon’s apparent ability to mystically decorate. An excellent example of this is the famous private jet owned by the King of Rock. Elvis had a Lockheed Jetstar model made to his exact specifications in 1962. It had plush crimson velvet sofas, mahogany wood, and plush carpets. Even the most discerning reviewer would be impressed by the magnificence of the interior.

After Elvis Presley died in 1977, his plane sat idle for more than 30 years before being turned into a popular tourist destination in Roswell, New Mexico. But it was just sold at auction in Florida for a whopping $260,000 to a phone bidder who identified himself as an Elvis fan. This plane represented the legacy of the King of Rock as well as his impeccable taste in fashion.

When Elvis and his father Vernon Presley took to the skies for the first time in their private jet, they must have been overwhelmed with happiness and grandeur. All costs have been considered to provide the ultimate travel experience. Yes, Elvis demonstrated his amazing design skills and attention to detail in the sky as well.

It should come as no surprise that his plane lived on long after his departure. In a remote area of ​​New Mexico, Elvis Presley’s plane, named after his daughter Lisa Marie, has sat idle for more than thirty years. The exterior of the aircraft has been painted light red and has lost its luster, but despite the passage of time, it is still in very good condition.

As soon as one enters this unique piece of aviation history, one is struck by how richly decorated it is. Traditional oak paneling covers the interior walls and the most sumptuous crimson velvet available is used to cover the seating. It’s impossible not to imagine the king of rock himself sprawled out in one of these chairs, opulently bathed in luxury and wearing eye-catching sunglasses.

With a spacious and cozy seat, there is plenty of room for passengers to stretch out during the journey. Behind the main dining room is a small kitchen. Despite its small size, the kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need to prepare dinner, even a retro microwave.

It’s impossible not to imagine Elvis whipping up one of his signature sandwiches—a strange concoction of peanut butter, mayo, bacon, and banana—and popping it in the microwave to eat the delicious treat. Elvis’ album cemented his status as the undisputed king of rock and roll and left behind a legacy of unparalleled luxury and grandeur!

While gorgeous, the airplane bathroom could use more tasteful touches like velvet and a more sophisticated sink. Still, it’s a huge improvement over the cramped toilets on charter planes. It got better when I spotted Elvis looking really solemn while looking for the bathroom.

On January 8, the plane was auctioned at the Mecum Kissimmee Collector Car Auction in Florida, where the winning bid was $260,000. The new owner has decided to submit anonymous telephone bids. This sale represents an important turning point for the airline and we look forward to seeing where it goes from here. 

Elvis Presley’s private jet, a symbol of his wealth and unique taste, has recently changed hands after decades of being an iconic part of his legacy. Modified to the King of Rock’s exact specifications in 1962, the plane boasted luxurious features such as plush velvet sofas, mahogany woodwork, and opulent carpeting, reflecting Elvis’ penchant for grandeur in every aspect of his life.

Despite being inactive for more than 30 years after Elvis’ death, the plane remains a beloved tourist attraction, attracting fans from around the world to experience a piece of music history for themselves. Now, with its recent sale at auction for an impressive $260,000, the plane’s journey enters a new chapter, led by the enthusiasm of its anonymous new owner, a devoted Elvis fan.

Elvis Presley’s private jet, named “Lisa Marie” after his daughter, is moving into new ownership and continues to serve as a tangible reminder of the rock legend’s enduring legacy. The aircraft embodies the timeless appeal of Elvis’ music and extravagant lifestyle, from its opulent interior to its illustrious past.

While the future of the jet remains unwritten, one thing is certain: Elvis Presley’s influence on music, fashion, and culture will continue to captivate audiences for generations to come, ensuring that his legacy will rise ever higher, just like his beloved private jet.

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