Found a locked satchel under an old wood shed floor: Inside are power supplies/plugs, a 9V battery, caution, removable channeling, and a removable section

TheRoadsMustRoll said:
this is for getting worms out of the ground for fishing snare.
there’s two cathodes that you place a distance separated in the ground, turn on the voltage and the worms rise to the top.

purchaser adaptations of this were usually hazardous so it wouldn’t be strange for someone to make their own. wouldn’t pass UL principles haha.

Rich_One8093 said:
I concur with the other sub this was posted in, this is a strike caution for fishing that can run two casting rods. The IV apparatus and the copper pipe hold the posts. The 6 volt battery goes through the switches and powers one side of the power source on every helpful box. The chime is wired to the negative side. The odd things in the corner box are a line end, to be connected to the power source, and a clasp with contacts at the closures that would finish the circuit while shut, ringing the chime. The cardboard was embedded between the contact focuses on the clasp and connected to the fishing line and when a fish too the snare, would haul the cardboard out of the clasp permitting the circuit to be “made” and the chime to ring. At any rate, sound possible.

BingServ said:
Mytitle depicts the thing: we destroyed an old wood shed and tracked down it under the floor. The satchel was locked and upon additional examination in view of the ID, it had a place with a previous circuit tester and Vietnam vet who has since died. The copper pipe squeezes into a female piece on the wood pivot, so nothing can course through. The two fittings appear to run in arrangement with switches connected. The steel section piece screws onto a base that is fixed to the satchel.

KryptosBC said:
I love stuff like this. Hoses for water or air were hung over the snares and hose-clipped to the copper burden. Two electric warming components (presently utilized somewhere else) were folded over the copper and connected. The liquid was warmed as it was siphoned through the copper pipe. The 6-volt battery drives the alert, which was presumably connected to a temperature sensor that likewise was fueled by 6 volts. I’m speculating the temp sensor is joined to the dated module the little box. Why it’s in a short case is the main genuine secret. Unfortunately I felt it important to propose something not connected with night crawlers.

TikiTribble said:
It’s developed in a folder case! I propose this Might mean being versatile on a genuinely customary basis is implied. Yet, not simply convenient, which would probably require a simple custom (most likely wooden) holder with the best aspects for holding the gadget. This gadget seems, by all accounts, to be astutely intended to fall and overlay explicitly into the attaché.

This Might infer the manufacturer didn’t need it realized that they were completing anything of the common. I propose maybe a gadget to be covertly conveyed to where it very well may be connected. Like to individuals’ homes. Tracking down it “under the sections of flooring” upholds without any further data – the thought of mystery.

In a crude, natively constructed way, this in some way helps me to remember a false untruth locator, seance prop, or even an endeavor to duplicate an “E-Meter” as utilized in Scientology. (These too are matters in which I’m confused). However, is it conceivable that a subject was intended to lay their lower arms on the left side “IV Dribble” bars, and snatch the right side copper “Ski lift” with two hands to finish a circuit? There would should be criticism, presumably given by the chime ringing periodically, or ringing quicker and more slow in light of the Manager’s inquiries.

I’m confused in issues of designing and power, and obviously this is all theory. Does anybody see an arrangement here which could support such a hypothesis?

TheDawgg12 said:
Attracting worms to the surface for lure collection is utilized.

Bunny_Fluff said:
May be some kind of circuit repairman’s test unit? Perhaps the electrical line and outlets can be utilized to test machines or wiring or something by having the ringer go off? Somewhat spit balling however since I can’t imagine what the funneling would be for.

bionic_grimereaper said:
Father had an old phone thingamajig or something about a 10″ solid shape that you wrench an idea about that produced a seriously solid current. I added two major gator clasps to the wires and we would drive two major spikes in the ground a couple of feet separated. We could raise every one of the worms we really wanted for fishing when I was a youngster.

lotus2471 said:
Seems to be an old rendition of an electrical testing arrangement for an electrical technician. Various types of switches and hotspots for testing various types of issues. Heaps of vehicles used to run on 6 volt frameworks, that could make sense of the 6-volt battery on the corner.

Hairbear2176 said:
My granddad had one that was produced using two pitchforks and an additional string. He would wet the ground for a couple of moments, stick the pitchforks around 3ft separated, then plug in the rope. It was totally to see worms rising to the top as fast as possible!

R-Mutt1 said:
The ringer gets current before the 2 pin exchanged outlet, correct? I get the thought casting poles could sit in the front steel section albeit even with the clips I can’t see they’d have the option to finish the circuit

Could be a fishing chomp caution with the braces toward the finish of the 2 pin plug for a different reason. for example worms

InfantryMatt said:
I feel like this is a concealed wire alarm.(I think I read some place he was a Vietnam vet/) This appears as though something I would make around my campground on the off chance that I had some poo laying around the house and an essential information on power and circuits. Circuit repairmen… … let me know where my obliviousness is here.

The progression of power is to the chime then to the switch. Is that dark power link emerging from the base outlet uncovered wires on the opposite side? Free box the fitting looks wired to a jumper cut. Would the module the crate get connected to the container that is appended to the ringer then, at that point, cut to one of the holders or copper piece. I’m spitballing here however something gets attached to the piece of wood with copper on it, when the copper pipe gets pulled off the two holders it causes a break in the ongoing which sets off the chime/caution.

CalmGreen2073 said:
The aluminum stand is clinical grade and is made to hold IV packs or comparable.
The electrical is made to be controlled from an outlet so AC.

Caution might be for when one interaction is finished and another starts. Perhaps blood bonding or another restorative interaction.

Everything is made to separate and be compact. Conceivably unaccounted for parts for the copper?

obijon298 said:
Over powered, do you see a technique for hushing the caution, for example, cotton stuffed inside or is the alert holder bowed back? Provided that this is true, worm getter seems OK (involving ringer as a back EMF voltage spike generator), generally the casting pole holder/fish caution hypothesis sounds good to me.

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