Five Stories About Karma That Will Make You Reconsider Your Actions

These five stories from Reddit users vividly illustrate the concept of karma in action, showing how people’s actions, intentions, and attitudes can lead to surprising results. Each story offers a unique perspective on how karma manifests itself, whether through unexpected rewards, personal growth, or moments of realization and regret.

The first story recounts a moment when standing up against mistreatment led to a happy turn of events and emphasizes the idea that standing up for what is right can lead to positive outcomes. It emphasizes the importance of advocating for yourself and others in the face of adversity.

In the second story, we see how leaving an abusive situation can pave the way for personal fulfillment and success. It highlights the transformative power of resilience, determination, and following your dreams despite challenges.

The third story celebrates the impact of kindness and gratitude, showing how a lifetime of generosity can lead to unexpected blessings. It serves as a reminder of the ripple effect of positive actions and the joy that comes from uplifting others.

The fourth story offers a lesson in patience and understanding, showing how empathy and compassion can lead to surprising acts of generosity. It encourages us to approach our interactions with others with an open heart and mind.

Five individuals have had first-hand experience of the consequences of karma, from being paid in full by a stranger to winning major tours. Their experience has shown that depending on what you deserve, karma can be either good or negative.

After reading these five Reddit user stories, you’ll understand that karma is real. One user shared their story of how karma humbled them on the AskReddit subreddit in response to a call for instant karma stories.

After his father-in-law takes a dig at his future wife, the OP wins.

The man recounted how, when she was still his fiancée, he took his current wife out to dinner. His then-fiancée’s father, who had remarried and divorced her mother, joined them and tormented her. The father-in-law of the original poster (OP) preferred his new offspring to his daughter.

He made her deal with a lot of confusion.

As they were about to have dinner that fateful day, his father-in-law offered to cover everything. When OP’s fiance asked to take the box of her remains, her father responded, thinking it was a kind gesture:

“Well, you leave them in the fridge, then they get thrown away.

It wasn’t his fridge, the Reddit member defended her partner by telling her father that he should “leave her alone”. The pair shared a home at the time. When the dad got angry and insisted that the OP not give him advice on how to raise his daughter, he responded like this:

“Then don’t talk to my fiancee like that!”

In response, the older man threw the bill and its holder at the OP and exclaimed, “FINE!” then yelled at him to pay and leave quickly! He asked the OP why he felt compelled to initiate something, making the couple furious with her. After making the payment, the Reddit member waited to receive them.

They waited for ten minutes, during which the tension built as her father waited outside, ready to explode at the sight of the couple. The waiter informed the OP that they would have to wait for the manager to receive the bill and leave.

There happened to be an “every account wins” contest.

Usually, the winners would get a free drink or appetizer when they had another meal.

But in OP’s case, he and his fiancee took home the top prize – a trip for four to Florida!

Karma made sure whoever paid the tab was the winner! The subject of a second Reddit story demonstrating the influence of karma was the introduction of a user on social media.

A woman escapes an abusive husband and fulfills her dreams

The 30-year-old’s married boyfriend’s mother always wanted to go to college, the Redditor revealed. She and her husband were having trouble conceiving at the time. He urged her to focus on getting pregnant even though she wanted to attend classes.

Her husband had a habit of mocking her without any justification. Every time she brought up and went to class, he shot her and told her she was too old to go to college. He claimed that she would find it “humiliating” to date individuals who were “practically” her children.

After finally tiring of the abuse, his wife left him and moved in with her parents. After graduating from law school and college, she met a doctor and began taking law classes “for fun.” They got hitched and had a baby!

According to the OP, the woman’s first husband never had a child of his own and had three failed marriages after their breakup. The story that follows shows how being kind to others can pay off big in the long run.

Karma gives money to the woman’s friend’s mother for her kind heart

OP revealed that since they were in fourth grade, her best friend’s mother has always been like a second mother to her. An elderly woman welcomed the OP and her family for dinner during the 2018 Easter holidays.

She gave the parent figure a gift that included a thank you note, a scratch card, flowers, and dog toys for female huskies. A Redditor wrote the same “sweet motherly messages” a woman used to send to her daughters on her Facebook timeline, expressing how nice her mom had always been to her.

That’s why the OP exploded with joy when he won the $1,000 ticket she bought for an elderly widow! The younger woman clarified that since her boyfriend’s mother had been showing her kindness for over 16 years, her story wasn’t all about quick karma.

The OP believed her account to be true because the elderly woman immediately received a financial win. The fourth story shows how you can immediately attract positive karma by being polite and patient.

After pissing off the patrons, the drunken man blesses them as they leave.

Someone revealed that he and his uncle and his family had dinner at an upscale Dallas restaurant. In an attempt to calculate how much they spent on a single dinner, seven people ate and drank wine together. A drunk patron of the pub kept coming to their table.

The man was talking to or making notes about the OP’s six-month-old son.

When a drunk man started harassing the group at the end of the evening, OP’s uncle talked to their table about whether or not he should speak. The customers assured him that he didn’t have to worry about the drunken man and that he was enjoying himself.

One night she called him, sobbing and finding it hard to say what she wanted to say.

According to a Reddit commenter, the stranger appeared to be a decent person. “Good evening, thanks for coming,” said the waiter when it was time for them to pay the bill. Confused, Operation asked the server about the accusations, as did her uncle.

The server told them they couldn’t stop the drunk man from paying their bill. The attendant even informed them that the stranger always took care of people’s debts! They were quite shocked to see that their bill was $1,500!

OP’s uncle found the guy in the cigar room, who then gave him a big hug! The man replied that the uncle had a beautiful family and asked him to return the favor later. Based on the look the waiter was giving OP and her family, the guy even offered the server an absurdly large tip and said:

“So I learned to always be nice to the loud drunk guy in the bar (sic), you never know who the millionaire is.

The previous Reddit story appeared in response to a request for accounts proving the existence of karma. One man told his personal story of how his wife cheated on him and how karma eventually came back to haunt her.

A wife cheats on a man and karma gives her its own medicine

After recently speaking with his ex-wife, the Redditor who responded shared that he had personally witnessed the effects of karma. According to the social media user, he and his ex-wife were “soulmates” and “destined” to be together, but she left him for another man.

But eventually, the new couple called it quits and OP’s ex moved on to another relationship, in which she got engaged. One night she called him, sobbing and finding it hard to say what she wanted to say.

The woman disclosed that her fiance had been unfaithful to her, and when he found out the truth, he gave her almost the same reasoning that the OP had previously given. Paradoxically, in the same month of July when the adultery took place, his ex-boyfriend also took advantage of him.

She suddenly realized what the OP had done and how he felt, the woman said. Because she was going through the same thing as the man, his ex-wife expressed her sincere regret for all that she had caused him!

These compelling stories from Reddit users offer a powerful insight into how karma works, showing how actions, attitudes, and intentions can lead to unexpected consequences, both positive and negative. Each story shows that karma is not just a philosophical concept, but a tangible force that affects people’s lives in profound ways.

The first story is an example of how standing up to mistreatment can lead to happy outcomes. By defending his future wife from her father’s disrespectful behavior, the protagonist not only asserted his principles but also gained a valuable prize in an unexpected turn of events.

The second story highlights the transformative power of resilience and determination. Despite facing abuse and discouragement, the woman pursued her dreams of education and eventually found success and happiness, while her abusive ex-husband faced challenges and setbacks in his subsequent relationships.

In the third story, we see kindness and generosity returned in an unexpected way. A mother figure’s selfless act toward her daughter’s boyfriend led to a significant financial reward that demonstrated a ripple effect of positive interactions and gratitude.

The fourth story offers a lesson in empathy and understanding, showing how patience and tolerance for others can lead to surprising acts of kindness and blessing, even from unlikely sources.

Finally, the fifth story delves into the theme of responsibility and redemption, showing how confronting past mistakes and expressing sincere regret can lead to healing and reconciliation.

Overall, these stories serve as a reminder that our actions have consequences and that being kind to others, standing up for what is right, and taking responsibility for our actions can ultimately shape our destinies and the world around us. They invite us to reflect on the power of karma in our own lives and to seek to create positive and meaningful connections with others.

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